Best High CBD Strains For Relaxation

5 Best High CBD Strains For Relaxation And Pain Relief

Organic CBD Nugs Strains High In Cannabidiol


If you’re looking for pain relief or to relax and unwind, then there’s no better solution then artisan hemp flower. Organic CBD nugs derived from artisan hemp are wholly natural and organic—just as mother Earth intended—and can effectively help you to destress, clear your mind, and relieve chronic pain and related symptoms. 

With so many different  high CBD strains and hemp brands out on the market, it may be difficult to find the right strain for you. Just because there are so many different hemp flowers for sale today, does not mean they are all the same quality.

 Thankfully, e-commerce shopping provides a way for you to research and browse various high CBD strains before you purchase. 

However, if you’re interested in only the best high CBD strains available, then we’ve compiled a list of our 5 favorite organic cbd nugs to help you choose. 

Why Choose Organic CBD Nugs Over Inorganic?


When choosing a high CBD strain, it’s always best to go organic. Why? To be brash, organic is simply better—both in taste and in terms of health.

Inorganic CBD nugs are usually grown using chemical fertilizers, pesticides, and/or artificial additives. These additives and chemical elements can contain various carcinogens that can make their way into your lungs in trace amounts. This is made worse by the fact that the growing of hemp has very little (if any) legal regulations, so companies can grow their hemp using just about anything, toxic or not. While you might not drop dead by smoking inorganic hemp, long-term exposure can cause adverse health effects and cancers. 

Additionally, inorganic CBD nugs also taste terrible compared to organic ones. Nugs grown using pesticides, for example, tend to be harsher and may have an overtly sweet taste. Also, if a company cuts corners on their growing methods, then chances are that they’ll skimp on terpenes, too. Many hemp companies will instead use artificial flavors in order to enhance the aroma of a CBD nug in place of natural elements.

To read about the dangers of inorganic CBD nugs, see our post: Organic CBD Nugs : Is It Worth Buying Organic?

5 Best High CBD Strains For Relaxation And Pain Relief

What makes an efficient high CBD strain? Other than a high CBD concentration, of course, the quality and quantity of terpenes and cannabinoids can make or break an artisan hemp flower. Along with tasting great, these aspects also contribute to inducing the entourage effect and promoting relaxation of the body and mind.

Typically, indica strains are best recommended for high pain relief and relaxation. Their properties can produce a mental and body relaxation that also calms the mind. Additionally—because they usually contain more CBD—they’re also better suited at relieving pain and inflammation. However, certain strains of hybrid and sativa hemp flowers can also contain these qualities.

Below are the 5 best high CBD strains for pain relief or overall relaxation.

  1. Sapphire

Sapphire is a great high CBD strain for relaxation, unwinding, and getting a hit of chill. As an indica-dominant hybrid strain, it contains a high amount of CBD which is perfect for knocking out both pain and stress.

Fans of Sapphire have noted this organic CBD nug as providing feelings of head and body relaxation, mental focus, euphoria, and improved mood. It’s an exceptionally smooth flower that’s great for chilling out with after a long stressful day.

We best recommend this flower for CBD novices due to its unique smoothness and easy-going taste: gassy notes with hints of sweet toffee. 

2. Green Dream

For an organic CBD nug specialized for daytime relaxation, Green Dream is another great option. As a sativa strain, it doesn’t have the CBD concentration of its indica counterparts, but makes up for it with quality terpenes and cannabinoids which promote the entourage effect.

Green Dream is best situated for mental relaxation over body relaxation, as its effects include mood enhancement, stress reduction, mental calmness, and overall fun and pleasure. As such, it makes for a great midday smoke to relieve anxiety—or for better enjoying daytime activities. 

We best recommend this organic CBD nug for those who want to relax mentally throughout the day. It makes a great medicinal alternative for treating anxiety and depression by uplifting mood. The terpene profile also tastes great with a fruity, gassy papaya aroma.

3. Immortal 

Immortal is an elegantly balanced hybrid strain (slightly indica-dominant) that can help you quickly unwind, destress, and sleep well. We also easily recommend this nug best overall for its quick-acting pain relief properties.

As a hybrid strain, this nug offers properties of both sativas and indicas. While it isn’t overly energizing, it won’t bog you down, neither. Instead it strikes that perfect mixture of relaxation and calmness that makes it a viable day or nighttime smoke. It also works well as a somewhat mild sleeping aid.

The best part about this high CBD strain is its taste: sweet grape jam. Terpene profiles like Immortal’s are rare and exotic, and this one’s is completely exclusive to DLO.

4. Lavender

Interested in an extremely rare and exotic type of organic CBD nugs? Compared to high CBD strains, high CBG strains are even more top shelf and effective for treating pain and inflammation. One of these rare CBG strains: Lavender CBG.

CBG is another cannabinoid present in hemp and cannabis. Unlike CBD (a major cannabinoid), CBG is a minor cannabinoid—meaning that it’s less abundant naturally compared to CBD or THC. Just like artisan hemp, strains high in CBG have to be specially bred and cultivated, making them extremely rare and difficult to find on the market.

While similar to CBD as far as relaxation goes, CBG is also considered more effective for inflammation. Some smokers would even argue that it’s better than CBD for pain relief, although this may go down as a personal preference. 

Lavender has one of the highest concentrations of CBG at a whopping 14%. It’s also reminiscent of the cannabis strain "Forbidden Fruit" in phenotype and is sativa structured. It’s mild in effects, but offers a strong sense of calming and pain reduction. Additionally, this makes Lavender an effective strain for anxiety relief as well. 

And of course, as the name suggests, the terpene profile is uniquely exotic with a citrusy, lavender overtone.

5. Kimbo Kush

Lastly, for a hard-hitting high CBD strain, look no further than Kimbo Kush.

Kimbo Kush—named after the OG cannabis strain of the same name as well as the late MMA star Kimbo Slice—is one of the strongest high CBD strains on the market at 17% CBD. 

As a potent indica strain, Kimbo Kush excels at delivering unmatched relaxation and pain relief. A few quick hits and you’ll feel your stress and pain melt away. It’s also incredibly high in THCA, which helps to induce mental relaxation as well as the entourage effect. 

Because Kimbo Kush is such a high CBD strain, we recommend it as an evening smoke. If you do smoke it during the day, we recommend pairing it with a caffeinated beverage like coffee or tea to keep you going. It pairs especially well with coffee, since its terpene profile gives it a unique vanilla coffee flavor with hints of gas.

Final Thoughts On High CBD Strains

Artisan hemp is one of nature’s most unique gifts. Organic CBD nugs are especially cultivated to deliver effective relaxation and pain relief without the THC high. 

High CBD strains like the ones we listed above are exclusive to premium hemp companies like Dreamland Organics. We at DLO are passionate hemp growers, and so all our organic CBD nugs are grown in living soil and natural Oregon sunlight. 

Still not sure which high CBD strain is right for you? Try a nug sampler pack, which allows you to try a variety of organic CBD nugs for a discounted price. 

Stay blessed.

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