Organic CBG flower joint

Premium Organic CBG Hemp Flower Pre Roll Joint (1g) w/ CBG Kief (1)

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Incredibly sweet aromatic terpenes, excellently cured and ready to smoke right out of the package. Rolled in a super-thin, organic hemp paper cone with a filter.

We use premium organic CBG hemp flowers (Lavender CBG) for our pre-rolls, with no shake or trim. We also add CBG kief for extra potency and terpenes. Our hemp flower joints are a mixture of all of our strains, which we call our "Dreamland Blend". Consider it a terpene fruit punch with an extra shot of CBG kief!

Our single CBG hemp pre rolls are 1 gram and CBG Kief Infused, but come in a plastic tube inside of a mylar bag.

Benefits of organic CBG hemp flower joints

  • Already pre rolled and ready to smoke.
  • Infused with CBG kief for an extra kick!
  • Rolled in super thin organic hemp paper for a smooth smoke.
  • All flower, no shake or trim.
  • Use CBG pre rolls for anxiety relief
  • Organic CBG flower is a great pain reliever
Our Premium Organic CBG Hemp Flower Pre Roll Joint (1g) w/ CBG Kief (1) is a best seller, buy now before we sell out!

Inventory Last Updated: Jan 26, 2023