Everything To Know About Smoking Hemp

With CBD products growing in popularity, you might be thinking about hemp for the first time. All the gummies, oils, and CBD lotions popping up recently come from the hemp plant. But what about smoking - does anyone smoke hemp? And how? You're in the right place - who better than the expert hemp growers at Dreamland Organics to teach you how it works?

Smoking hemp is a fast growing segment of the CBD market - yes, people smoke it. In fact, more people than ever are trying it! It's legal in most areas thanks to the 2018 Farm Bill, making it a viable alternative to marijuana. It offers the therapeutic benefits of cannabis, without the high (or legal complications) of weed.

But what are some reasons for smoking? Can you smoke any part of the plant? And how do you smoke it, or pick the right kind? Plus, isn't smoking unhealthy? We'll cover all that and more, so keep reading!

Do People Smoke Hemp (And Why)?

Yes, you can smoke hemp. In fact, more people are smoking hemp flower than ever, thanks to the 2018 Farm Bill that made hemp legal to smoke.

Both hemp and marijuana are made from the cannabis plant. While the legality of marijuana (which has a THC content of .3% or greater) is still a point of contention, the same Farm Bill defines hemp as cannabis plants with less than .3% Delta-9 THC. 

Many people who smoke hemp fit into one of three categories:

  • They smoke for the therapeutic benefits of CBD
  • Hemp is alternated or mixed with marijuana, to make it less potent.
  • They are smoke connoisseurs - they enjoy the flavor and experience of smoking. Smoking hemp is a legal and "clean" option that allows you to still enjoy a joint or bowl.
This means that smokable hemp sales are skyrocketing. Smoking hemp only a few years ago would have sounded crazy (old-school hemp was bred for utilitarian purposes, not flavor and a smooth smoke). But with new demand, and better breeding and genetics, it's appealing to more people all the time. Nielsen Global Connect, a big-name market research firm, estimated sales upwards of $80 million for 2020. 
smoking hemp

Does Hemp Have Buds?

Just like marijuana, female hemp plants covered in buds. They are often also referred to as flowers. The buds grow at the top of the stalk, in dense clusters that are called "colas".

They are covered in trichomes, which are fragrant, shiny sticky little growths. Trichomes often look like small crystals, and may give the flowers a kind of "frosted" appearance. Trichomes are where the majority of the terpenes and cannabinoids are found, that give cannabis its flavor, aroma, and therapeutic benefits. 

hemp plant with buds and frosty trichomes

The buds, or flower clusters, are what you use to smoke. At Dreamland Organics, we trim off the buds by hand and then slow cure them. (Other companies may have different procedures, but smokable hemp will always involve these buds).

To the eye, there's really no way to tell hemp from marijuana. They both grow as the cannabis plant, and are distinguished by the Delta-9 THC content - which can only be determined in a lab.

How Can You Smoke Hemp?

Hemp is a cannabis product. This means that cannabis is smoked the same way, whether we're talking about hemp or weed. If you've smoked pot, you know how to smoke hemp.

If you're unfamiliar with weed, allow me to break it down a bit (you people who know this can skip ahead). You can ingest hemp in a variety of ways - some people make edibles, for instance, or prefer CBD oils. 

As we said earlier, some people enjoy the ritual of smoking. The effects and benefits of hemp also kick in quicker when smoked, and are better absorbed by the body. 

If you choose to smoke, you can:

  • Use a bong or a pipe (we recommend a glass pipe, and you can learn how to keep it clean here). Or go old-school, feel like a baddie, and make yourself an apple bong.
  • You can also roll it like a joint, or purchase already made pre rolls to make it easier.
  • A third option is to purchase an electronic vaporizer. Find one with a compartment that allows you to add your own smokable buds. This will heat up the flower, creating a vapor you can inhale.
pre rolls

    Side Note: Is Smoking Hemp Bad For Your Health?

    Smoking anything is, arguably, not great for your lungs. It's still smoke, after all. However, the prevailing opinion right now is that vaping may be the best of all the smoking options. It doesn't burn the flower, just heats it up. As a result, the inhale seems to be less harsh and damaging for the lungs. 

    And if you're going to smoke, make sure you buy from a company that offers clean, organic hemp. Know what you're smoking - just like nicotine, a lot of damage is done by chemicals and other ingredients that may lace your product.

    In fact, a string of respiratory illness linked to vaping in 2019 seems to be tied to chemicals in tainted products. In short, the investigators at this time aren't sure vaping was the problem, as much as what was being vaped. 

    We don't add a bunch of junk just to increase our profit margins, because our goal is to create the best stuff out there. We want the true lovers of a good, clean smoke to be impressed - and we're the cleanest there is!

    rows of hemp plants

    Does CBD Get You High?

    There are over 100 different compounds in cannabis, and only one is THC. THC is responsible for the psychoactive response when you smoke weed. Or, in short, what makes you "high".

    The low levels of THC in hemp mean that you won't feel high when you smoke it. If there was enough THC to get you stoned, there'd be too much to classify it as hemp to begin - that's the whole distinction.

    It doesn't mean that you feel nothing, however. When you're smoking hemp, you don't get the THC. But you do get other compounds like CBD or CBG. CBD won't make you high, but you still feel its effects. These accompany another hundred or so cannabinoids, terpenes, flavonoids, and more. These all work together in full spectrum hemp (and you should always buy full spectrum for the best experience) to create the entourage effect

    Some people compare this to exercise, and that rush of well-being and endorphins that you feel. I like to think of it as that Zen state when you get a massage. You can just feel your body relax as it takes over, even though you're still completely sober and in control of your faculties. No high here, just fun and relaxation. 

    One more safety side note: many states have passed laws against Delta 8 products. At this time, they aren't specifically addressed by the Farm Bill. Products high in Delta 8 THC do make some people feel high, though as of now, they aren't classed as marijuana. We don't sell them here at Dreamland, as we don't believe they are safe

    Benefits Of Smoking Hemp Flower

    Many people who choose to smoke hemp do it because they want the therapeutic benefits of cannabis, but they don't want the high associated with marijuana.

    A number of these benefits may actually be greater with hemp, as CBD is the cannabinoid credited for them. While weed was grown primarily to be high in THC, hemp is grown to be high in CBD. (This only applies to specially grown craft hemp, like what we sell. Industrial hemp hasn't been cultivated for the same standards. Also, it's junk for smoking. Get real stuff.)

    However, with over 100 different compounds in your cannabis plant, CBD isn't the only one to talk about. You may want a plant high in CBG, for example, which is useful for problems like anxiety, Crohn's, or glaucoma.

    high cbg strains

    These benefits vary some according to the various strains, as well. For example, some strains are known for helping deal with insomnia. Others are a great as a pain reliever.

    You'll want to find a strain that's right for your goals (start here). Some of the possible benefits include:

    • Decreasing anxiety or depression
    • Helping with insomnia
    • Increasing serotonin levels
    • Reduced inflammation
    • Pain relief
    • May combat or reduce risk of heart disease.
    • Ease PMS symptoms
    • Relieve migraines
    • CBD can even help with hangovers

    At this point, research is still preliminary, but there's evidence that CBD may also be helpful for more serious conditions. For example, studies have shown that certain strains may keep brain tumor cells from spreading. Others have seen it as a useful tool for Parkinson's Disease.

    As always, information presented here is not intended to diagnose, treat, or care for any medical conditions. If you have a serious medical concern, please see a health care professional. We aren't doctors.

    Smokable Hemp Flower

    If you're interested in smoking hemp (and we're guessing you are, if you've read this far), we offer high quality, top shelf, craft hemp options. We don't add weird chemicals, so you won't have to worry about what, exactly, you're ingesting. After all, if the benefits of smoking hemp are cancelled out by all the stuff mixed in with the hemp, what's the point?

    We want to give you options that are safe, and taste good. We've been cultivating our strains for years, to bring you the absolute best, safest experience.

    Currently, our best selling strains include:

    Immortal: This one is a hybrid, making it perfect for relaxing at night or when you have to be alert during the day. It has a really pleasant profile of grape jam.

    It's strong for a pain reliever, and the CBD is a potent 15%. One review by a customer named Mike says after smoking, "I feel super relaxed and very mood lifted." This is definitely one to take the edge off and chill out with.

    smokable hemp

    Green Dream: Green Dream is good for everyone, with a fruity papaya nose but it appeals strongly to experienced smokers. It's covered in sticky, icky trichomes for a terpene-rich smoke. The bud itself is fluffy but dense.

    This one is great for focus and calm clear thoughts. Got a busy day and need to stay engaged? Use this one to settle your racing mind and get back to it. CBD 12% and Sativa dominant.

    smokable hemp

    Lavender: High in CBG, it comes with a number of benefits such as anxiety, depression and insomnia. It has a lavender floral and citrus aroma. It's great for rest, but doesn't make you feel sedated. 14% CBG, and you can read our full review here.



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