Why Craft Hemp Flower Is Better | Artisan Hemp Flower Facts

Craft Hemp Is Different Than Industrial Hemp - It's Better!

When we at Dreamland Organics transitioned from craft cannabis growing, to craft hemp flower production, the pivot was an easy one. After all, hemp is cannabis, just with less THC than traditional cannabis strains. We literally changed nothing except our genetics. The same cannot be said for many growers entering the hemp space.

Many hemp farmers who transitioned from "big agriculture" (i.e. corn, wheat, cotton, soybeans, etc), also brought along their previous knowledge and implemented those tactics in their hemp farms. The only problem is industrial grow methods are widely not suitable for the finicky hemp plant. It is fairly easy to grow hemp, however growing quality hemp is another level altogether. 

Craft Hemp Flower vs Industrial Hemp Flower

It's quite possible to throw thousands of hemp plants in the ground and harvest them in the fall. However, with so many plants, it is impossible to give individual plant care. At best, the plants are given a "daycare" like environment, where many plants a herded by a few growers or farm helpers.

Industrial hemp farms also tend to use pesticides and cannot use organic fertilizer as it clogs their irrigation drip lines. Thankfully, at Dreamland Organics we are able to hand feed our plants with compost teas. It is important to point out that the vast majority of hemp farms and hemp brands online, ARE NOT CRAFT HEMP FLOWER FARMS!

craft hemp flower farm

(pictured above: Dreamland Dave chops down a large craft hemp flower plant by hand and takes in the view on Dreamland Organics nature reserve)

Is Craft Hemp Flower A Marketing Gimmick?

The vast majority of hemp flower farms and hemp vendors sell products that were produced in mass, not craft quality. That does not stop many brands labeling their hemp flower and products, "craft", "premium", or "artisanal". When you grow dozens of acres (thousands of plants) and employ dozens of workers, you are not a craft hemp flower operation. You are the opposite of that, you are an "industrial" hemp farm. That is where these disingenuous CBD brands muddy the waters and make true craft hemp flower brands like Dreamland Organics look shady.

Dreamland Organics - A Real Craft Hemp Flower Farm

So why would these farms and brands claim to sell "craft hemp flower", when they really don't? Simple, "craft" implies quality and people want quality hemp. At Dreamland Organics we can absolutely say we are a craft hemp flower brand. We grow only enough plants that we can plant and care for by hand. We hang dry, hand trim and glass jar cure our hemp buds. This kind of craft hemp flower operation is not scalable, hence why so few hemp farmers employ this method. It would take a lot of glass jars to cure 2,000lbs of hemp. And 2,000lbs of hemp is only 1 acre!

Our customers claim we have the best tasting organic hemp flower they have ever tried and the effect seems to be stronger than the CBD percentage. That is mainly due to our organic growing practices and craft curing techniques.

 Our hemp buds retain a higher terpene content than industrial hemp flower and the entourage effect leads to a more noticeable and desired experience.

Compare that with hemp buds that are grown and dried like biomass in a kiln, which evaporates most of the terpene content. Many consumers are lured by great marketing and packaging and low prices of these deceptive vendors. But as we have heard before, you get what you pay for and hemp is no exception. It is no wonder you are receiving low grade hemp from these large hemp farms and hemp brands selling white labeled products.

We have had countless industrial hemp brand converts, who now swear by our craft hemp quality. No more brown, airy buds riddled with seeds, mold and synthetic pesticides. Sure craft hemp buds may cost a few dollars more, but when you factor in all the seeds and stems you must remove, along with minimal terpenes, you need to smoke more to get the same effect as a craft hemp flower. That is why you deal seekers need to realize you are actually wasting your hard earned money on cheap hemp.

Try a true craft hemp flower or tincture and you will quickly realize you need less product to get the same relief, when compared with low grade hemp. It's really a no brainer when you rationally think about it. Imagine having to buy a cheap dollar store item you must replace several times, compared with a product that offers a 5 year warranty. In the long run you actually save money when purchasing craft hemp products over industrial hemp. The choice is yours dreamers, choose wisely!

Craft Hemp Flower Basics

  • Organically Grown
  • Less Than 5 Acre Hemp Flower Farm
  • Hand Trimmed Hemp Nugs
  • Slow Dried
  • Glass Jar Cured
  • Exclusive Hemp Flower Strains

A Final Word On Craft Hemp Flower

Anything produced in a craft or artisanal manner is a statement being made by the producer. Whether it be craft hemp flower, fine wine, or furniture, craft is craft. Craft breweries take much more pride in their work and offer more interesting brews than say, Budweiser.

We are in no way downplaying mass produced products, as they have their place in this world, but when someone takes great pride in what they do, they tend to create a unique experience.

For those of you that love attention to detail and in this case smokable hemp flower with flavor, craft hemp flower is for you. Try a 5 gram hemp flower sampler pack today and experience the difference craft makes!

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