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5 Reasons To Buy Organic CBD Nugs Online

Looking to relieve pain, depression, anxiety, or inflammation? Or perhaps you’re just looking to relax in general? 

If so, then organic CBD nugs are for you.

What Are CBD Nugs?

Organic CBD nugs—also called craft hemp flower— is simply the buds of hemp plants. This is similar to traditional cannabis with one major difference: CBD nugs don’t contain THC, AKA the chemical element which makes its user high. As such, CBD nugs aren’t intoxicating and don’t cause the adverse symptoms associated with weed.

Additionally, craft hemp flower also contains higher concentrations of CBD, the cannabinoid which relaxes you and offers medicinal benefits typical of medical marijuana.

For many, CBD nugs are a lifesaver. They offer the medicinal, therapeutic, and relaxing benefits of medical marijuana without the high or adverse effects.

If you aren’t already convinced on the powerful benefits of CBD and craft hemp flowers, then continue reading to see five more reasons why you should buy.

Reasons To Buy Organic CBD Nugs

  1. Organic CBD Nugs Don’t Contain THC

It was mentioned earlier but it’s important enough to note that CBD nugs don’t contain THC. Thus, they cannot make you high. 

Although there isn’t anything wrong with smoking traditional cannabis for its THC qualities, it does present two drawbacks. One major drawback is the legality of it; cannabis is still illegal recreationally in 29 states and medically in 13. As a consequence, most people in these states looking to utilize the effects of CBD are forced to rely on CBD isolates. 

Thankfully, purely organic hemp flower doesn't contain enough THC to be classified as cannabis. This means that craft hemp flowers are legal on a federal level—though, exact legislation can vary by state.

The other major drawback of medical marijuana with THC is the adverse effects. THC can cause adverse side effects such as: 

  • Headaches

  • Cottonmouth

  • Burning eyes

  • Drowsiness

  • Other similar symptoms

Although these effects vary from person to person—especially depending on tolerance and experience—they can also be a turn off for those new to smoking CBD.

Organic CBD nugs don’t have these adverse effects. As such, they’re a great alternative to traditional marijuana for newcomers who solely want the medicinal benefits of CBD. 

  1. CBD Is Great For Chronic Pain And Inflammation

One of the best benefits of smoking CBD nugs is that it’s great for treating chronic pain.

CBD interacts with the cannabinoid receptors of the body, mostly found in the central nervous system (CB1 receptors) and peripheral nervous system (CB2 receptors). The CB1 receptors are responsible for our perceptions of pain; by consuming CBD, you can reduce the pain signals that your brain sends.

CBD has also been proven to reduce inflammation. This is especially helpful with conditions such as arthritis. 

The medicational benefits of CBD nugs don’t stop here, however. They’re equally effective at reducing pain and symptoms associated with physical health conditions like:

  • Cancers

  • Epileptic Seizures

  • Muscle soreness

  • Migraines

  • Autoimmune diseases

  • And many more

Keep in mind, though, that the effectiveness of CBD can vary by strain and person. It often takes a bit of experimenting in order to find the right CBD strain for your personal ailment. 

For most mild pain symptoms, we recommend an easy-going strain like Dream Fuel. As a hybrid strain, it isn’t too potent and can usually be taken during the day. 

For more painful types of chronic pain, we recommend a heavy-hitting indica strain like Kimbo Kush.

  1. CBD Is Great For Depression And Anxiety

The other main medicinal benefit of organic CBD nugs is the mental benefit. This benefit is one of the biggest reasons that people use CBD in order to help reduce feelings of anxiety and depression. 

The CB1 receptors mentioned earlier are partially responsible for our emotional and mental responses to CBD. Taking CBD can help regulate mood, uplift spirits, and decrease stress. They may also provide a boost of energy and focus. These effects in turn can reduce feelings of depression and anxiety. 

For anxiety, we best recommend a light sativa strain like Eden. Strains high in CBG such as Lavender are also a great option. Both strains can help calm an anxious mind without making one too sleepy.

For depression, we best recommend a calming indica dominant hybrid strain like Immortal. This strain isn’t overly potent like Kimbo Kush, but will still provide a relaxing feeling; it’s great as an evening smoke.

  1. CBD Nugs Are Great Sleeping Aids And General Relaxers

So far we’ve covered many of the medicinal benefits of CBD nugs. However, these flowers aren’t just limited to those suffering from physical or mental ailments. They’re also a great way to relax in general. 

After a long day of work or play, there’s no better pleasure in life than putting your feet up and smoking a bowl of CBD flower. CBD nugs are great at relaxing in general, because of the effects mentioned earlier such as calm thoughts and stress relief. 

Similarly, due to their relaxing qualities, CBD nugs serve as excellent sleeping aids. Not only will they relax you, but they also make it easier to fall asleep and keep your mind from running when it’s time for shuteye. As such, CBD nugs are definitely recommended for those 

Indica strains are the best CBD flowers for those wanting to relax in the evening. Strains like Immortal and Blue Diamond are great for general relaxation and to assist in sleeping. Though, if you suffer from moderate to severe insomnia we recommend high CBD strains such as Kimbo Kush.

The same way that CBD nugs can help you relax, though, they can also help you get energized during the day. Sativa strains in particular are useful at giving a boost of energy along with some mental serenity. Most sativa strains emphasize energy, productivity, and mental focus. 

For some productivity and an energy boost, we would definitely recommend a low concentration CBD nug such as Green Dream.

  1. They Taste Great, Too

Although it’s arguably not as important as the other four reasons, smoking organic CBD nugs are aromatically pleasing.

A lot of the pleasure derived from smoking CBD nugs comes from their wonderful and diverse flavors. These flavors can range from earthy to skunky to fruity to gassy. Sativa strains tend to be more earthy and skunky in nature, while indicas are typically a little sweeter and citrusy. Hybrids consequently can have a multitude of unique flavors—we even have one that tastes like grape jam. 

But how do you know which CBD nugs taste best? Well, a lot of that comes down to personal preference. In this case it’s important to experiment. However, it’s also safe to assume that organic nugs usually taste better. 

Why does organic taste better? Simply put, organic CBD nugs aren’t grown using chemical fertilizers or pesticides. These chemicals aren’t just toxic but can also negatively impact a nug’s flavor and aroma. CBD nugs grown using synthetic fertilizers and pesticides tend to often be more sour, bitter, and harsher than organic ones. 

Final Thoughts

If you’re interested in the benefits of CBD, then craft hemp flowers are a great option. Organic CBD nugs allow you to ingest your CBD easily and conveniently the same way you would smoke traditional cannabis. 

The best CBD nugs are always organic. Here at Dreamland Organics, we have been growing craft hemp flower for over ten years. All of our flowers are grown organically in natural sunlight and living soil. Likewise, they also all contain high amounts of CBD and are full of natural, tasty terpenes and minor cannabinoids. 

Not interested in smoking CBD? Take a look at our MCT CBD oil for an easy alternative.

Stay blessed.

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