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How To Buy CBD Flower Online in 2023 | Gift Guide CBD

Are you looking to buy your first CBD product but don't know what to look for? Our CBD Gift Guide will help! Purchasing CBD may be perplexing due to the numerous types of CBD products available, the various ways they're created and manufactured, and the varying requirements of each state. In fact, there is a lot to look for before purchasing CBD because if you aren't careful, you might end up with an illegal item that is classified as marijuana! We've put together this article to help you understand the difference between CBD, hemp, and marijuana, as well as to inform you on the different types of CBD products available on the market. 

CBD is derived from either hemp or marijuana (cannabis). There is a significant difference between the two, and it is necessary to understand them before purchasing CBD. While they both come from the Cannabis sativa L. plant, they are different varieties. While hemp is legally defined as containing less than.3 percent THC, marijuana's THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) content is usually 5 percent or higher, up to 30 percent, making it psychoactive and providing the 'high' feeling sought by recreational users. 

While high THC cannabis contains trace amounts of CBD, this CBD buying guide will teach you how to choose the best hemp-derived CBD products on the market today. 

Quick Tips for Purchasing CBD | CBD Gift Guide

  • Is CBD legal in your state, and how does THC get defined there? 
  • What is the concentration per volume? 
  • Examine the lab reports to ensure the information is correct and that the testing is complete and in accordance with state law. 
  • Check the label to ensure it is correct and complies with state law. 
  • Learn why there is product variation. 
  • Recognize the various types of CBD products available on the market. 
  • Prior to ordering, review the company's Shipping and Refund Policy. 
  • Buy ONLY organic hemp flower and CBD products
  • Avoid CBD Companies That Carry Delta 8 THC Products

Buy Hemp Online: What Is the CBD Content of a Product? 

The CBD potency of a product can be found on its laboratory reports. This value should be the same as the amount on the label. Some products may be labeled with the amount of CBD in milligrams (mg) per unit. In other cases, the product is labeled with the percentage of CBD it contains. Because state requirements differ in how companies must label their products, there is no standard requirement at this time. 

How Many Doses Are Included in a CBD Product? 

Dosage is entirely subjective, implying that CBD is a medicinal product.

Except for Epidiolex, no CBD product is approved for medical use. Similarly, CBD cannot be marketed as a dietary supplement and cannot be added to food or drink. The term “serving” is more appropriate than dosage, but they are frequently used interchangeably. 

CBD buyers should be aware that there is no standardized or approved CBD dosage. Only a physician is legally qualified to advise you on matters such as CBD dosage. However, even after consulting with a doctor, you may need to do some math when it comes to CBD serving sizes. 

A liquid product, such as a CBD Oil Tincture, will list the milligrams of CBD per milliliter or fluid ounce.


You will determine how much of this you will take for yourself, hopefully after consulting with a doctor. 

To figure out how many servings you'll get out of a product, divide the total volume by the serving size you select. 

A 30ml 1000mg CBD Oil TIncture, for example, would contain thirty 1ml servings. 

To calculate mg CBD per 1ml serving, divide the total mg by the total servings in milliliters (ml). 

1000mg divided by (30ml*1ml servings) equals 33.3mg per 1ml serving. 

When it comes to products like hemp flowers, the math is slightly different. 

Sheeba CBD Hemp Flower, for example, contains 11 percent CBD. This means that there are 11 milligrams of CBD in each gram (g) of flower.

How To Determine CBD Dosage and Bioavailability. 

Keep in mind that your body does not absorb 100 percent of a product's CBD potency. The bioavailability of CBD varies depending on the method of use (oral/edible, sublingual, topical, and smoking/inhalation). The amount of a CBD product that is made available to the body, or that enters the bloodstream is referred to as bioavailability. 

Example: Orally ingested CBD is thought to have a bioavailability of around 10%. So, if you take a 10mg CBD gummy, your body will only receive 1mg of CBD, which is a negligible amount in the context of most CBD studies, especially given that orally ingested cannabinoids can take hours to have an effect. 

The bioavailability of  smokable CBD hemp flower or CBD vapes is estimated to be around 30%. Sublingual CBD oil tinctures are thought to have a bioavailability and "activation" time that falls somewhere between orally ingesting (eating/drinking/swallowing capsules) and smoking (inhalation). 

The Effects and Potency of CBD 

CBD effects are not solely dependent on CBD potency! The disadvantage of focusing solely on potency and bioavailability is that it ignores the effect of terpenes. Terpenes are a generally recognized as safe (GRAS) ingredient, and when companies discuss the effects and sensory qualities of a strain, they are largely referring to the terpenes

Hemp companies are not permitted to attribute any medical or therapeutic benefit to CBD. This means that CBD benefits are merely anecdotal.

While studies show that CBD has the potential to provide significant health benefits, this is not a fact, and claims are very conditional and limited. 

The terpenes in Dreamland Organics' Hemp Flower Samplers are widely varied. Terpenes can be calming, energizing, or neutral in nature. 

Buy Hemp Flowers For Sale Online Online: How Much THC Does My CBD Product Contain? 

THC is defined in two ways by states. The first is delta-9-THC in particular. The second method is to use total THC. Total THC is the sum of decarboxylated ("activated") THCA and delta-9-THC. If a product contains less than 0.3 percent THC, it will be legal in all US states that do not currently prohibit CBD products. If the product contained less than 0.3 percent delta-9-THC but more than 0.3 percent total THC, it could be illegal ( The 2018 farm bill only recognizes delta 9 THC).

If the total THC content of your hemp product exceeds 0.3 percent, it may be considered marijuana in a total THC state. Hemp and CBD are not legally distinguished from marijuana in the majority of states where they are illegal. This means you could face legal consequences, so it's critical to understand how your state defines THC. 

Check the Ingredients Before Purchasing CBD 

For their CBD products, not all companies use the same formulas and ingredients. Other companies may add tobacco to their flower joints, whereas Dreamland Organics uses only organic hemp flower, organic hemp paper, and CBD kief. In addition to purchasing tobacco-free hemp flower joints, you should also keep an eye out for thinning agents in vape cartridges (avoid VG, and PG and artificial flavorings). You want organic, extracted terpenes only.

Never assume that a product only contains CBD! Check the other ingredients to ensure they don't contain any irritants, allergens, food colorings, or synthetic flavorings (terpenes not from cannabis are still often used but are generally recognized as a safe ingredient). Our MCT CBD oil has no additives and uses organic MCT oil with organic extracts only.  Our double infused CBD salve uses organic beeswax and organic coconut oil as the base and the mint version uses organic mint leaves for the infusion. Also, when it comes to CBD edibles, there is no way to tell whether they were made in a commercial kitchen or a garage unless you do extensive research! 

flower joint

Dreamland Organics hemp flower joints contain CBD kief, which is the dried resins of the hemp plant. These premium flower hemp joints are made with only top-quality hemp buds, not trim or shake, as most CBD companies do. There is no tobacco or other substance added making them 100% organic hemp joints.

Taking a Look at a CBD Lab Report When Purchasing CBD Flower Online

Before buying hemp online, you should look over the product's lab report. If you are unfamiliar with the terms used in a CBD lab report, you may have difficulty reading it. 

Lab reports will also differ slightly from lab to lab, which can be confusing despite providing valuable information. You should also check your state’s laws to see what type of testing is required and what type of lab the testing must be performed in. 

CBD Lab Report Formats 

Data from Potency Tests 

Terpene Test Results (optional) 

Heavy Metal Examination 

Pesticide Residue Analysis 

Microbiological Examination 

Testing for Residual Solvents (extracts) 

craft hemp flower

This "Dream Fuel" Hemp Flower lab report was generated by a state-licensed and ISO 17025-accredited laboratory. It provides cannabinoid potency information. The letters "LOQ" denote that the amount was not detectable. 

Some states require that test results come from a DEA-approved laboratory, while others only accept lab results from state-registered laboratories. When it comes to testing, retailers who buy wholesale CBD products to sell are the most concerned. If their products do not meet state requirements, these companies could face severe penalties. They may be required to pay for additional testing in order to legally sell CBD products. 

CBD Testing Labs Come in a Variety of Forms 

DEA Registered State Registered/Licensed 

Both the state and the DEA have registered/licensed you. 

Total THC and delta-9-THC are both listed on this Hemp Flower lab certificate. "ND" stands for non-detectable, and "NT" stands for not tested. This lab certificate contains valuable cannabinoid information, but it comes from an unaccredited laboratory. 

What Are The Benefits Of Organic Hemp Flower?

craft hemp flower

If you are going to use hemp flowers or CBD products for your health, organic is paramount! Many CBD companies label their hemp as organic, when it is not. They think that because it grows in the ground, it is by nature, organic. Not true. If you use synthetic pesticides or fertilizers, you are not growing true living organics like we do here at Dreamland Organics. Those synthetic chemicals end up in your hemp buds and CBD products and are not good for you. They nullify the positive effects of hemp and CBD. You might as well take pharmaceutical drugs if your hemp buds or extracts are not 100% organic. That is why organic buds taste so much better than traditional industrial hemp. When they are grown in living soil, there are no synthetic chemicals to flush out. Also, true organic buds, like the ones from Dreamland Organics, are not sprayed with synthetic pesticides. Who wants to smoke round up or other toxic chemicals?

Organic hemp flower and full spectrum extracts like the ones we produce on our craft hemp farm contain all the benefits of CBD and organic terpenes, with no side effects, filler ingredients, or contaminants. 

Full Spectrum Vs Isolates and Broad Spectrum CBD

Full spectrum CBD refers to products with all of the cannabinoids and terpenes intact. This is what allows the coveted “entourage effect” to take place. Without all of these compounds present, you will not feel the full effects that nature intended. CBD isolates and broad spectrum extracts will have some effects, but will not be as potent as full spectrum CBD.

Why Does Every CBD Company Claim To Have “Premium Hemp Flower”?

Here is a dirty little secret of the hemp industry. Most of the hemp farms out there are just large scale agricultural farms, or small time farmers looking to make a buck. They were probably growing GMO soybeans 5 years ago and only switched to hemp for the money. They know little to nothing about craft cannabis like the master growers at Dreamland Organics who have been doing this for over 20 years! After the hemp biomass market got saturated and many hemp farms faced going out of business, they realized that hemp flower would sell for 10-100x that their industrial biomass would.

So practically overnight everyone all of a sudden had “premium hemp flower”. The truth is most of the hemp flower on the market is merely trimmed biomass. It is still grown the exact same way as biomass. It is not organic, not hand crafted and certainly not “premium smokable hemp flower”. That is why the pictures of hemp buds you see online and the package you receive is rarely the same. These hemp companies bait and switch their customers into believing they have top hemp shelf flower, knowing it will generate way more profits.

That’s why you want to buy from hemp flower specialists like Dreamland Organics. We do not grow hemp biomass, strictly top shelf hemp flowers. Not all hemp buds are equal and the proof is in the puff. Put some respect on your lungs. You can even try our hemp buds for free! That’s how confident we are that you will love them!

CBD Labeling Requirements and State CBD Laws 

Before purchasing CBD, make sure it is legal in your state. The 2018 Farm Bill made hemp cultivation legal in states with USDA-approved hemp farming plans. CBD is commonly misunderstood to be included in this bill, but it is not. CBD products are regulated by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and each state in the United States. 

CBD regulations in each state may be extremely stringent or non-existent.

CBD is not regulated in all states, but it is illegal in some. There are also states that require all products to be registered with the state, which means that only CBD products purchased in-state and registered with the state can be purchased. It’s also important to note that these state laws change routinely and ultimately you are protected under the farm bill on a national level.

CBD and hemp are illegal and completely prohibited in the following states: 

These states outlaw CBD and hemp and may prosecute these products as if they were marijuana: 

Idaho, Iowa, Mississippi, North Dakota, and South Dakota are among the states represented. 

Smokable Hemp Flower and Smokable CBD Are Prohibited Under Some State Hemp Laws 

It is illegal to buy, sell, or possess any type of CBD or hemp product that can be smoked or vaped in the following states: 

Alabama, Indiana, Kansas (CBD isolate topicals only), Kentucky, Louisiana, North Carolina, South Carolina, and Texas require a vendor to be state licensed. In Texas however, it is not illegal to possess or purchase hemp flower, only to sell it in state.

Products cannot be purchased online or from outside the state in the following states (unless they register). Each of these states has its own requirements for products or retailers to be registered/licensed with the state: 

Alaska, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, and Utah are among the states represented. 

States With Additional State-Specific Requirements 

These states have additional requirements that may affect the legal status of CBD and hemp products from outside the state. These requirements could include specific labeling or production requirements, such as adhering to GMP regulations. For instance, in New York hemp flower is legal to sell and possess, with one caveat, it must not be marketed as smokable hemp flower. That means CBD shops in New York cannot sell hemp flower pre rolls.

Maine, Massachusetts, New York, Virginia, and West Virginia are among the states with specific labeling requirements. 

States Where Total THC must be less than 0.3 percent. 

In these states, "THC" is defined as delta-9-THC combined with THCA (87.7 percent of THCA is the decarboxylated value in most states). This means that the majority of hemp flower will not meet THC requirements. Our CBG lavender hemp strain has 0% total THC, so that would be a great option for those states.

Arkansas, California, Colorado, Connecticut, Delaware, Florida, Georgia, Hawaii, Minnesota, Missouri, Montana, Nebraska, Nevada, New Jersey, New Mexico, Ohio, Oregon, Washington, and Wisconsin are among the states represented. 

State Hemp Laws Permitting Delta-9-THC levels of less than 0.3 percent.

. In these states, "THC" is only defined as delta-9-THC, implying that most hemp flower products appear to be legal. 

Arizona, Illinois, Maryland, Michigan, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, Vermont, and Wyoming are among the states represented. 

Understanding the Different CBD Product Types 

Every CBD product begins as a crude extract. Because it is a safe food-grade solvent and is very cost-effective, ethanol is most commonly used to extract crude CBD oil from hemp flower. Other extraction methods, such as butane or CO2, produce the same end product but may be more advantageous to manufacturers depending on their product formulas and manufacturing processes. 

Crude CBD oil is a full-spectrum oil that has been refined to remove waxes and chlorophyll. This yields a full-spectrum CBD distillate that can be used alone or to make other products. Processing methods can be used to transform this full-spectrum CBD oil into a different consistency, such as shatter, sugar, or wax. This extract can also be processed further to isolate the CBD and produce a THC-free CBD distillate or CBD Isolate Powder. 

CBD Extract and Concentrate Terminology 

  • Full-Spectrum: CBD extract containing all of the naturally occurring cannabinoids and terpenes. 
  • Broad Spectrum: CBD isolate with terpenes added back in for flavor. 
  • Isolate: CBD with no other plant compounds and undetectable THC.
  • Distillate: CBD with no other plant compounds and undetectable THC. This is the most basic and varies in thickness and may contain crystals.
  • Shatter: A concentrated CBD extract with a glassy appearance that is waxy to breakable. 
  • Sugar: CBD crystals concentrated in a syrup-like terpene sauce. 
  • Wax: CBD concentrate that is hard and waxy. 
  • Budder: A soft and doughy CBD oil concentrate.

Understanding Product Variability When Purchasing Hemp Flowers For Sale

Hemp flower is a naturally occurring agricultural product. Each farm's harvest is distinctive. Because it varies from batch to batch and bud to bud, hemp flower may not be the best option for you if you need consistency. Everything about the plant, including its color, scent, and potency, can be influenced by how it is grown. These characteristics are not impervious to change. 

Consider hemp flower as an artisanal product when considering why there may be variation. Even identical apples from the same tree can differ slightly, and hemp flower is no exception. 

Hemp flower is a seasonal crop, that fact should be considered when planning your purchase. Except for indoor cultivated hemp flowers, hemp crops are harvested every year in the fall in most areas. This means that hemp flower supplies will be limited during the summer and will be less fresh than they are the rest of the year. This yearly cycle has an impact on the marijuana industry as well. Since we do small batch hemp strains, we tend to sell out in late summer/early fall. Plan ahead and stock up if you don’t want to miss our limited release hemp varieties. When we release a hemp strain it would be wise, if it’s in your budget to purchase the amount of hemp buds you need for a few months. Plus you will save with the bulk discount!

Because of the natural, yearly cycle, it is safe to say that this crop will not be consistent from year to year.

Depending on the growing environment, planting and cultivation conditions differ from one location to the next. In short, the harvest varies from season to season depending on weather and harvesting techniques. 

Read the Shipping and Refund Policies thoroughly. 

Each business has its own shipping and refund policies. It is critical to read these because when you make a purchase from a company, you agree to them. Dreamland Organics, for example, requires you to allow 1-2 business days for processing and fulfillment in addition to shipping times. Only unopened items (within 7 days of purchase) can be returned, and shipping costs are not refundable. 

What constitutes a valid shipping address? 

Company: Use this address line only if the shipping address is a business; otherwise, leave it blank. 

Name: This line must contain your full legal name; it cannot be left blank. 

Address 1: This line contains the building/house number as well as the street name. 

Address 2: This line should only be used for apartment units or suites; otherwise, leave it blank. DO NOT INCLUDE THE STREET NAME IN THIS LINE IF YOU DO NOT HAVE A UNIT NUMBER. 

City/State/Zip: This line is for your city, state, and zip code; do not include the state in the same line as the city, and make sure your zip code is only 5 digits long. 

See Below:

Dreamland Organics [optional company name] 

Johnny Blaze [full name required] 

123 Hemp St., #100 [required house number and street] [optional unit number] 

[required city, state, and zip code] Anytown, OR 97700 

FAQ on CBD Complaints 

Good CBD customer service is extremely difficult to come by. Many complaints are of the "he said-she said" variety, which cannot be verified without returning the product. In many cases, customer experiences are unfortunate and unfavorable, but they do not always justify a refund. 

If you file a complaint, make sure to include details and photos to help substantiate your claim. Recognize that you are never entitled to a full refund, but that businesses want to make things right and may be willing to offer some sort of resolution.

At Dreamland Organics we offer a 30 day money back guarantee on products up to $35. That means we let you try our products risk free. Almost no other CBD company stands behind the quality of their products and customer satisfaction like we do. Go ahead, try to find another CBD brand that does this! If you’re not happy, we are not happy, so we refund you no questions asked. You can only claim this offer once and do not allow anyone to abuse this policy.

Common Complaint: "My product does not work, and I did not feel its effects. 

Reason: There are no guarantees that CBD will have any effect. It has not been cleared for any medical use. Even if CBD is "working" for you, it is normal to not feel anything. Because of the low THC levels, there is no discernible psychoactive effect. 

Common Complaint: "My hemp flower is almost a year old!" 

Reason: Hemp is harvested seasonally, and outdoor crops are typically sold through the following year. CBD does not have a set shelf life.

Common Complaint: "My hemp flower is moldy!"

Reason: Color variation is frequently misdiagnosed as mold. You will NEVER receive any moldy hemp buds from Dreamland Organics as they undergo a 3 point inspection process.

Common Complaint: "You skimped on my hemp buds!" 

When packaging our hemp flower, Dreamland Organics uses scales to weigh it. Your household scale may not be calibrated and thus unsuitable for weighing hemp flower. Please understand that businesses cannot simply assume that you, the customer, have a properly calibrated scale that you have been trained to use. 

Common Complaint: “The Hemp Buds I Received Are Too Small!”

Reason: At DLO we are NOT an industrial hemp farm, we are a small craft hemp farm. Why does this matter? Well, on huge industrial hemp farms with tens of thousands of plants, they simply cut off the top bud only and use this for their hemp flower. The rest of the plant is sold as biomass or used for extractions. That means the bud is likely huge, as they do not “top” their plants. Topping is a craft cannabis method of increasing flower production by cutting off the top of the plant allowing many budding sites to form. The result is more buds, which are smaller in size. If you want huge low quality hemp buds, you’re in the wrong place. Our outdoor hemp nugs will more closely resemble indoor hemp flower, as those growers usually top their plants as well.

Hemp Flower FAQ’s

Why Don’t You Sell Delta 8 THC?

We are an organic hemp farm. Strictly. Aside from the fact that delta 8 THC is psychoactive, it is produced synthetically. Yes, there are minute levels of delta 8 in hemp and cannabis, but that is not what you are buying when you purchase delta 8 hemp flower of D8 products. The delta 8 you are buying was chemically produced from CBD using carcinogenic acids. In other words it is an artificially created cannabinoid, not an organically extracted cannabinoid. We don’t mess with anything synthetic and surely nothing created with toxic acids. If you want to learn more about Delta 8, read our blog post on it.

How Can I Find The Best CBD Flower Online?

If you search around the web and do your due diligence, you can discern and make a proper assessment on which hemp flower company to choose. Buying directly from a hemp farm like Dreamland Organics does offer benefits. When you can contact the farm which grows the hemp flowers they offer for sale, you can ask them questions about how the CBD flower was grown. Most hemp flower brands simply buy their hemp buds from other farms and rebrand them. The problem with this is they are not entirely sure how the hemp plants were grown, so it is hard to identify organic CBD buds versus conventional industrial hemp flower.

What Is The Best Hemp Flower For Pain?

Indicas are usually the best hemp or cannabis flowers for pain, but since all CBD helps with pain, technically all hemp flower would be effective. Some hemp strains work better due to the terpenes contained. We recommend our Immortal Hemp strain as our go to for pain relief.

What Is The Best Hemp Flower For Energy?

Due to the terpenes we would have to say our Eden hemp strain is one of our best day smokes. If you want to be productive and avoid couch lock, we recommend Eden.

Is CBG Flower Good For Anxiety?

Yes both CBD and CBG flower are good for anxiety, although you will have to try both, to see which one is more effective for you personally.

I’m New To CBD. Tell Me How To Use Hemp Flowers?

Most people prefer to smoke a flower joint, or use a pipe to use hemp flowers. Others like vaporizers. You can also make your own CBD oil or butter to add to edibles, if smokable hemp flower is not your thing. You can even make hemp flower tea as well.

If you would like to use CBD as a topical, you can use a CBD salve, or simply make one yourself by infusing CBD flowers in to coconut oil. CBD is great for skin health, as it reduces inflammation and is great for treating rashes, scratches and over exposure to the sun. CBD used as a topical is also great to ease sore muscles and aches.

Last Thoughts on Purchasing CBD 

When considering all of the above, don't forget to look at customer reviews. If a CBD product or oil has received positive feedback from previous customers, the seller and their product are most likely trustworthy. If the reviews are negative, you should avoid purchasing the item or from the manufacturer. We pride ourselves on having all 5 star reviews at DLO and seek to resolve your issues to make sure your experience is always a positive one.

Finally, keep in mind that CBD derived from hemp is not the same as CBD derived from marijuana. We are looking for CBD products that are high in terpenes, which give them their distinct flavors, but do not contain THC.

We hope this guide is informative and will allow you to use CBD with less worry and more confidence. You are ready to enjoy the benefits of CBD flowers and products with a newfound sense of understanding and appreciation. Stay blessed.


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