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 So What Is The Best Hemp Flower? | Top 10 Craft Hemp Flower Strains

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Sure, most hemp flower enthusiasts have heard of hemp strain names like Surver Haze, Sour Space Candy & Lifter. But what about the craft hemp flower strains? Those other commercial hemp flower strains are great. But let's put the spotlight on some lesser known, yet well received hemp strains. Just because you haven't tried them, doesn't make these craft hemp flower strains any less flavorful and effective.

Before we begin, we wanted to make a distinction between "craft" hemp flower strains and "industrial" hemp varieties. "Commercial" or "industrial" really refers to the distribution of these hemp strains. That means that commercial hemp strains are going out to huge farms, in huge numbers and are thus readily available. Craft hemp generally comes from smaller farms, like ours here at Dreamland Organics where we breed our own genetics.

It is entirely possible to grow commercial hemp flower strains in a craft manner. However, we are fortunate enough to have an exclusive genetics pool and unique hemp cultivars. The thing about craft hemp cultivars is this - you may have to do a little more scouring to come across a rare breed, but that's part of the process.

We feel the extra effort is part of the fun in finding the true "top shelf" hemp strains out there. So don't be afraid to go a few pages deep on your Google "hemp flower" search. You just might find a hidden gem!

We are ranking our Top 10 Hemp Flower Strains based on sales and customer feedback over the last year (2022). We will start with number 10 and finish this article with our M.V.S. (Most Valuable Strain). 

Before we get started, we wanted to go over how to use hemp flowers for you newbies out there. First of all, let's clear the air and realize that hemp flower at this point is essentially low THC A cannabis, so high CBD flower can be used in all the same ways as traditional cannabis. Listed below in are the common ways people consume hemp buds.

After you decide how you want to consume your hemp nugs, next is to pick the perfect hemp strain.

Top 10 Best Hemp Flower Strains | Craft Hemp Flower

craft hemp flower

10. Tropical Dream - Sativa Hybrid Hemp Flower -15% CBD

 Tropical Dream is a unique phenotype variation of our ever popular "Green Dream" strain with even more fruity goodness and a hint of gas. You would swear you were on a Caribbean beach with the breeze blowing through your hair, after partaking in this lovely hybrid CBD hemp flower.

9. Belladonna - Indica Hybrid Hemp Flower - 16% CBD

Belladonna is our latest exclusive hemp cultivar in a line of exotic flavors from DLO! With hints of mango and guava and an earthy, skunky overtone, this Indica dominant hybrid will have you in a beautiful mood in no time.

This strain is perfect for easing anxiety, as well as pain and insomnia relief. This versatile hemp nug can be used both as a daily smoke or for your evening routine. If smoked during the day, we recommend accompanying with your favorite caffeinated beverage to balance out possible sleepy/chill vibes.

As usual, you will get an abundance of terps, due to our organic grow protocol, complete with compost teas and living soil. The flavor of Belladonna is sweet & earthy, yet subtle, as to not overpower and provide the right amount of flavor with the chill vibes induced.

If you have tried our Green Dream and Kimbo Kush hemp cultivars, this is a hybrid of those hemp strains.

8. Cannoli - Hybrid Hemp Flower - 13% CBD

Cannoli is an exclusive hemp strain in a line of exotic flavors from DLO! With hints of vanilla and a sweet pastry finish, this Sativa dominant hybrid will sweep you off your feet and place you in an Italian espresso bar on a quiet mid-summer afternoon. 

This CBD Flower is perfect for easing anxiety while staying focused, making it an ideal "day smoke". If you are needing to get stuff done, while remaining clear and present, this nug's for you!

As usual, you will get an abundance of terps, due to our organic grow protocol, complete with compost teas and living soil. The flavor is sweet, yet subtle, as to not overpower and provide the right amount of flavor with the chill vibes induced.

7. Lavender CBG - CBG Hemp Flower - 14% CBG

"Lavender CBG", is an exotic hemp strain, with a lavender floral and citrus fruit aroma. Reminiscent of the cannabis strain, "Forbidden Fruit" in phenotype, this Sativa structured CBG cultivar is light and fluffy with a strong calming effect.

CBG benefits anxiety, depression, indigestion, or insomnia, this versatile, exclusive hemp cultivar provides a blanket of calm from the onset. Although great for a restful sleep, Strains high in CBG can be used throughout the day, as it does not diminish mental clarity. Be sure to check out the benefits of CBG hemp flower and give this crystal covered hemp bud a try!

6. Kimbo Kush - Indica Hemp Flower - 17% CBD

Our Kimbo Kush strain is another exclusive here at DLO. An indica hemp nug with extremely gassy overtones and brewed coffee notes, this hemp bud is not for lightweights. At 17% CBD, it feels slightly reminiscent of being hit by the late MMA and street fighter star, Kimbo Slice.

A few pulls of this craft hemp flower and you quickly forget any and all worries and feel any tension in your body immediately melt away. We recommend Kimbo Kush after a long day when you are comfortably able to relax and unwind. If you do smoke this incredibly terpene rich hemp strain during the day, we suggest pairing it with coffee, tea, or yerba mate to keep your head in the game, while you medicate.

5. Sheeba : Indica Hemp Flower : 11% CBD

Sheeba is an indica hemp strain, which exhibits more of the characteristics of a sativa. Similar to the cannabis stain "Blueberry", these hemp nugs have a fruity terpene profile and a fluffy, airy bud structure. Don't be fooled however, as these trichome covered hemp buds pack a punch. The potent effects bring about an overwhelming feeling of euphoria and relaxation.

The flavor reeks of over ripe blackberries, with a hint of sweet mint.  Extremely high terpene content, you won't believe it's hemp flower, it smells more like fruit jam. We recommend this unique hemp cultivar for both day or night, as it won't put you to sleep during the day, or keep you up at night. A warm feeling of calm blankets the body from the onset, making this strain great for easing aches, as well as mood adjustment. Just smelling this strain can give one a preview of the effects, similar to aromatherapy.

It was said the Queen Sheba bestowed unmatched riches upon King Solomon for his wisdom and our "Sheeba" hemp buds will bestow unmatched feelings of contentment and well being.

Health is wealth.  Put some respect on your lungs and smoke like a King, you deserve it!

4Green Dream : Sativa Hemp Flower : 12% CBD

Our "Green Dream" strain, is a sativa dominant, fruit forward hemp cultivar available only at Dreamland Organics. She is a sister strain of "Selene."  But this one is more papaya, rather than a citrus nose. A gassy undertone highlights a terpene rich hemp strain.

Green Dream calms and allows for clear thoughts. The bud structure is fluffy, yet dense and full of frosty trichomes. Sticky, icky alert! This CBD hemp bud can be used day or night. It will be sure to keep your dreams green and full of fruitful life!

craft hemp flower

3. Dream Fuel : Hybrid Hemp Flower : 13% CBD

"Dream Fuel" is an indica dominant, hybrid hemp strain. This is also available only at Dreamland Organics. This exclusive hemp cultivar smells of a gas leak at a smoothie shop. Heavy fuel overtones, with an over-ripe fruit basket finish. It will have craft flower connoisseurs stuck to the jar, like a bloodhound fresh on the trail! 

  The effect of Dream Fuel can be uplifting, with an intense hit of chill. The onset is instantaneous. This lets the user regulate the desired dose with ease. Perfect for taking the edge off and allowing one to get focused on the day ahead. Just as good for settling down for a relaxing night at home prior to a blissful sleep. 

2. Eden : Sativa Hemp Flower : 14% CBD

Coming in at number 2 is a fan favorite here at DLO. We like to call this one "space weed" as it's bud structure and smell is out of this world!

"Eden", is a Sativa dominant hemp strain, with a funky floral aroma. Reminiscent of the cannabis strain, "The Chronic" in phenotype, this Sativa structured CBD Bud is light and fluffy with a strong calming effect.

Great for anxiety or pain relief, this versatile, exclusive hemp cultivar is essential in today's stressful environment. This is the best hemp flower for energy. Great as a morning, mid-day, or evening puff, Eden CBD Hemp Flower will have you in a state of calm, similar to walking through a serene garden.

1. Immortal : Hybrid Hemp Flower : 15% CBD

"Immortal" is one of the terpene kings from this list. It comes with a fragrance of grape jam and a hybrid hemp effect. The hemp buds are covered in resinous CBD flower goodness. At 15%, she packs a punch, both in flavor and effect! This is the best hemp flower for pain hands down!

This hemp bud will satisfy even the most discerning flower smoker. But it is a delightful puff for newbies, too. You can use this flower as a day or night smoke. It is powerful, yet functional. And it can keep you chill at all times. Enjoy a puff of this craft hemp cultivar and you too will feel, "Immortal!".

Top 10 Craft Hemp Flower Strains

  • Immortal
  • Eden
  • Dream Fuel
  • Green Dream
  • Sheeba
  • Kimbo Kush
  • Lavender CBG
  • Cannoli
  • Belladonna
  • Tropical Dream

 Stay tuned, as next year there will surely be many more craft hemp flower strains added to the gene pool. Breeders, like us here at Dreamland Organics, continue to create new hemp cultivars. Happy craft hemp flower hunting!

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