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Try Our Craft Hemp Flower For Free!

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Still Skeptical About Ordering CBD Flower Online?

So you have tried other CBD flower companies online and have not been that impressed. We hear ya, that's kinda why we started this brand. We consider ourselves to be a top shelf hemp flower co. We grow our organic hemp buds in a style akin to our craft cannabis roots. That means living soil, compost teas, slow drying, glass jar curing and no synthetic pesticides or fertilizers. We offer the best organic hemp flowers for sale online!

We are so confident you will dig our top shelf CBD flower, we're gonna let you try them for FREE! You only need to pay shipping (about $3-$4)

Yeah, we're cool like that.

So instead of just assuming we are like all the other low grade hemp flower brands masquerading as premium, AAA grade hemp flower, give us a try and see for yourself. Then you will see why we speak so highly of our CBD products. Everyone has an opinion and we value yours.

Simply click this link and follow the checkout process. You will notice the code is automatically applied and you get to try one of our 2 gram hemp flower sampler packs for FREE! You just pay the shipping and handling charge. This promotion will only remain valid while supplies last, so ACT FAST!

What Makes Our Craft Hemp Flower So Special?

  • 100% Organic Bud, No Synthetic Pesticides Or Fertilizers
  • Exotic Hemp Flower Strains - We Breed Our Own Hemp Genetics
  • Grown In Living Soil & Fed Compost Teas (More Terpenes)
  • Over 20 Years Of Cannabis Flower Growing Experience
  • Slow Dried & Glass Jar Cured (Smooth Burning, White Ash)

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