Best Hemp Flower Pre Rolls For Anxiety | CBG Flower Joints

Best Hemp Flower For Anxiety | CBD Pre Rolls Or CBG Flower Joints?

Everything that goes up must come down, you attract more flies with honey than vinegar, and you shouldn’t spit into the wind. 

Some things are just universally known by everyone to be true. Likewise, craft hemp flowers are great for treating anxiety. 

Initially, one of the most common reasons people begin to use craft hemp flowers medicinally is to deal with anxiety. In fact, over 60% of people who use CBD do it for this reason alone, according to Brightfield Group.

In this current fast-paced world, anxiety is one of the most prominent mental disorders among adults. It causes feelings of fear, restlessness, and dread. As such, anxiety medication is often prescribed, such as Xanax, Valium, or Lectopam. However, many of these common anxiety medications are often habit-forming, or can cause feelings of nausea, drowsiness, or fatigue.  

As a result, many people turn to craft hemp flowers as an alternative in order to use CBD to counteract anxiety. This often proves effective, but it can also be difficult to find the time or space to smoke craft hemp flowers during a busy day; not everyone can carry around their bong all day or sit at home. 

The solution? Simple. Craft hemp flower pre rolls. Or, as I like to call them, “flower joints.” 

Why Hemp Flower Joints?

Flower joints make for an easy, versatile, and reliable way to smoke and consume CBD throughout a busy day. Pre rolls can be fit into your pocket or a cigarette holder and carried with you throughout the day. And since general anxiety can occur at any time, flower joints allow for an easy way to medicate by using the benefits of CBD at times which would otherwise be inconvenient. 

Feeling anxious while at work? How about at a family gathering, picnic, or another social setting? Go for a smoke break. Simply step outside, light up, and find some anxiety relief in just a few minutes. 

The benefits of hemp pre rolls are the convenience it offers to ease anxiety quickly, at short notice, and with little mess—since you don’t have to carry any craft hemp flower or crumbly grinded CBD flower. 

Is a full CBD hemp pre roll too much for you at any given moment? Well, fortunately they’re also easy to save for later once you’re done smoking. Just graze the cherry against the side of your ashtray. Alternatively, you can blow into the joint for ten to fifteen seconds until the cherry dies. 

Just make sure you don’t leave your flower joint out for long or else it may go stale. But if you do have to wait for a long duration of time, seal your flower joint in an airtight container like glass.

What’s The Best Hemp Flower Joint For Anxiety?

When looking for the best hemp flower pre roll for anxiety, there’s a few things to keep in mind. 

Ideally, a quality flower joint will contain no additives, be completely organic, and taste great. We always advocate for organic hemp flowers, because, well, they’re just plain healthier. 

Unhealthy flower joints—which don’t come from organic hemp flowers—often contain synthetic additives or chemicals. For those looking to find relief from anxiety, these chemicals can negatively impact that gain by preventing CBD from “doing its thing.” Likewise, some of these artificial ingredients can cause heightened blood pressure or increased heart rate, which in turn can make your anxiety worse.

Also, since flower joints for anxiety are typically smoked in the daytime, you don’t want something that’s intoxicating or sedative. Thus, hemp flower pre rolls with THC are a no go. Similarly, you don’t want something too strong with its relaxation effects. But you don’t want something that’s too light, either, or else it won’t be effective in counteracting anxiety. 

See how it can be difficult to choose the right flower joint? 

Thankfully, we at Dreamland Organics have selectively bred various craft hemp flower species in order to handcraft the right CBD flowers for any select person’s needs. 

Our recommendation for anxiety? Our 100% organic CBG Hemp Flower Joint. 

What Makes Our CBG Flower Joint Unique?

Our CBG flower joint is unique because it is specifically designed with the anxious person in mind. It uses a mix of our Lavender CBG flower mix, which is then infused with CBG kief for an added mix of potency and taste. This CBG flower has a sweet, citrus and floral lavender smell with hints of earthy notes.

That said, you may have noticed that I misspelled “CBD” as “CBG.” But I didn’t. 

CBG is just another chemical compound within craft hemp flower plants which give them their unique properties and benefits. However, CBG is especially good for anxiety, which is why these CBG flower joints are our personal recommendations for assisting with anxiety and related symptoms. 

What’s the main difference between CBD and CBG? Well, while CBD is a major cannabinoid in craft hemp flower plants, CBG is a minor cannabinoid. All this means is that CBG is less naturally abundant inside craft hemp flowers—usually at 1% concentrations or less. But Lavender, the strain used for this pre roll, has a 14% concentration of CBG, which is incredibly rare to find on the market or online. Equally as rare, it’s also completely organic. 

CBG flower joints help to relieve anxiety by causing a relaxing effect that isn’t overtly strong. They give a mental serene feeling, which is both relaxing and calming for someone suffering from anxiety.

Additionally, CBG flower joints are also sativa structured. This helps keep you upbeat and in good spirits as you go throughout your day, and can counteract the relaxing effects of CBG, preventing you from feeling sleepy. 

Combine the benefits of sativa and CBG together and you have yourself a wonderfully natural anti-anxiety drug grown from mother Earth.

Final Thoughts

Craft hemp flower pre rolls are a great way to utilize the benefits of CBD on-the-go, especially for those wishing to help relieve anxiety. Add some CBG into the mix and you have an even better flower joint for anxiety. This sativa structured Lavender CBG will help you to keep feeling good, calm, and serene in an anxiety-inducing world. 

Part of the problem with anxiety in today’s world is the abundance of prescription drugs which are often prescribed to treat anxiety. Although there’s nothing wrong with medication—in fact, it can seriously help those who really need—long-term use can often pose potential risks such as dependency, overdose, or liver damage. Thus, CBG flower joints can help to provide an alternative. 

Still not convinced about CBG specifically? No biggie. We also have regular hemp flower joints you can use instead. They also include a mixture of different CBD flowers, along with CBD kief for more potency and taste. 

Alternatively, you can also try using CBD oils. These are also great for using throughout the day since you can quickly apply a drop under your tongue or add it into a beverage.

Last thing to add: we are not doctors. Although we love CBD (and CBG) products, we also recommend consulting a medical professional before using CBD or related products for severe anxiety—especially if you plan on using CBD or CBG flower joints alongside or in place of anti-anxiety medication. 

Stay blessed.

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