Premium CBD Hemp Flower Joints

With CBD flower being the fastest growing segment of the overall CBD market, we thought we should talk about the different types of hemp flower joints on the market. Whether you are talking about a regular CBD pre roll, or an infused hemp joint, we will cover all of the products currently on the market in the smokable hemp category.


A CBD flower pre rolled joint consists of either hemp flower, trim or shake, which is ground and rolled in advance for ease of use. These CBD smokable are easily transported and consumed, as the user does not need to grind their hemp flower and roll it up. All the work has been done, so you only have to light it up and enjoy. Although pre rolled hemp joints are easy to consume and are generally inexpensive, there are different grades of hemp joints.


These CBD pre rolls are on the lower end of the CBD smokable spectrum. Large, industrial hemp flower farms often have huge amounts of shake and trim, which they use to fill their pre rolls. The issue with using trim or shake, is there is small amounts of leaf matter contained in them and this makes for an unpleasant taste. Since leaf matter contains chlorophyl, which burns hot, these kinds of pre rolls are not as smooth as ones made with hemp flowers. While these kinds of hemp joints can be found online and in gas stations nationwide, they are not as satisfying as more artisanal products one can find.


CBD flower joints made with flower only are a step up from the aforementioned pre rolls. These are made with hemp nugs only and taste better than those made with trim or shake. The quality of the source material will play a big factor in the overall quality of the CBD pre roll of course. Those pre rolls made with organic, premium hemp flower will have the most terpenes and best flavor. It is important to note that not all hemp flower pre rolls are created equally and there will be a wide range of variance between products.


Some hemp flower farms choose to infuse their CBD pre rolls with an extract like CBD kief, Rosin or CBD bubble hash. At Dreamland Organics we infuse our premium flower joints with CBD kief. This gives our CBD pre rolls an added kick of potency and terpenes. Some hemp flower companies will roll their CBD flower joints in rosin and then roll them in kief. We have found this to be a messy process and choose to keep the CBD kief inside the joint, instead of having it on the outside. That way all of the kief stays inside the pre roll and none is lost. These kinds of hemp pre rolls will cost more than the standard hemp flower pre roll, or those made with shake or trim, but the difference in potency and flavor is well worth the extra cost.


Our CBD pre rolls start out with premium organic hemp flowers we have become known for. We use our small hemp nugs, which are ground and then double screened to remove any stem material. At present, we unaware of any other hemp flower company actually screening their flower material to remove stems. Similar to hemp flower joints made with trim or shake, those with stem material have a harsh taste. That is why we take the extra step to remove the stems and ensure the smoothest smoke possible. But we don't stop there, as we then add CBD kief extracted from our premium hemp flowers to infuse in to the pre roll. The infused hemp flower is then packed in to a super thin organic hemp pre roll and vacuum sealed to prevent oxidization. We promise you our CBD infused hemp joints will be the smoothest, tastiest hemp pre rolls you ever smoke!

Can You Use CBD Pre Rolls For Anxiety?

Absolutely, you can use all types of CBD to help with anxiety. Whether they are flower joints, CBD oils, or hemp extracts, they will all help with anxiety.


  • Made with premium, organic hemp nugs
  • Double screened to remove any and all stem material
  • Infused with organic CBD kief
  • Rolled in super thin organic hemp paper
  • Vacuum sealed to prevent terpene loss or oxidization

We believe in an artisanal approach to all of our hemp flower and CBD products, so the extra effort is our way of displaying our commitment to quality. The truth is, it takes quite a while to prepare our pre rolls with our method, but only the best is acceptable for our customer. Life is too short to smoke low grade CBD smokables in our opinion. Read our reviews and see that our hemp flower joints are a cut above anything else you can find on the CBD market today. Try a CBD flower pre roll for yourself and put some respect on your lungs! We hope you found this article interesting and informative. Stay blessed hemp flower lovers, until next time!

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