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What Is Hemp Flower Extract?

Organic hemp flower extracts are concentrated forms of CBD. Unlike CBD isolate, where all of the plant terpenes and other cannabinoids are stripped out, our concentrates create the "entourage effect".

All of our extractions are full spectrum, leaving the full cannabinoid profile and terpenes intact. Sprinkle a little concentrated CBD on your life! Great for vaporizers, putting on top of bowls, mixing in to flower joints and making edibles.

CBD concentrates like our full spectrum Bubble Hash are a great way to add a little extra potency to your smoke sesh or your CBD edibles recipe.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is CBD Bubble Hash?

CBD bubble hash is a concentrated from of CBD consisting of mostly trichome heads from hemp plants. We use our trim, shake and small buds from our premium, organic CBD hemp flowers to make our ice water hash. CBD hash is mostly the hemp plants resins, with small, trace amounts of flower material left in the extract.

How Do You Make Ice Water CBD Hash?

The plant material is frozen, then mixed with ice and filtered water. This process allows the trichome heads to be separated from the plant material and filtered out of the ice water bath. The ice water mixture is then run through a series of micron filter bags to separate the various grades of CBD bubble hash, also referred to as "CBD ice wax". At Dreamland Organics we do not remove any of the different grades of bubble hash, but instead mix them all together. This is called "full spectrum" bubble hash, as it contains the full array of cannabinoids and terpenes, as nothing has been omitted in the process. The benefit of this is you receive the full "entourage effect".

How Do You Use CBD Bubble Hash?

CBD bubble hash is great for smoking or vaping. You can add some to your CBD flower when you roll a joint, or vape it. You can also smoke it from a pipe or bong, with or without flower. CBD hash can also be added to edibles for potent hit of CBD goodness! Just a note of caution, CBD ice wax is a concentrate and as with all concentrates, we suggest you use a small amount to gauge the effect. Once you are comfortable with your desired dose, you will notice it takes a very small amount to produce a potent effect!

Can You Dab Your CBD Bubble Hash?

Unfortunately, we do not recommend dabbing our CBD hash. This is because it is not full melt bubble hash. "Full melt" bubble hash, suitable for dabbing, uses only certain portions of the collected resins from specific micron filters. The result is a hash which is dabble, but does not have the full terpene profile. We don't want to sacrifice any of those precious terpenes, so we do not separate the different grades of our bubble hash. The result is a full spectrum CBD extract that is not the best for dab rigs. You can however vape it, sprinkle it in a bowl or mix it in to CBD or THC edibles.

Do You Use Filtered Water and Ice When Making Your CBD Bubble Hash?

Yes we do! All of the water and ice used in the cold water/ice extraction is reverse osmosis filtered. This is important because there are no residual chemicals or compounds left behind in our CBD bubble hash. Great question!

What Does Hemp Extract Do For You?

A good organic hemp extract will allow you to increase the potency of a hemp flower joint and allow you to smoke less, since it is concentrated CBD.

What Is Hemp Extract Good For?

Hemp extracts, like our CBD bubble hash are great for adding to edibles, putting of top of a bowl of hemp flowers, or vaping.

What Are The Benefits Of Hemp Flower Extract?

The main benefits of hemp flower extract are first that you have to smoke less material to gain the desired effect when compared to CBD hemp buds themselves. In addition, it is easy to store hemp flower extract and  our CBD bubble hash will last a lot longer when not exposed to air, sunlight and heat.