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The Best Sativa CBD Strains

Sativa CBD flowers are the most organic and natural way to derive the uplifting and energizing benefits of CBD. Although all craft hemp flowers are useful for optimizing the benefits of CBD naturally and without the THC high, sativa CBD strains are best utilized for those suffering from anxiety, depression, and lethargy—or for those who simply want a little energetic boost throughout the day.

In this blog post, we’re going to go over the benefits of organic sativa CBD flowers. We’ll also share our top three strain picks based on desired benefits and personal tastes.

But First, Why Craft Hemp Flowers?

We already mentioned this in our latest blog covering indica CBD flowers, but to reiterate, the main advantage of craft hemp flowers is that they offer the medicinal and therapeutic properties of CBD without the THC high. They’re also more organic and natural than many of the other types of CBD products on the market.

Part of the issue with medical marijuana is that many who want the properties of CBD have to either suffer through the THC high or resort to using expensive CBD isolates. However, craft hemp flowers don’t contain any THC (or at least not enough to feel the effects). Because of this, craft hemp flowers are legal under the 2018 US Farm Bill, making them more accessible to those who need them. 

On top of that, they also contain higher concentrations of CBD and other minor cannabinoids like CBG than traditional cannabis plants do. This makes it an effective and convenient way to ingest CBD. 

Craft hemp flowers are the best solution for those who want to ingest CBD naturally, organically, and without the side effects of THC. 

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Why Sativa CBD?


As opposed to indica strains, sativa CBD strains prioritize mental focus, energy, and productivity over relaxation or pain relief. Consequently, sativa strains are usually the better day-smokers. Though, they do share some similarities with indica strains—namely their ability to uplift and improve mood.

Sativa CBD flowers are best suited for those who want a bit of an energy boost throughout the day. They can subsequently improve focus and productivity, which is good for busy bodies who want to relieve stress and anxiety naturally while still completing their daily tasks. 

As a general rule, sativas typically have less CBD than their indica counterparts. Although the terpenes and minor cannabinoids mixed in can still improve mood and cause mental relaxation, the lower concentrations of CBD can prevent you from getting too bogged down during the day. 

Sativa CBD strains generally improve creativity as well as productivity; they stimulate the mind while simultaneously boosting energy. As such, they’re a great option for creative types like writers, artists, musicians, and so on.

To make your sativa CBD flower search a little easier, below are three of the best sativa strains for your personal needs and preferences.

The 3 Best Sativa CBD Flower Strains

  1. Green Dream: Best Sativa CBD Flower For Beginners

Green Dream is one of our most popular strains of sativa CBD. This is partly because it’s a mild, easy-going sativa strain that’s smooth and full of tasty terpenes. Consequently, it’s one of the best sativa CBD flowers for people who are new to smoking craft hemp flowers or for those smoking sativa for the first time.

As craft hemp flowers go, this one is neither too energetic nor too powerful. It’s effective at easing anxiety, mild pain, depression, and uplifting your mood without slowing you down. This is why we consider one of the best beginner CBD strains overall, since it gives a little bit of everything but isn’t overly potent. As such, it’s a great day and evening smoke.

Green Dream is a good beginner smoke because it has light amounts of CBD, which is indicative of typical sativa strains. However, it is also packed with a special terpene called terpinolene—which is what gives it its potent sativa properties and unique taste. Organic craft hemp flowers high in this terpene are rare, which makes this exclusive sativa CBD strain even more special.

Another reason it’s a great beginner’s strain is because it’s so smooth and tasty. The terpene profile is tropical with fruity notes of papaya and gassy undertones. 

  1. Eden: Best Sativa CBD Strain For Anxiety And Depression

Eden is one of the most popular sativa CBD flowers available on the market. Why? Because it’s tasty, uplifting, and mentally calming. 

This sativa CBD flower is best suited for those who want to treat depression and/or anxiety during the daytime while receiving the energizing benefits of CBD. This is because Eden prioritizes mood enhancement and has higher amounts of CBD than most sativa strains. The high concentration of CBD mixed with the sativa CBD properties simultaneously takes away stress and anxiety while boosting mood and energy.

Because it has higher amounts of CBD than other sativa strains, it’s also a good strain for mild pain relief. CBD interacts with the cannabinoid receptors in the brain and body, of which some are responsible for sending out feelings of pain; CBD can block or interfere with these pain signals, numbing physical pain. 

Unfortunately, high CBD concentrations used to treat pain can also make you feel sleepy or tire you down. However, since Eden is a sativa CBD strain, this can help counteract the CBD from bogging you down.

The terpene profile is a funky floral aroma with hints of cheesiness and skunkiness. 

  1. Epic Sunrise: Best Craft Hemp Flower Overall For Energy And Productivity-Boosting

Looking to get energized, creative, or productive in order to seize the day? Well, Epic Sunrise has you covered.

Similarly to Eden, Epic Sunrise has higher amounts of CBD than most sativa strains. This makes it a similarly great craft hemp flower for pain relief (technically, all craft hemp flowers are in some minor way or another).

However, where Epic Sunrise differs from Eden is in its unique boost of mental focus and energy. Equally important, it’s also a great flower for increasing creativity and stimulating positive and creative thoughts. It’s one of the best craft hemp flowers overall for those looking for a boost of productivity, whether during the day at work, with friends, or while completing creative hobbies like writing, music, or artistic pursuits. 

Because it’s a sativa CBD strain, Epic Sunrise is usually smoked throughout the day. However, it can still be used in the evening as a way to help destress—particularly in the case of having leisurely fun. 

The terpene profile is citrusy like blueberry lemonade. It also has earthy undertones.

Final Thoughts On Sativa CBD Strains

Craft hemp flowers are the best and most organic way to ingest CBD without the THC high. Likewise, sativa CBD flowers are uniquely situated to help energize and boost productivity and creativity. By stimulating the mind, they offer great daytime attributes and are great at treating anxiety in particular.

We at Dreamland Organics have been growing craft hemp flowers for over ten years. Our mission: provide the best and most organic hemp flowers at a reasonable rate. We’re passionate about growing healthy organic flowers, and all our craft hemp flowers are grown outdoors in natural sunlight and living soil—and without synthetic pesticides or fertilizers. 

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Stay blessed.

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