3 Best CBD Strains For Anxiety

The Best CBD Strains For Anxiety


Medicinal Cannabis Strains Or Hemp CBD Strains For Anxiety Treatment? 

If you suffer from anxiety, you may have considered using CBD as a source of treatment. But what are the best CBD strains for anxiety

In recent years, medicinal cannabis has been a popular option for treating anxiety disorders. However—as seen in a report published by the University of Washington—large doses of THC within cannabis can actually increase levels of anxiety. This is because THC is psychoactive, which can negatively impact the brain’s ability to process fear and anxiety at doses of just 12.5mg. Conversely, the report also found that CBD itself at all doses is exceedingly beneficial at decreasing levels of stress and anxiety. 

Unfortunately, even cannabis strains high in CBD often contain high concentrations of THC as well. Although both cannabinoids are enjoyable in their own ways, high THC strains can be detrimental for those suffering from anxiety disorders. 

Thankfully, though, there’s a solution. Craft hemp flowers grown to replicate the phenotype and characteristics of cannabis contain high concentrations of CBD without any THC or related high. This makes CBD flower anxiety treatment a great alternative to traditional cannabis.

What Is CBD Flower (AKA Artisan Hemp)?

CBD flower simply refers to the buds trimmed off of artisan hemp. As mentioned above, this type of hemp is grown to replicate the phenotype of marijuana plants without the THC. This is done by using organic processes such as selective breeding to create a genotype of low THC, high CBD flower for anxiety treatment and other medicinal uses.

In short, artisan hemp can be smoked and tastes like cannabis—just without the high. Don’t confuse artisan hemp with industrial hemp, though, as industrial hemp contains less CBD and has subpar flavor and smoothness compared to CBD flower. 

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Advantages of CBD Flower For Anxiety Treatment

The biggest advantage of CBD flower for anxiety treatment is the high concentration of CBD within each flower. Whereas industrial hemp or cannabis can have up to 2% or 3% CBD, artisan typically contains 12% to 17% CBD. 

CBD helps treat anxiety by interacting with the cannabinoid receptors of the nervous system. This in turn can help the body relieve anxiety and stress by inducing a calming effect.

 Additionally, CBD may also help raise serotonin levels in the brain, which helps reduce both anxiety and depression. 

CBD isn’t the only thing that makes artisan hemp optimal for treating anxiety. Another advantage is the minor cannabinoids present within a CBD flower. For anxiety treatment, cannabinoids like CBG, CBC, and CBN can also help. 

Not to mention, artisan hemp has a high number of premium terpenes—making for a tasty smoke session! Let's take a closer look at the best CBD strains for anxiety and where to find these hemp flowers for sale online.

Top 3 Best CBD Strains For Anxiety

If you’re interested in using exotic CBD flower for anxiety, then it can sometimes prove to be difficult to find top shelf hemp. 

We consider artisan hemp to be top shelf if: 

  1. It’s full spectrum

  2. It’s organic

  3. Full of good quality, tasty terpenes

What do we mean by full spectrum and organic? Well, full spectrum means that a CBD flower contains all the natural cannabinoids (such as a high concentration of CBD, CBG, etc) as well as natural terpenes. Both of these help to encourage the entourage effect: a heightened and enhanced feeling of relaxation and anxiety relief. However, the benefits of these terpenes also rely on their quality and the organicness of the hemp itself. 

Additionally, artisan hemp should always be organic—so made without the use of chemical pesticides, fertilizers, or additives. These chemical elements are usually toxic, make their way into your lungs in trace amounts, and can cause cancers and numerous health conditions with prolonged use. 

Unfortunately, many industrial hemp farms market their hemp as “artisan” and “organic” while relying on chemical processes. Several of these farms will also add artificial flavoring to replicate natural terpenes. 

In order to make your search for top shelf hemp easier, we’ve compiled our list of the best 3 CBD strains for anxiety and their effects.

  1. Best Strain For Daytime Use And Mood Enhancement

Tropical Dream is one of the best sativa CBD strains for anxiety due to its ability to both uplift and relax the mind. As such, it’s also a great recommendation for midday smoke sessions. The genetics of this flower combine to have your mind be as clear and calm as a trip in the Bahamas.

At 15% CBD, Tropical Dream has an incredibly high concentration of CBD for a sativa hemp flower. This is because Tropical Dream is a sativa-structured hybrid that combines the high CBD concentration indicative of indica strains with the uplifting, energizing properties of sativa. As a result, this flower is great for reducing anxiety without bogging you down or making you too sleepy. 

Sativa strains in general are known for their ability to enhance mood and give a boost of energy and productivity. They’re also known to be good for improving focus and mental clarity. All of these attributes combine to make Tropical Dream a great CBD flower for anxiety treatment during the daytime—as well as for treating depression and neurological disorders.

The effects of this CBD nug will have you feeling calm, productive, and free of anxious or troubled thoughts. And, as the name would imply, it also has a sweet, tropical-tasting terpene profile. 

  1. Best High CBD Strain For Nighttime Use

Kimbo Kush, comparatively, is the best CBD strain for anxiety treatment during the evening or night. Named after the hard-hitting, late MMA star Kimbo Slice—as well as reminiscent of the OG cannabis strain by the same name—this CBD flower packs a hard punch of CBD potency at 17%.

At such a high CBD concentration, Kimbo Kush is one of the most effective CBD strains for anxiety treatment available on the market. As an indica strain, it is especially relaxing. As such, we don’t recommend medicating without it throughout the day unless you pair it with a caffeinated drink like coffee or tea. 

Because Kimbo Kush is effective at aiding in sleep, it also helps for those suffering from insomnia—especially if caused by anxious or worrisome thoughts. It’s great at clearing the mind and causing a feeling of full-body relaxation. 

Additionally, this flower also contains high amounts of THCA and CBGA. In short, these cannabinoids will help induce the entourage effect when smoked. Or, it can also be used to make tasty yet potent CBD edibles such as cookies.

Overall, Kimbo Kush is a well-rounded CBD strain anxiety relief, relaxation, and help sleeping. It offers feelings of euphoria and a nice warm body buzz. It also has an earthy, gassy-vanilla taste that pairs great with chocolate or coffee.

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  1. Best High CBG Strain 

Looking for something a little different yet still terrific for treating anxiety? Then perhaps a high CBG flower—like Lavender—is what you’ve been looking for.

Cannabigerol (CBG) is another cannabinoid found within artisan hemp, similar to CBD. Unlike CBD, though, CBG is a minor cannabinoid. This means that CBG is less present in hemp flowers, and so hemp has to be specially bred to include high concentrations of it. This makes Lavender an exceedingly rare and exotic CBD flower. 

CBG also interacts with the cannabinoid receptors of the brain similar to CBD. Many smokers even claim that CBG is better for treating anxiety, inflammation, and pain. It’s similar to CBD in its therapeutic effects, but isn’t quite as overtly tiring or inducing sleepiness.

Lavender has a mild effect compared to other hemp flowers like Kimbo Kush. But it’s still effective at reducing stress/anxiety, promoting relaxation, and improving mood and mental serenity. And, as the name suggests, it smells florally like lavender.

Alternatively, Lavender is also sold as a pre-packed flower joint—making it easier to medicate while on the go.

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Final Thoughts On CBD Flower For Anxiety

If you’re looking for a great CBD flower for anxiety treatment, then hopefully now you have a bigger selection of top shelf hemp to choose from. 

The best CBD strains for anxiety, pain, or even general relaxation are always made organically with natural processes. Here at Dreamland Organics, we’re passionate about growing only top shelf, premium hemp and CBD flowers. Each strain we’ve listed is grown in living soil and natural sunlight before being trimmed and glass cured for at least 60 days. 

Still not sure what hemp product is best for you? Try taking a look at our bundle deals, and you can try a little bit of everything for a discounted price.

Stay blessed.

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