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 Wholesale CBD Flower - Exotic CBD Flower Pound

Do you have a CBD shop or a CBD delivery service? Looking to buy an exotic CBD flower pound? Dreamland Organics hemp flower is top shelf and a sure way to increase customer loyalty and have them coming back for more. We recommend selling our hemp flower at our online prices and that way you will 3x or 4x your money.  Most CBD shops sell hemp flower at around $10 per gram, which equals about $4,500 per lb of hemp nugs. It's a win win for everyone. Selling a higher end product, at very reasonable rates, is a sure fire way to set up a successful business model. Don't waste your time buying low grade industrial hemp flower for $300-$500/ lb, as this low quality flower is essentially trimmed biomass, not premium hemp flower! Curious about the real price of hemp flower per pound? For top shelf hemp buds it would be $800-$1500/lb.

Top shelf CBD flower sells quicker and allows you to move inventory and reinvest in your business. Work smarter, not harder. Leave the craft, organic hemp growing to us and focus on providing good customer service.

Soon you will be the go to source in your community for high grade, organic, terpene rich hemp buds. Sell like a boss and set yourself away from the competition peddling industrial grade Bubba Kush CBD and Sour Space Candy. 

All of our CBD genetics are exclusive to us and highly sought after by hemp flower connoisseurs. Quality over quantity is our business strategy and you can have higher profits and greater customer satisfaction with a superior CBD product.


The "DLO Difference"

Are you seeking for an easy way to offer your customers pre-packaged CBD hemp flower? If so, you might want to consider taking advantage of Dreamland Organics’ wholesale pricing. Whether you’re interested in our award winning CBD hemp flowers, pre-rolled joints infused with CBD kief, or CBD bubble hash, we are more than happy to offer wholesale and bulk requests directly on our site. Simply click "wholesale hemp flower" under the "Shop" in our navigation menu, or simply click here to see which hemp flower strains we have with available wholesale options. If you desire more than 1lb of our legendary CBD nugs, simply send us a message from our contact page and we will get back to you ASAP!

Why Invest In Wholesale CBD Flower?

Believe us, the CBD craze is still in its infancy. Indeed, many economists now agree CBD sales could well surpass $25 billion by 2025.

Even if you're just learning of CBD and the benefits of hemp flower, there's plenty of time to get involved in the profitable smokable hemp industry. According to business insiders, smokable hemp is already valued at $11 million and has tremendous potential grow significantly larger.

CBD oils and CBD edibles, like CBD gummies are trending items now, but there are many good reasons people are gravitating towards smokable CBD hemp flowers. For one, smokable hemp nugs offer users a relatively inexpensive way to enjoy CBD and terpenes. In addition, hemp flower is becoming increasingly popular at party settings and smoke sessions, thanks to its legality and non-psychoactive effects. We know hemp flower in NYC is all the rage!

When you order from Dreamland Organics, you will receive masterfully hand trimmed buds covered with tasty trichomes. We guarantee your clients will savor our CBD flowers after just one smell!

Is Smokable CBD Hemp Flower Just A Trend?

When many people hear about CBD hemp flower smoking for the first time, they often write it off as another passing fad. However,  there are many market trends that are working in hemp flower’s favor.

Before you pass on buying wholesale hemp flower, we suggest you take a look at these facts. Even if you’re skeptical of hemp’s high expectations, you’ll probably be intrigued by a few of the points listed below.

  • Smokable Hemp Is Already Big In Europe And Australia

One of the most convincing arguments in favor of smokable hemp is that it’s already done quite well in Europe, amongst other regions like Australia.  Many European countries began producing high-CBD hemp way before the United States passed the Farm Bill of 2018. During this time, we have seen a steady increase in demand throughout the EU for smokable CBD hemp products and flowers.

Switzerland is now one of the leaders in Europe’s exploding smokable CBD market. It’s now estimated that there are over 600 Swiss CBD brands that produce high-CBD nugs.

There are no indications that the hemp flower smoking business is losing traction in European markets. To the contrary, the demand for high-quality smokable CBD hemp buds continues to rise year after year. Many hemp market analysts believe this will be the same story as CBD and CBG smoking expands in the United States. 

  • High-CBD Hemp Is Affordable

A major reason for high-CBD hemp’s recent surge in popularity has to do with its affordability. When compared with CBD tinctures, oils, and edibles, hemp flower is definitely a more price conscious option. 

Why does CBD hemp flower sell for relatively low prices? The answer is simple: you don’t need all the expensive extraction machines to process it.  All hemp cultivators need to do is grow their chosen hemp strains, dry them out, and properly cure them.

You can pass on significant savings to your customers when you buy bulk hemp buds from Dreamland Organics. Without the added fees for extraction machines or technicians, Dreamland Organics is able to offer our top shelf wholesale CBD hemp flower at reasonable rates.

  • Vapers Are Turning To CBD Hemp Flower

When we think about smokable hemp, we often envision grinding buds into pre rolled joints or bongs. But an excellent opportunity for CBD hemp flower in the growing dry-herb vaporizer space.

While vaping e-juices is trending, there has also been much innovation in the dry-herb vaporizer niche. It seems like every other month some vape company puts out a new dry-herb vaporizer on to the market.

CBD Hemp flower is now positioned to take advantage of the growing dry-herb vaporizer market.

  • CBD Hemp Flower Has A Strong “Social Aspect”

Contrary to many other CBD products, CBD hemp flower has a unique “social aspect” that comes along with it. What we mean is hemp flower has a tendency towards bringing people together socially, like in "smoke sessions".

Recently, there has been a significant rise in the number of online forums dedicated to CBD hemp flower smoking. It seems people enjoy sharing info about the different hemp strains as much as actually smoking hemp buds.

The strong communal aspect surrounding hemp flower can work in your favor. Smokable hemp devotees will actively promote high-quality strains like the ones offered on 

  • Hemp Genetics Experimentation Is Increasing

One of the most exciting aspects of the CBD industry is all the experimentation that’s going on in hemp flower genetics. New hemp hybrids with vastly different effects and terpene profiles are being developed daily. As more and more new strains hit the CBD flower market, you can bet demand increase.

At, you will find an unique display of exclusive  hemp flower strains. From the tropical flavors of Tropical Dream, to the strong earthy tones of Eden, the variety of terpene profiles now available is almost endless.

But it’s not just the terpenes where these strains differ. Many of our hemp strains have unique effects better suited to different tastes. For instance, Cannoli is often used early in the day to give users a natural energy boost. Immortal, on the other hand, is more used for relaxation.

The unmatched variety of hemp strains available allows customers to customize their CBD smoking experience. At present, you don't have this degree of selection with other CBD-related products.

If you need more info about each of our hemp strains, we encourage you to read through the detailed profiles in our hemp flower collection.

  • CBD Hemp Flower Packs A Potent Punch

One reason many people prefer smokable hemp flowers is the immediate effects, coupled with the affordable price points. Those seeking an immediate, strong CBD effect are never let down from Dreamland Organics terpene rich hemp buds. 

There are two factors for CBD hemp flowers immediate effects. First, the smoke goes directly into the blood stream, bypassing the digestive process. Second, hemp flowers are rich in many secondary cannabinoids, terpenes, and flavonoids, all of which help boost CBD's therapeutic benefits.

Smokable hemp’s immediate effects are a big plus, especially considering it’s one of the most affordable CBD options.

  • Smokable Hemp Helps Those Quitting Tobacco

CBD hemp flower is a great option for those wanting to stop tobacco cigarette smoking. Research shows it may also help with nicotine withdrawal. It addition, CBD could help with withdrawal from other drugs.

Recent statistics also show that over 40% of former smokers use CBD hemp flower as a replacement for tobacco cigarettes. About 25% of those surveyed said they used CBD hemp flowers to help overcome their nicotine addiction.

Bear in mind the FDA still has not a statement on the benefits of CBD. With that in mind, there's a great demand for hemp flower amongst cigarette smoker. As research increases on CBD, there's no reason why smokable hemp should not dominate market share in the nicotine recovery space.

Beyond The Smoke: Additional Full Spectrum CBD Products Aside From Our Premium Hemp Nugs

Although Dreamland Organics specializes in growing premium, craft, organic hemp nugs  we also offer a wide array of full spectrum CBD products and extracts. For example, we now offer CBD Bubble hash and MCT CBD oil tincture. We also offer a double infused, organic CBD salve.


How Can I Buy Wholesale CBD Flower From Dreamland Organics?

You can order up to 1 lb or our organic, top shelf hemp nugs right from this page! If you're interested in ordering more than 1 lb of premium CBD hemp flower from DLO, simply send us a message via our contact page.

What Is The Hemp Flower Price Per Pound?

Low grade industrial hemp (basically trimmed biomass)ranges from $100-$300, mids are $350-$700 and top shelf hemp flower is $800-$1500/lb.

About Buying Exotic CBD Flower In Bulk

CBD, or cannabidiol, is a naturally occurring compound found in the hemp plant that has become increasingly popular for its numerous health benefits. With the rise in demand for CBD products, many people are now looking for bulk options that provide them with quality CBD products at an affordable price. One such product that has gained a lot of attention in recent times is exotic CBD flower.

Exotic CBD flower is a term used to describe premium quality hemp flower that is grown with special care and attention to detail. Unlike regular hemp flower, exotic strains are grown using advanced cultivation techniques that produce buds that are higher in CBD and terpene content, and lower in THC. This results in a flower that is not only more potent, but also more flavorful and aromatic.

One of the biggest benefits of buying exotic CBD flower in bulk is cost savings. By purchasing in large quantities, you can take advantage of bulk pricing and reduce your overall costs. Additionally, buying in bulk means that you can stock up on a large quantity of product, which is particularly useful for those who use CBD on a regular basis.

Another advantage of buying exotic CBD flower in bulk is that it gives you the freedom to experiment with different strains. With a large supply of product, you can try out different strains to see which one works best for you and your specific needs. Some of the most popular strains of exotic CBD flower include ImmortalEden and Kimbo Kush, all of which have unique profiles and offer unique benefits.

When it comes to purchasing exotic CBD flower in bulk, it's important to choose a reputable supplier. Look for a company that offers high-quality, organic, and lab-tested products, and that provides a certificate of analysis with each purchase. This will ensure that you are getting the best quality product and that you know exactly what you are buying.

In conclusion, buying exotic CBD flower in bulk is a great way to take advantage of cost savings, have a large supply of product on hand, and experiment with different strains. With its numerous health benefits and growing popularity, there has never been a better time to invest in exotic CBD flower. So why wait? Start exploring the world of exotic CBD flower today and experience the benefits for yourself!

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