What Is CBD Bubble Hash? A Classic Hemp Flower Extract


cbd bubble hash


With CBD still in it's infancy and new users coming onboard the "CBD Train" everyday, there are lots of products and information to sift through. By now you may have heard of terms like "full spectrum CBD", "the entourage effect" and "terpenes". But what exactly is CBD bubble hash and what are the benefits?

In this article we will cover some of those terms and explain what CBD Bubble Hash is and why you may want to try some out. First of all, what is hash? Hash is the pressed resins from a cannabis or hemp plant. Traditionally, hash was extracted by hand in places like India. You simply rub harvested hemp or cannabis buds in between your hands and the sticky resins containing the cannabinoids and terpenes were collected in an accumulating mass of hash. This hash contains a certain amount of residual plant matter, but is mostly a concentrated extract of the active compounds in the plant. This was the first cannabis/hemp extract.

Overtime, there have been various methods of creating a "full spectrum CBD" extract. Full spectrum refers to a complete array of all the cannabinoids, as certain extraction processes strip out certain cannabinoids and terpenes (plant oils which provide the smell and flavor of the plant). At DLO, we prefer strictly full spectrum extracts as all cannabinoids and terpenes must be present to create "the entourage effect."

The entourage effect refers to the symbiosis that occurs when all of the cannabinoids and terpenes play off each other in cannabis or hemp and create a unique and enhanced effect. We prefer to let mother nature do all of the work and tend not to be interested in co2 extraction or butane extraction which may leave behind solvents. For the purpose of brevity, we will not dive in to all the other hemp extraction methods in this article.

Here we will focus on CBD Bubble Hash and what it's benefits are, as well as how it is processed. CBD Bubble hash uses ice water to snap off the trichome heads of a hemp plant and then the ice water mixture is filtered through various different screens with different micron values. The end result is different grades of CBD hash. Some grades contain different portions of the trichome and varying levels of residual plant matter. Some CBD Bubble Hash makers will only use the resins that got filtered through certain micron levels, but this would not be full spectrum hash.


cbd bubble hash


Full spectrum CBD Bubble Hash uses all of the different micron filtered resins and combines them to create a solvent free, full spectrum CBD concentrate. Thus the entourage effect is in place and nothing has been stripped from the resin. This is why we prefer to produce full spectrum CBD Bubble Hash and not broad spectrum which has a lesser effect and less flavor due to stripped terpenes.

So what are the benefits of full spectrum CBD extracts like Bubble Hash? In addition to the entourage effect, a concentrate in general has the benefit of being stronger than hemp, so less of it has to be consumed to provide the desired effect. We love sprinkling a little CBD Bubble Hash on a joint of CBD hemp flower to enhance the potency. In this way, if you want to smoke less  CBD flower, adding a concentrate will allow you to smoke a very small amount and get a very potent effect.

CBD concentrates like Bubble Hash are also great for adding to edibles or hot beverages like coffee or tea, just be careful as a little goes a long way. We are in the process of creating a CBD Bubble Hash vape cartridge with only CBD Bubble Hash Rosin and terpenes. This will certainly be the safest way to vape CBD without any additives or residual solvents.

We hope we provided some insights in to CBD Bubble Hash and encourage you to try it out yourself. Sprinkle some on a CBD Flower pre roll, put some in your next batch of CBD edibles, or even vape some in your vaporizor to get a potent dose of organic CBD chill.

Stay blessed and talk soon, much love from Dreamland!

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