Can Pre Rolled CBD Cigarettes Help Me Quit Smoking? | CBD Pre Roll Benefits

Are Pre Rolled CBD Cigarettes Good For Quitting Smoking?

Smoking cigarettes is one of the most dangerous activities you could do—as almost half a million people die from cancers and related health conditions as a result of smoking according to the CDC. Unfortunately, smoking is also incredibly addictive. The nicotine within tobacco can cause long-term dependency and withdrawals, making it one of the hardest habits to quit. 

Are you or a loved one dependent on nicotine? Fortunately, there are few options that should inspire hope. 

One of these options is pre rolled CBD cigarettes. CBD pre rolls are organic, healthy, and tightly packed “flower joints” that can mimic the draw of cigarette smoking while inducing relaxation and stress relief. They’re also great for reducing anxiety, which may be a negative symptom of nicotine withdrawal. CBD pre rolls definitely smell better, too (which your non-smoking friends will be especially grateful for).

In this blog post, we’re going to explore the ways in which CBD pre rolls can help you kick your nicotine habit—as well as treat anxiety which may form as a result of nicotine withdrawal. Additionally, we’ll share our top two picks of pre rolled CBD cigarettes to make your CBD search a little easier.

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CBD Pre Rolls Vs. Cannabis Joints

If you’ve happened to stumble across this blog post, then you may be thinking that pre rolled CBD just refers to a typical cannabis joint high in CBD. However, don’t get it misconstrued: cannabis joints and pre rolled CBD are two different things entirely. 

What’s the difference? The difference is that while your typical joint is full of intoxicating THC, a pre rolled CBD cigarette joint is not. 

This is because the flower used in rolling a CBD cigarette isn’t the same as cannabis. Instead, they’re rolled with craft hemp flowers. These are a specifically bred plant similar to cannabis, but with high concentrations of CBD and only trace amounts of THC—trace enough that they won’t make you high or intoxicated, but instead focus on the relaxing and medicinal benefits of CBD. 

Because craft hemp flowers don’t contain THC, they're a perfect alternative to medical marijuana for medicinal purposes. They offer the medicinal effects and qualities of medical marijuana without the related high or drowsiness. This is especially important for those who want to quit smoking or relieve anxiety—since THC has been known to cause adverse effects similar to anxiety, which may even make nicotine withdrawals worse.

Because craft hemp flowers contain less than 0.3% THC, they’re also legal on a federal basis. This makes accessing CBD a lot easier than medicinal cannabis—as well as cheaper than CBD isolates. Though, always make sure to check your state’s local legislation. 

Even without the medicinal benefits, CBD pre rolls and craft hemp flowers are still an effective way to relax and unwind. CBD interacts with the cannabinoid receptors in the brain, which can block signals of pain and decrease anxious thoughts all while uplifting mood and improving relaxation. These beneficial effects are incredibly helpful for those suffering from anxiety or nicotine cravings and can help treat symptoms of both.

How Smoking Can Harm Your Health

Nicotine is an incredibly addictive chemical found within cigarette tobacco and vape liquid. It acts similar to a mild stimulant but also has depressant qualities. By releasing a hormone called epinephrine, nicotine gives its users that stimulative pleasure associated with a nicotine high. 

In the short-term, many smokers may report that smoking can decrease stress, anxiety, or cravings. However, the feeling of “stress relief” that many smokers claim to feel is actually just the feeling of satisfying their nicotine craving. Long-term nicotine use can actually increase feelings of stress, anxiety, and cause nicotine addiction. 

Most infamously, smoking can cause cancer and other long-term health conditions. These aren’t actually caused by the nicotine itself but by the thousands of carcinogenic chemicals that are breathed in from the tobacco smoke. 

Additionally, smoking tobacco may also contain other carcinogenic additives which may also harm your health. 

How CBD Pre Rolls Can Combat Nicotine Addiction

One of the reasons that pre rolled CBD cigarettes can help combat nicotine addiction is by satisfying that oral fixation which many smokers have. 

After years of smoking, many smokers get accustomed to having their mouths stimulated every time they smoke a cigarette. As a result, their brain will begin to associate that oral stimulation with satisfying a nicotine craving. This is why many smokers who quit cigarettes will tend to chew a lot of gum or find other ways to stimulate their mouths. 

CBD pre rolls can help with this by replacing that oral fixation. Additionally, the smoke from CBD pre rolls can feel similar to the “draw” or “hit” of cigarette smoke that one feels in their throat—further helping to satiate that craving, at least a little bit. 

Another reason that CBD pre rolls are beneficial for smokers is due to the uplifting feelings and stress relief that craft hemp flowers can help induce. Although it’s not exactly the same as nicotine, these effects can somewhat mimic the feeling of a nicotine high on a minor help and help satisfy cravings. They’ll also help put you in a good mood and not be so cranky while dealing with nicotine withdrawal.

For help quitting smoking, we recommend our Dreamland Blend CBD pre rolls

This pre rolled CBD cigarette is a blend of all our exclusive and exotic craft hemp flower strains. It contains both sativa and indica strains, which may help replicate the stimulative yet relaxing feeling associated with a nicotine buzz. It also contains some of our exclusive CBD kief for an added kick of potency and terpenes. 

Why CBD Pre Rolls Are Also Optimal For Anxiety

Other than quitting smoking, pre rolled CBD cigarettes are also useful for helping to relieve anxiety and decrease stress. CBD itself is great for anxiety, and pre rolls are no exception. However, CBD pre rolls are even more optimal for anxiety relief during the daytime.

CBD can help anxiety in a few ways. Mainly, it can uplift your mood which may help you focus on less anxious, more positive thoughts. It also helps create a feeling of mental serenity and calmness. Additionally, certain CBD strains can also increase mental focus and productivity, which helps distract your mind.

Although more studies need to be done on CBD to fully understand why it’s so effective, some researchers theorize that CBD may increase serotonin levels in the brain. Serotonin is a chemical which helps regulate mood and behavior;by increasing serotonin levels, CBD can help treat both anxiety and depression. 

The reason why pre rolled CBD is effective for anxiety in particular, though, is due to its convenience and ease of use. Unlike with a pipe or bong, smoking CBD pre rolls that are ready to go can help you utilize CBD as needed throughout the day. Nothing additional is needed other than maybe a match or a lighter. 

This is especially useful for those with social anxiety, as a quick smoke break can help induce feelings of calmness. A few quick puffs right before work or a social gathering can help reduce anxiety and prepare you for social interaction. 

The CBD pre roll we recommend: Lavender CBG joints.

Lavender is one of our exclusive and rare craft hemp flowers that’s not only high in CBD but also in CBG: a minor cannabinoid that’s additionally optimal for relieving pain, depression, and anxiety. This CBD/CBG joint will help you stay calm and decrease stress and anxiety throughout the day. As the name suggests, it has a pleasant lavender aroma.

To learn more about Lavender and CBG joints for anxiety, read our blog post: Best Hemp Flower Pre Rolls For Anxiety | CBG Flower Joints 

Final Thoughts On CBD Pre Rolled Cigarettes

As a former “nicotine fiend,” I understand the cravings and related stress associated with nicotine withdrawal. As such, I understand how difficult it can be to quit smoking. Thankfully, pre rolled CBD cigarettes are an additional tool you can use to help you kick your cigarette habit indefinitely. 

At Dreamland Organics, all of our craft hemp flowers are grown organically. This means that unlike smoking tobacco, our CBD pre rolls don’t contain any chemical additives. They’re also grown without the use of synthetic pesticides or fertilizers—so there’s no worry of ingesting toxic chemicals with your CBD flower. 

Are CBD pre rolls not quite your thing? You can also buy craft hemp flower unrolled to be smoked in a pipe or bong.

Stay blessed.

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