Lavender CBG Flower
Lavender Organic CBG flower
Lavender organic CBG flower
Lavender organic CBG flower
Lavender CBG
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Lavender - Organic CBG Flower | CBG Bud

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Lavender Organic CBG Flower

Organic CBG Flower Hemp Strain - 14% CBG

Effects - Pain relief, calming, digestive aid

Terpene Profile - Sweet Floral, Citrus, Earthy

"Lavender CBG", is an exotic hemp strain, with a lavender floral and citrus fruit aroma. This is our highest CBG strain we carry at the moment and one of the highest CBG stains we have come across in the market. Reminiscent of the cannabis strain, "Forbidden Fruit" in phenotype, this Sativa structured organic CBG flower cultivar is light and fluffy with a strong calming effect. This is by far the best CBG flower we have seen.

Great for anxiety, depression, indigestion, or insomnia, this versatile, exclusive hemp cultivar provides a blanket of calm from the onset. Although great for a restful sleep, Lavender can be used throughout the day, as it does not diminish mental clarity. Strains high in CBG are rare and hard to come by, so we are super happy to carry this hemp strain.

Take a walk down a blissful lavender patch and enjoy the fruity floral terpenes of Lavender CBG!

  • 14% CBG, Our Highest CBG Strain, Best CBG Flower
  • Lavender, Floral, Sweet, Citrus
  • Relaxing, Pain Relief, Anti Anxiety, Improves Digestion
  • Oregon Grown Organic CBG Hemp Flower
  • Hand Trimmed Hemp Nugs
  • Best Hemp flower for pain
  • Organic CBG  Flower Benefits Anxiety
  • 60 Day Glass Jar Cure
  • Living Soil Grown
  • Lab Tested For Compliance And Purity
  • 50 State Legal
  • Federal Farm Bill Complaint - No Detectable THC!
  • Organic CBG flower tastes better

Benefits Of Organic CBG Flower: 

  • CBG works to fight inflammation, pain and nausea.
  • CBG benefits anxiety
  • Works to slow the proliferation of cancer cells.
  • Research has shown it also significantly reduces intraocular eye pressure caused by glaucoma.
  • Strains high in CBG will be beneficial treating conditions such as inflammatory bowel disease, Crohn's disease, and cancer.

When it comes to cannabis products for calm, many people choose CBD flowers even though they may not want the effects of CBD all the time. Now there is an alternative in Lavender CBG for anxiety, depression, and insomnia. Hemp flowers for sale now come in 2 options, CBD and CBG buds. In addition to these great benefits, CBG has been shown to help ease indigestion and gastrointestinal symptoms of conditions such as Crohn’s disease and cancer.  And like other hemp compounds, CBG is great at fighting inflammation and easing pain. There are other suppliers of CBG flowers for sale online, however many of them are really offering CBD flower with a small amount of CBG mixed in. Because we cultivate all of our products in small batches, we can adjust each strain to get the desired effect, without the THC! If you are searching for CBG or CBD bud for sale, or if you want products made from small-batch, organic hemp, Dreamland Organics is your best choice. 

CBG Flower FAQ's

What is CBG Flower?

Our CBG flowers are the female buds of our craft hemp plants, just like our CBD flowers. Both varieties of hemp buds have less than .3% THC, but CBG flower contains high levels of cannabigerol (CBG) instead of cannabidiol (CBD) and our CBG flower actually contains no detachable THC.

CBG is known as the “Mother of all Cannabinoids.” The acid form of CBG, CBGA, breaks down into other cannabinoids like cannabichromene (CBC), cannabidiol (CBD), and tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) as the hemp plant matures. This is why hemp breeders have had a tough time isolating hemp plants with high levels of CBG until the last few years.

Prior to this, consumers could only receive the benefits of CBG (like reduced anxiety), by buying CBG concentrates. Considering cannabis and hemp plants usually contain less than 1% CBG, concentrate labs extract CBG from hemp plants that are only six weeks into an eight-week flowering cycle. In spite of this, concentrate makers need to use quite a bit of plant material to properly extract CBG. This process of cannabinoid extraction makes CBG concentrates over priced for many seeking its’ benefits.

At Dreamland Organics we solve this issue with our high CBD strain, Lavender CBG.

What Does CBG Flower Do?

While we are still in the initial stages of research on minor cannabinoids, researchers have discovered some exciting potential in regards to the benefits of CBG.

CBG Helps Reduce Inflammation

Just like the more well known CBD, CBG appears to have the ability to help reduce inflammation. Researchers are specifically interested in CBG’s ability to reduce the inflammation associated with digestive disorders like Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) and colitis.

CBG and Intraocular Pressure

Regarding eye health, THC and CBG have been shown to relieve the excess intraocular pressure associated with glaucoma. However, unlike THC, CBG is a non-psychoactive compound. CBG could be a useful alternative for people who want to reduce intraocular pressure without experiencing any of the high produced by THC.

CBG Calms Muscle Contractions

It appears that CBG may calm involuntary muscle contractions related to bladder dysfunctions. CBG significantly reduced acetylcholine-induced contractions in recent animal and human studies.

CBG Reduces Stress

CBG has been shown to have anxiolytic properties.What does this mean? Well,  CBG interacts with the CB-1 receptor and boosts levels of one of the body’s principal endocannabinoids, anandamide. The scientist who initially discovered anandamide called it “ananda,” which means “bliss” in Sanskrit. Anandamide is responsible for the ‘runner’s high’ that athletes get after working out.

In addition, CBG has been shown to promote GABA reuptake inhibition. The more GABA in the bloodstream helps to relax the muscles and provide a sense of mental ease. Physicians regularly prescribe the GABA reuptake inhibitor Tiagabine for anxiety. But, like most pharmaceuticals, GABA reuptake inhibitors come with side-effects, especially when taken in larger doses for more extended periods of time. CBG seems to be a healthier alternative and a wiser choice for your body.

CBG Soothes Common Aches and Pains

CBG’s anti-inflammatory properties make CBG flower useful for calming everyday aches and minor pains. Recent research also suggests that CBG may be a more potent analgesic than other cannabinoids (like CBD), due to the molecule’s ability to inhibit GABA uptake and activate both CB-1 and CB-2 receptors in the brain.

CBG  Acts as an Antibacterial Agent

Studies on CBG have shown this cannabinoid to be a potential treatment for Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA) bacteria. MRSA infections can be quite common in hospitals and may be life-threatening due to the bacteria refusing to respond to traditional antibiotics. Invitro studies showed a significant decrease in these bacteria after treatment with CBG. Cannabinoids like CBG have become increasingly useful tools in the treatment of antibiotic-resistant bacteria.

CBG is an Antioxidant

Similar to THC and CBD, CBG seems to relieve oxidative stress and act as a neuroprotectant. Scientists have been specifically focused on CBG as an effective treatment for Huntington’s Disease. Initial tests in mice showed a drastic improvement in the decreased motor skills associated with the disease. While still early, CBG appears to be able to help improve the lives of people struggling with neuropathic disorders.

CBG Slows Down Tumor Growth

World Health Organization claims, cancer takes the lives of nearly 10 million people worldwide each year. Recent international studies concluded that CBG and other non-psychoactive cannabinoids may have the potential to slow tumor growth. In 2014, a study found CBG effective in promoting the apoptosis of tumor cells in colorectal cancer.

CBG Stimulates the Appetite

While cancer claims many lives each year, many more are affected by the debilitating effects of chemotherapy. Both human and animal studies have proven that CBG stimulates the appetite in patients. Many MMJ doctors recommend high THC cannabis for patients undergoing chemotherapy. CBG provides a non-psychoactive alternative for people who have a hard time tolerating the psychoactive effects of THC.

CBG Reduces the High of THC

CBG as a cannabinoid is non-psychoactive and also decreases the psychoactive effects of high THC cannabis. CBG attaches to CB-1 receptors and blocks THC molecules from binding to them. People living in legal cannabis states can mix organic CBG flowers with high THC cannabis for a lessened high.


 CBD and CBG interact with CB-1 and CB-2 receptors in the body’s endocannabinoid system (ECS). CBD and CBG both have similar effects, including:

  • Reduced inflammation
  • Boosted levels of natural endocannabinoids
  • Enhanced neuroprotective properties
  • Lowering the intoxicating effects of THC
  • Promoting the apoptosis of cancer cells

With that said, CBD and CBG are both effective health treatments. Cannabinoids like CBG and CBD work together in a synergistic manner, creating the entourage effect. Experiencing the entourage effect is an excellent reason to choose organic hemp flowers and full-spectrum concentrates.

CBG may be a better option for people with glaucoma than CBD however. Additionally, CBG and THC both help to reduce intraocular pressure. It appears that CBD isn’t quite as effective in this regard. CBG is a more helpful non-psychoactive alternative for those being affected by glaucoma, currently being treated with high THC.

Side Effects of CBG

From all the data we have at present, CBG appears to be well received and produce little to no side-effects. With that said, consult with your doctor before adding any new regimen, including CBG, into your daily routine.

Is CBG Flower Legal?

As long as hemp flower contains less than .3% delta-9 THC is legal on the federal level, under the 2018 Farm Bill. THC is the cannabinoid that gives the high feeling that cannabis smokers experience. Similar to CBD, CBG is a non-psychoactive cannabinoid and isn’t a prohibited substance federally.

Although CBG flower is perfectly legal on the federal level, some U.S. states have passed laws against certain CBD products and hemp flowers. In this case, you may want to buy your CBG flowers from a reliable online CBD shop like Dreamland Organics.

Our organic CBG Lavender Hemp flower actually contains no detectable THC, so it may be a good option for those who get drug tested regularly.


What Are Some Common Strains High In CBG?

  • White Whale.
  • White CBG flower.
  • White Widow.
  • Jack Frost.
  • John Snow.
  • Frosted Cake CBG.
  • Sour G.
  • Lavender CBG

Does CBG Make You Sleepy?

As with all hemp strains, depending on your tolerance, it may make you sleepy. Our Lavender CBG strain however leans more towards energy and focus, but can still work great as a sleep aid, as it reduces anxiety and stress. This will allow you to relax and as a result sleep better.

Where Can I Buy CBG?

You can find CBG at some CBD shops, but online will offer the best selection and price.

How Long Does CBG Last?

The effects itself will last from 30-90 minutes in most cases. The CBG flower itself will last several months, to over a year if kept in glass jars or mylar bags and away from sunlight and heat.

Is Organic CBG Flower Really Better?

Organic buds whether CBG, CBD, or THC dominant have several advantages over regular commercial flower. First off, they will have more terpenes, so a better flavor. Terpenes also help with the entourage effect, so organic CBG flower will have better effects. Lastly, the buds are not sprayed with synthetic pesticides, so they will be healthier for you in the long run.

Who Has The Best CBG Flower?

While we sampled a lot of organic CBG flower before we chose this CBG bud, we were most impressed with Lavender CBG. With even more terpenes and CBG than white CBG flower, we would have to say Lavender CBG is the best CBG flower available online.

The Lavender - Organic CBG Flower | CBG Bud is the yin, to your yang. You've found what you're looking for.

Inventory Last Updated: Jan 26, 2023

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