Hemp Flower Strains And The "Entourage Effect"


Let's talk about hemp flower terpenes (terps) and the coveted "entourage effect". Many of you may have heard of the entourage effect, but let's take a step back and just examine terpenes in and of themselves. Terpenes are plant oils responsible for the amazing smells. Like the smell of lemons? Thank the terpene limonene. Love the smell of mangos? Then you are a fan of the terpene myrcene. Love that Christmas tree scent? Then you're a pinene appreciator. 

Aromatherapy has been shown to effect mood, reduce stress and increase well being, simply by smelling certain terpenes. Those little jars of aromatherapy oil are just extracted terpenes and it's pretty amazing that a simple whiff can effect the body and brain chemistry of an individual, but it can!

So with that said, in terms of hemp nugs, the terpier the better! A loud hemp flower can practically start to give you calming effects, once the bag is opened. Couple that with the fact that terpenes also play off the cannabinoids in hemp and cannabis, creating the entourage effect and now you know why we are all about terps!

For us at Dreamland Organics we value terpene content over cannabinoid percentage. If we had to choose between a high CBD strain with low terpenes and a high terpene hemp strain with a relatively low CBD percentage, we would choose the latter.

It's a matter of taste, literally, but we are all about flavor in our hemp flower strains. Sure cannabinoids are necessary and provide much of the relief in hemp flower, but they are simply not the end all be all, as many would assume.

When we pheno hunt, we select based on bud structure and terpene profile and don't tend to worry too much about CBD percentage. We are concerned more with THC percentage, as we must maintain less than .3% THC to be federally compliant. If the terps are there, the bud structure is right and covered in trichomes, then we are pretty sure our hemp buds will pack enough of a CBD punch.

Let's look at some of our top hemp strains and determine the predominant terpenes contained within. Our "Green Dream" CBD strain is loaded with caryophyllene, which gives the papaya it's signature flavor and smell. This terpene is a mood regulator and Green Dream will definitely give you a noticeable mood enhancement. Great a stress and anxiety reducer, we recommend this hemp strain as a great day smoke.

Linalool is one of the main terpenes that give grapes their sweet fragrance and our "Immortal" hemp strain is loaded with this delicious terpene. Great for pain relief and as a sleep aid, Immortal smells like you just cracked open a jar of grape jam, not a bag of hemp. It's so fruity that you would be hard pressed to recognize it as hemp at all, based on smell alone.

Our Eden CBD strain has a funky floral aroma, loaded with trans-nerolidol, one of the terpenes present in jasmine, lemongrass and tea tree oil. This terpene has antifungal and antioxidant properties and we image smoking some Eden could benefit one in those areas, though we make no medical claims.

We could go on about hemp terpenes for hours, but for the sake of brevity, we will wrap our talk on terpenes and let you contemplate your next hemp flower choice, with a new insight on flavor. As you can see, it's much more than just aesthetics, there are actual benefits beyond the smell and flavor of our hemp buds. You really can't go wrong, so maybe a hemp flower sampler pack might be the way to go, for you to determine your favorite hemp flower terpenes?


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