About Dreamland Organics Craft Hemp Flower Farm

Dreamland Organics is an organic craft hemp flower farm located on the edge of a pristine 30 acre nature reserve. Our growers have over 20 years experience & tremendous passion growing this plant.
We grow in living soil and hand water our plants with compost teas. We are craft hemp flower connoisseurs with a passion for terpene rich hemp. We grow using no chemical fertilizers and pesticides. We aim to grow the best hemp flower in the world. We hope you will have as much joy consuming our hemp flowers and full spectrum CBD products, as we have producing them.
We consider ourselves a hemp farm with the highest of standards. These standards are not only for our plants, but also for the service we provide to our clients. Comments, questions and suggestions are welcomed. We look forward to earning your trust and exceeding your expectations. Let us know how we can be of assistance!


Trust in dreams, for in them is hidden the gate to eternity...


 How "The Dream" Started

The Dreamland Organics dream started over 10 years ago - in Brooklyn, NY, of all places. The master growers behind DLO dreamed of moving out west to start a legal cannabis brand. The legalization of cannabis started in California and continued across the west. It reached places like Colorado and our beloved new home, Oregon.

In 2017, we chose Oregon as the perfect place to start our craft cannabis brand. So we liquidated most our personal belongings and took flight to the pacific northwest. 

But that's when everything changed. Upon arriving, the OLCC, the agency that grants cannabis licenses in Oregon, froze the application process. There was a flood of applicants and they did not have enough staff to handle all of the new applications. Oh no! Now what?

Well, we were given a great piece of advice from a cannabis dispensary owner who we knew, And it turned out to be a dream saver! He said, "Just get a hemp license and grow hemp flower. I'll buy some for my shop. The CBD flower I see out here is horrible. I can't find any that's good enough to even sell. If you grow some craft hemp buds, I'll take some for my shop!"

Deal! So we applied for a hemp growers license and 2 weeks later Dreamland Organics was the nation's first "Craft Hemp Flower Farm!" Why do we say this? Well, when we Googled the term "craft hemp flower", it returned 0 results. Yes, 0.

It was a little disheartening, as many people asked us at that time, "Who is going to smoke hemp flower?" 

You see, at that time in 2017, the CBD business was geared towards tinctures and salves. People hadn't really thought of looking for smokable CBD buds. Industrial hemp farms were growing biomass for extraction only, not smoking.

So we took a chance and started growing organic hemp flower in the same manner we had grown organic cannabis flower for years. We hoped it would catch on. We were pleased to see the industry and consumers embrace low THC cannabis flower, aka hemp flower.

By 2019, there were dozens, if not hundreds of "hemp flower farms." But make no mistake, we were among the first. We have a distinct advantage over the newbies jumping in to the hemp flower game. How couldn't we, when we had already been growing top shelf buds for years? At present, smokable hemp flower is the fastest growing segment in the ever-expanding CBD industry.

But we're unlike many industrial, or cash crop hemp farms out there. Many of these profit-driven farms will sell anything under the sun, including toxic delta 8 products. Here at DLO we focus on top shelf organic hemp nugs.

Sure, we have other products. We know not everyone is interested in smoking hemp. We offer the traditional salves and tinctures. and even CBD bubble hash. But hemp flowers are our passion. All of our products are made in house, not outsourced, so you can be sure they all have the same craft quality as our hemp buds.

We just wanted to give you guys a glimpse in to the background of the brand. It gives you a good insight and lets you see what motivates us and what we value. If you enjoy healthy, organic CBD products, made with integrity, we're your people. If you're looking for top shelf hemp nugs, you're in the right place! This is what we live for everyday. While we are sure there are other great hemp growers out there at this point, our passion cannot be matched. We dare you to take the "DLO Challenge" - find another brand pumping out the consistent quality and customer service we are known for. Once you go DLO, you will only wish that you found us sooner. Stay blessed - and like we always say, "Put Some Respect On Your Lungs!"