Is Hemp Flower Legal In Texas?

is hemp flower legal in texas?


Texas is one hemp flower loving state, as it is one of our most shipped to states here at Dreamland Organics. Texas does have some laws in place, which make it a little difficult to understand the legality of hemp flower in the state. In this article we will dive in to what Texans are allowed to partake in, when referring to our favorite subject, hemp buds.

Hemp Legalized In Texas In 2019

In 2019 Texas passed a law legalizing hemp in the state. while simultaneously banning smokable hemp flower. Huh, wait? Hemp is legal, I just can't smoke it? Well, kinda? The ban was technically for processing hemp with the intention marketing smokable hemp products. How you can legalize hemp, but regulate how it is marketed is beyond us.

Just to be clear, smoking hemp flower has remained legal, the ban was only for producers and retailers. Maybe that's why we see so many orders for hemp flower from Texas. Until recently you could not buy hemp flower in the state. In steps online retailers of hemp bud like DreamlandOrganics.com to the rescue.

Smokable Hemp Flower Ban Lifted In Texas August 2021

In August, the smokable hemp flower ban was lifted in Texas, with one caveat, you cannot produce hemp flower in the state. So retailers will have to purchase hemp flower out of state to sell in Texas. Double huh? Basically the laws in Texas allow hemp producers to turn their hemp plants in to CBD products, but you can't sell smokable flower. That's like selling broccoli, but you can't sauté it, you can only boil it. Regardless on the non-sensical rules, the lone star state will now allow selling of legal hemp flower, as log as it was not produced in Texas.

So it's good news for retail shops wanting to sell hemp flower and for hemp flower consumers, but it's a slap in the face for hemp growers in our opinion. We just want to reiterate that is has been legal to produce hemp flower in the state since 2019. 2014 and 2018's farm bills made hemp legal at the national level, while allowing states to enact their own local laws. So, you have basically been able to smoke hemp flower legally in Texas since 2014, as it has been a legal substance, not regulated by the FDA.


I'm not sure if this article has cleared anything up concerning hemp flower legality in Texas, or just muddied the water, but here is the bottom line.

  • You can sell hemp flower in Texas,
  • You can smoke hemp flower in Texas
  • You can grow hemp plants in Texas, you just cannot sell you hemp plants you grew in Texas as smokable hemp flower in Texas.

Here's the good news Texans, Dreamland Organics ships to Texas and has some of the best hemp flower available anywhere in the world. So order away without fear of persecution. To the hemp farmers of Texas, we feel your pain and stand with you as fellow hemp farmers. Hold the line, your time to shine will eventually come. Stay blessed everyone and choose high quality, organic hemp flowers.

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