Hemp Flower Farm Harvest Update


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Happy Croptober everyone! We just wanted to update you guys on our craft hemp flower farm harvest here at Dreamland Organics nature reserve. Despite wild fires & global turmoil, we have been truly blessed!

We saw no damage from any of the wildfires here on the west coast, as we were amazingly seated safely away from any of those fires, or the debris which blanketed many other farms. While other farmers lost infrastructure and smokeable hemp flower due to smoke and debris damage, we came out unscathed with high quality, terpene rich hemp buds.

We have introduced several new strains along with a few of your favorites. We are also doing a selective CBD flower breeding project this winter, entailing crossing our old genetics, with our new genetics, to develop hemp strains which are both terpene forward and suited for the specific grow conditions on the craft hemp flower farm. Stay tuned as we "pheno hunt" and select the terpiest, best growing hemp strains for you to enjoy!

We thank everyone for their concern and want to let you all know that Dreamland Organics appreciates each and every visitor to our site. We look forward to bringing you the best tasting, organic, glass jar cured hemp nugs you find online. We encourage you to share your experience with our products with us and your friends alike. We love your feedback and always aim to exceed your expectation. 

Stay blessed!



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The DLO Team

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