Top Indica CBD Flower Strains To Buy Online | Indica Craft Hemp Flower

Top Indica CBD Flower Strains To Buy Online | Indica Craft Hemp Flowers

Indica CBD flower is the best way to utilize the benefits and relaxation qualities of CBD. Indica strains offer the best benefits for those looking to relieve pain, depression, and anxiety—or for those who simply just want to relax and chill out with some tasty craft hemp flowers.

In this blog post, we’re going to discuss the benefits of indica CBD as well as what the best indica CBD flowers are based on needs, hemp smoking experience, and personal preferences. 

But First, Why Craft Hemp Flowers?

Part of the push towards the legalization of medical and recreational marijuana was due in part to the medicinal benefits of CBD. 

Unfortunately in the past, the only way to get the benefits of CBD was to smoke cannabis or medical marijuana. As a consequence, those who smoked cannabis also got high off of THC. Although there’s nothing wrong with that per se, many who like CBD and want its benefits don’t like the effects of THC. 

For those who wanted CBD without THC, the only solution was to consume CBD isolates. At least, that was the case until the invention of craft hemp flowers.

Craft hemp flowers are similar to cannabis, except for the fact that they contain high concentrations of CBD and only trace amounts of THC—trace enough that you don’t feel their effects. They’re also considered legal on a federal level, making craft hemp flowers more easily accessible to those who need them.

They also contain the natural terpenes and minor cannabinoids indicative of traditional cannabis. What this means is that they’re typically more potent and effective than regular CBD isolates. They’re also cheaper to produce than isolates, and, consequently, cheaper to buy online from e-commerce sites. 

In short, craft hemp flowers are more natural, organic, have more terpenes and are more effective than other CBD alternatives. 

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Why Indica CBD?


So if you’re convinced on craft hemp flowers, then the only question that remains is whether to use sativa or indica CBD strains. 

We already covered this in various blog posts, but to paraphrase, the main difference is that usually indica CBD flowers are more relaxing whereas sativa CBD flowers are more energizing and productivity-boosting. Though, this can vary between strain and person.

Indica CBD flowers are typically the better of the two when it comes to pain relief, battling mental disorders, and encouraging physical and mental relaxation. They’re best recommended as an evening smoke, something to help you unwind after work and before bed. 

To make your indica flower search a little easier, below are three of the best indica CBD flower strains for your personal needs and preferences.

The 3 Best Indica CBD Flower Strains

  1. Sheeba: Best Indica CBD Flower For Beginners

New to smoking craft hemp flowers? Sheeba is the best indica flower strain for novice CBD smokers due to its more mellow potency, tasty terpenes, and smoothness.

Most indicas have high concentrations of CBD. For those new to smoking craft hemp flowers, high concentrations of CBD can sometimes induce slight drowsiness since there isn’t any previous tolerance built up. Many who smoke them for the first time may feel a little sleepier than they want. 

This is why Sheeba makes for a great beginner smoker. It’s a little lighter than most indica CBD flowers at 11% CBD concentration—instead putting more emphasis on taste, flavor, and terpene quality. Since it’s not too heavy, it can be smoked during the day as well as the evening. 

Sheeba is especially good at giving minor feelings of euphoria. As such, it’s a great mood-enhancer. The terpene profile is sweet and slightly minty like berry-flavored candy. It’s an exceptionally smooth CBD flower that’s good for relaxing, calming the mind, relieving stress and anxiety.

  1. Dream Fuel: Best Indica CBD Flower For Depression And Anxiety

Dream Fuel is one of the best indica CBD flowers for depression and anxiety. It’s a relaxing craft hemp flower that also puts emphasis on improving mood and mental focus. 

As an indica CBD flower, Dream Fuel is very relaxing. While it takes the edge off, it also improves mental clarity and focus, meaning that it isn’t overly drowsy to the point that it would make you fall asleep. That makes it a great option for those dealing with depression or anxiety. 

Dream Fuel is best recommended as an evening smoke, but since it isn’t too powerful it can also be smoked during the day. This is especially helpful for anxiety, because you can medicate as needed throughout the day.

Dream Fuel is also one of the best craft hemp flowers for general relaxation, physical and mental. Combined with its mood-enhancing properties, it’s good for depression as well as unwinding during or at the end of the day. Its emphasis on mental focus will also help keep your mind occupied, instead of drifting towards anxious or negative thoughts. 

We describe its terpene profile as “a gas leak at a smoothie shop.” It has strong notes of sweet diesel mixed with fruity, mango-like undertones. 

  1. Kimbo Kush: Best Craft Hemp Flower For Severe Pain And Sleep

Named after the late MMA star Kimbo Slice, Kimbo Kush is the best indica CBD flower for combating severe chronic pain. It’s also a great hemp flower to use as a sleeping aid due to its powerful CBD effects. 

The reason that Kimbo Kush is such a powerful indica strain is because it has some of the highest CBD concentrations on the market: 17%. Mix this with its potent and flavorful terpenes and you have one heavy-hitting indica CBD flower. 

Because of its CBD potency, Kimbo Kush is great for dealing with chronic pain. CBD interacts with the cannabinoid receptors within the brain, including some which are partly responsible for feelings of pain. By smoking a craft hemp flower high in CBD, these pain signals can be blocked/reduced and numb physical pain. That’s why high CBD indica strains like Kimbo Kush are so effective. 

As a byproduct, CBD can also make you sleepy. So Kimbo Kush is also recommended for those looking for a natural sleeping aid—especially those suffering from insomnia. Because of this, we recommend Kimbo Kush as an evening-only smoke. If you do smoke it during the day, it’s recommended to pair it with a caffeinated drink like coffee or tea.

The terpene profile is also unique: vanilla coffee with high gassy overtones. 

Final Thoughts On Indica CBD Flower

Craft hemp flowers are an enjoyable and natural way to get the benefits of CBD—without the THC high. Likewise, indica CBD flowers are incredibly potent and better at targeting the benefits of pain relief, relaxation, and sleeping aid.

Here at Dreamland Organics, we’ve been growing and cultivating craft hemp flowers for over ten years. So we know a thing or two about growing quality, all organic flowers. All our hemp flowers are grown outside in natural sunlight and living soil, and without the use of chemically synthetic fertilizers or pesticides. If you want to read another blog on what makes "top shelf CBD flower", "top shelf", click the link.

Stay blessed.

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