How To Choose The Right Hemp Strain - CBD Indica Or CBD Sativa?

What Is A Hemp Strain?

Hemp Strains” are simply the slight variations between one CBD flower and another within the same family of plants.

A hemp strain is a genetic variation of the plant that has a unique lineage, resulting in a unique flavor profile, terpene profile and specific cannabinoid content. While the variations can seem subtle between the strains, the effects can differ greatly.

There are also different phenotypes which are additional variations within a hemp or cannabis strain.

Consider you compared to your brothers and sisters if you have siblings. Each of you have the same parents, but you end up with different attributes and may look similar, but also have noticeable differences. The same holds true for hemp strains. While the parentage may be the same, each seed contains a slightly different potential.

To make classifying these variations easier, cannabis and hemp strains are grouped into three main categories. Indica, Sativa and Hybrid.

Usually, as a rule of thumb, Indica strains make you feel sleepy or relaxed, Sativa strains are usually uplifting and focusing and Hybrids are balanced blends of the aforementioned two.

We have labeled our hemp strains CBD Indica, CBD sativa, or hybrid to help your choose the right strain for you. Indicas are mainly nighttime strains and sativas are best as daytime strains as a general rule. Looking for a well balanced effect, you guessed it, try a hybrid strain.

How To Find The Best Hemp Strain

Sativa CBD, Indica CBD, Hybrid? Which Hemp Strain Is Right For You?

With so many new hemp strains being developed and so many new hemp smokers out there, we thought it was about time to touch on choosing the right hemp strain. The difference in effect and flavor, can greatly affect the users experience and we want everyone to make an informed decision. We will briefly break down somethings to consider before buying your next hemp bud online.

You probably have questions like what is the best hemp flower for pain. Or what is the best hemp flower for energy? A lot of those answers have to so with the type of hemp strain we are talking about.

Just like cannabis, hemp strains come in either CBD sativa, CBD indica or hybrid varieties. Generally speaking indicas have a sedative effect with good pain relief. Sativas would have a more up effect and euphoric feeling, great for depression or anxiety. Hybrids have well, you guessed it, a combination of both indica and sativa effects.

What About Terpenes?

Terpenes, or plant oils responsible for the plants smell also contribute not only to flavor, but also the "entourage effect" which intensifies and varies the experience. Some people tend to prefer really heavy, gassy smelling indicas, while others will prefer fruity sativas. Some of you like myself, may like different hemp flower varieties at different times. Again very generally speaking, sativas would usually make for a good day smoke, while indicas would be appropriate for night time.

Take this with a grain of salt, as on occasion sativas may exhibit typically indica like effects and vice versa. Make sure to read the description and make the best call on a strain by strain basis. Sometimes some strains effect different people in different ways, which makes it even more interesting. The bottom line is one must test hemp flower for sale online to determine who has the real fire hemp buds.

Top hemp flower companies online tend to grow in small batches, hand trim and glass jar cure their CBD nugs. But don't be fooled by pretty packaging alone. As explained in a previous article, "The Hemp Flower Conspiracy", many industrial hemp farms, with low quality hemp flower, simply market their low quality, flavorless hemp buds in glass jars and claim they are "craft". Buyer beware, less than 5% of hemp flower online is actually craft hemp flower.

Discernment is key when choosing a premium hemp flower company and the right strain for you. One red flag is poor customer service, when vetting  legitimate hemp for sale. If a company cannot respond to your questions, or ship your order in a timely fashion, how do you think they can properly care for the plants? Many of these shady hemp brands are debt financed and could care less about quality.

At Dreamland Organics, we pride ourselves in growing not only top notch hemp buds, but also in providing second to none customer service. This is truly our passion and not a money making scheme. Cash cropping hemp farmers simply cannot compete with our level of passion and commitment and it clearly shows in the end product. Be informed my intelligent hemp smokers and choose wisely. Your lungs deserve nothing but the best organic hemp flower available online!

Types Of Hemp Strains

  • CBD Sativa - Fluffy hemp buds that tend to be uplifting and mood enhancing. Great for daytime use and dealing with anxiety, stress and depression.
  • CBD Indica - Tight dense buds. Not as much terpenes as CBD Sativa hemp strains. Great for pain relief and as a sleep aid.
  • CBD Hybrid - These hemp strains cross both CBD Sativa and CBD Indica. Each hybrid hemp strain will tend to lean towards indica or sativa effects. A balanced 50/50 hybrid hemp strain will share the effects equally.

Summary : How To Choose The Right Hemp Strain

  • Start With Organic Hemp Flower
  • Choose A Desired Effect (Energetic, Relaxing, Focused)
  • Choose A Terpene Profile (Fruity, Gassy, Earthy)
  • Enjoy Your Perfectly Selected Hemp Nugs!

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