Buy Hemp Lbs Wholesale: Premium CBD Hemp Nugs


Looking for top shelf, premium wholesale hemp flowers for sale online?

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Looking to buy smokable hemp flower in wholesale quantities? We offer hemp wholesale, in limited amounts, to select wholesale hemp buyers.

You can purchase 1 lb hemp flower directly online. If you're interested in purchasing hemp wholesale in greater amounts, please contact us via our contact page.

To buy 1 lb hemp flower, you can simply click the "wholesale organic hemp flower" tab under "shop" in our navigation bar. This allows you to see the strains currently available as wholesale hemp.

This expedites the buying process, as you can simply add to your cart and purchase. For amounts larger than 1 lb hemp flower, please contact us.

Why Buy Hemp Wholesale From Dreamland Organics?

  • Our premium organic hemp nugs are hand crafted and hand trimmed.
  • We are master hemp growers with decades of combined experience.
  • Most of our strains cost about $150 an ounce. This means that you are getting a serious savings on top shelf bud by buying bulk hemp wholesale.
  • You are buying directly from the source - hemp farm direct.
  • We are one of the top organic hemp flower farms online - Read our reviews.
  • High terpenes and high "bag appeal".
  • Amaze your customers with true craft CBD flowers.
  • Buy bulk CBD with friends and share in the savings!

How Does This Work For CBD Shop Owners?

If you have a CBD shop or a CBD delivery service, buying from us is definitely the way to go! Dreamland Organics is a top shelf hemp product.  Buy hemp wholesale to save money, while growing a customer base. Selling the best of the best is a sure way to increase customer loyalty and have them coming back for more.

We recommend selling our hemp flower to match our "going" online rates. That way you will easily triple your money - or more.  Most CBD shops sell hemp flower at around $10 per gram, which equals about $4,500 per pound of hemp nugs. It's a win-win for everyone.

For example, you can purchase a pound of Sheeba, which is 448 grams. If you sell it as eighths, you have 128 eighths for sale. Let's say you sell those eighths for $25 - which most buyers would consider a bargain. When it's all said and done, you'll pocket a profit of more than $2000 according to our current wholesale price!

Selling a higher end product, at very reasonable rates, is a sure fire way to set up a successful business model. Don't waste your time buying low grade industrial hemp flower with no terpenes. Yes, it's cheaper. But this low quality flower is essentially trimmed biomass, not premium hemp flower!

You might be able to make more initially, but few customers will become fans. A better business provides a top quality product, which makes people come back time and time again.

Top shelf CBD hemp flower sells quicker and allows you to move inventory and reinvest in your business. Work smarter, not harder. Leave the craft, organic hemp growing to us and focus on providing good customer service.

Soon you will be the go to source in your community for high grade, organic, terpene rich hemp buds. Sell like a boss and set yourself apart from the competition - the people peddling industrial grade Bubba Kush CBD, Sour Space Candy and Hawaiian Haze.

All of our CBD genetics are exclusive to us and highly sought after by hemp flower connoisseurs. Quality over quantity is our business strategy. You can have higher profits and greater customer satisfaction with a superior CBD product.

    Different Grades Of Hemp Wholesale, Flower And Pricing

    • Low Grade Industrial Hemp Flower - $100-$300/lb

    Low grade hemp flower from industrial sized hemp farms (more than 5 acres), is produced like any other industrial crop and will lack bag appeal, terpenes and flavor.  These crops are planted in rows by the tens of thousands. They don't receive much personalized care throughout the growing process. Hemp buds produced in this manner are machine trimmed, grown with synthetic nutrients and sprayed with synthetic pesticides.

    Bear in mind, many non organic pesticides are legal. This means that they will pass pesticide tests, even though they are caustic! The bottom line is, you do not want to smoke this stuff, folks. Life is short. You should be concerned about inhaling toxic chemicals. Hemp flower is supposed to relieve you, not cause more health issues.

    • Mid Grade Industrial Hemp Flower - $300-$700 per pound

    These type of hemp buds are still considered industrial. They may look a bit better than low grade. This may be due to genetics and/or a qualified grower running the grow.

    These hemp nugs are hit or miss. They still may be sprayed with synthetic pesticides and be grown with synthetic nutrients to increase the yield.

    These hemp flower farms are mainly concerned with profits. They don't spend a lot of time worrying about the quality of the hemp flower. These buds may or may not be hand trimmed. They may have bag appeal, but the proof is in the puff.

    When smoked. it becomes clear that this is not top shelf hemp bud. You're not going to impress anyone with "mids." Your  customers will wonder why you didn't just spend a few more bucks to get something noticeably better and more enjoyable.

    • Top Shelf Craft Organic Hemp Flower - $700-$1500 per pound

    This is the cream of the crop, pun intended! These hemp nugs will usually be hand trimmed and organic. They will be produced on smaller craft hemp flower farms, with an emphasis on quality over quantity.

    At Dreamland Organics, we currently farm on less then 1 acre and hand water and care for each plant daily. It's impossible to do this on large industrial hemp farms. The labor cost would make it impossible to make it a sustainable business! Craft hemp flower will taste and look like craft cannabis and is the most desired of all the grades of hemp flower of course.

    If you are a reseller, or own a CBD shop, it's in your best interest to sell top shelf hemp buds. It's an easy way to separate yourself from the pack and keep your customers coming back for more. Better hemp buds sell faster and your customers will recommend you to their friends. No one's coming back for cheap white label junk.

    Buying cheap wholesale hemp flower that sits on the shelf, or keeps buyers unimpressed, will not help your business grow. Don't you think it's about time you "Put Some Respect On Your Lungs?". Once you try real craft organic hemp flower, you will not go back. It's a no brainer!

    Remember, our hemp products have not been evaluated by the FDA. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. This is just high quality, wholesale CBD, with a guaranteed content of  .3 THC or lower.