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  • How To Spot Top Shelf CBD Flower | What Makes Bud Artisanal?

    Finding good CBD nugs online can definitely be a hassle. Unfortunately, a lot of the companies that claim to sell CBD nugs online are actually only selling industrial hemp knockoffs. Industrial hemp is grown for manufacturing purposes to make products like clothes or cloth, yet many companies grow them and pass them off as authentic CBD nugs.
  • Top Shelf CBD Flower Vs Industrial Hemp Flower For Sale

    With the popularity of hemp flower & CBD making waves worldwide, I felt it important to make the distinction between an industrial hemp farm and a craft hemp flower farm like Dreamland Organics. The first major difference would be the size of the operation, in addition to practices. A craft hemp flower farm that grow top shelf CBD flower would usually be less than 2 acres, where industrial hemp farms can be over 100 acres!