Benefits Of Hemp Flower For Work Performance

The Benefits Of Hemp Flower For Work Performance

benefits of hemp flower at work

When people think about taking a “smoke break” at work, one normally thinks of a tobacco cigarette. With tobacco use declining and hemp flower use increasing, we thought we would talk about the benefits of hemp flower at work, whether at home or in the office. We will go over the pros and cons and see if you might want to take a few pulls of CBD flower to help you focus and alleviate work stress or anxiety. A recent poll revealed that up to 60% of computer programmers have gotten “high” smoking cannabis while working. Do they know something we don’t? Let’s take a look.

CBD hemp flower seems to be a better option for smoking at work, as it is federally legal and won’t get you stoned, unlike traditional cannabis. In fact, many report that smoking hemp buds help them to focus and get more work done without wandering thoughts and mental distractions. Wondering what is the best hemp flower for energy? We suggest a good sativa hemp flower for that.

CBD flower is certainly a more healthy option for a “smoke break” when compared to cigarettes, so going forward, hemp pre rolls may replace tobacco in work culture and we think that is a step in the right direction. While this may not be comfortable for everyone and in every situation, as the stigma of cannabis remains and hemp flower is essentially low THC cannabis. You may get a look from your boss if you come back from lunch smelling like you were hanging out with Wiz Khalifa and Snoop Dogg, so let’s go over the benefits and possible drawbacks of smoking hemp buds while working.


People usually think of smoking cannabis, whether it be high THC, or hemp flower, as a recreational activity after work. But what about during the day? Can adding a few pulls actually help you complete more tasks?

In times past, nobody thought of smoking CBD flower at all, as it was traditionally used for extractions and grown industrially. Nowadays, the craft hemp flower market has grown and many ex-cannabis growers have entered the space and greatly increased the quality to craft levels, on par with craft cannabis. Our lead grower has been growing cannabis flower for years, long before CBD flower was “a thing”.

Today, it is hard to tell the difference between low THC hemp buds and your favorite cannabis strains, like Girl Scout Cookies, or Bubba Kush. That is great news for people who want to focus and alleviate stress, without getting completely stoned! Instead of getting sidetracked with psycho-activity in your brain, hemp buds can help you come back from lunch refreshed and ready to complete your tasks, pain and anxiety free.

CBD flowers have a multitude of health benefits, like reducing anxiety and relieving pain and inflammation. Smoking hemp flower, as opposed to taking tinctures or edibles, also has a benefit in regards to dosing. Ingestibles can take a long time to kick in and can be hard to properly dose. Smoking CBD has an almost immediate reaction, allowing you to smoke as much as you need. In addition, hemp buds contain many secondary cannabinoids, flavonoids, and terpenes, all of which  contribute to an increased therapeutic benefit, including the “entourage effect”.


As smokable hemp gains popularity, many cigarette smokers are getting curious about CBD. Case studies suggest tobacco smokers are one of the largest demographics interested in smoking CBD flower.

A recent study reported almost 30 percent of cigarette smokers said they’d like to try smokable hemp flowers. Interestingly, tobacco smokers are now 150% more likely to try a hemp pre-roll, versus the general American public.

While the demand for smokable CBD hemp flower is not denied, there is not enough data on whether these buds help with nicotine cravings. Despite this, we see enough evidence to believe this may in fact be the case.

One research study, out of the University College London, monitored CBD’s effects on a group of nicotine addicts. Half of the test group tried a CBD inhaler whenever they felt a desire to smoke and the other group used a placebo. Not surprisingly, the smokers in the CBD test group smoked 40% fewer cigarettes than those in the placebo group.

As a result, it  appears that the endocannabinoid system plays a role in nicotine addiction. It also leads one to believe that smoking CBD flower can actually curb cravings for cigarettes. That’s good news for those wanting to lower stress without intaking carcinogens present in tobacco. Organic hemp buds are a far more healthy way to de-stress, when compared with cigarettes. Now you can relax without damaging your health!


hemp nug

As many cannabis consumers have figured out, all strains are not created equally and do not all produce the same effects. Generally speaking, indicas are sleep inducing and may make one drowsy. Sativas, on the other hand, lean towards increasing energy. In fact, landrace strains in Jamaica, for example, are sativas and thus daytime smoking is used by workers for a quick boost. The truth is the benefits of hemp flower will vary from individual to individual and from hemp strain to hemp strain.

Though hemp flower strains aren’t as distinct as cannabis hybrids, there are some subtle differences between hemp cultivars. One should refer to our detailed strain descriptions before choosing the perfect hemp bud for you. You don’t want to smoke a hemp strain intended to help with insomnia right before that Friday board meeting!

Generally speaking, you’ll have better results smoking a sativa leaning hemp strain during the workday. Hybrid cultivars like Cannoli and Belladonna have an uplifting, calm effect that’s perfect when you need to ramp up workflow. Additionally, both of these hemp strains are high in the citrusy terpene limonene, which helps enhance one's mood.

This doesn’t necessarily mean indica strains are the wrong choice during the day, though they are usually more associated with relaxation and lethargy. This should be taken with a grain of salt however, as some indicas actually act more like sativas and vice versa. You will simply have to try out specific strains to see what works for you.

A great way to do this is by trying either our 2 or 5 gram hemp flower sampler pack. That way you can begin to learn how you react personally to different strains and terpene profiles. Different smokes for different folks, as we say. One person may get sleepy when smoking our Indica dominant strain, Immortal, while others may get a rush of energy. It really depends on the individual.


Though hemp flower is federally farm bill  legal, it could cause you to test positive, if your job drug tests you. That is why we cannot say that smoking CBD at work is right for everyone, nor can we promote work use outright. It is up to you to discern your situation and make an informed decision, as is true with all things in life.  Even though CBD flower only contains trace amounts of THC, it may be enough to trigger a positive test. Try explaining to your job that you don't actually get high and that it’s only hemp flower, which is legal. It’s going to be a sticky situation, pun intended, so partake with caution folks,

In that case, you may want to try our Lavender CBG flower, which actually has no detectable THC. That way you can smoke away without fear of a positive THC test result. Now, as for explaining why you smell like you just came back from a Grateful Dead concert, unfortunately we can’t help you with that. I’m sure you can come up with something though. Stay blessed dreamers, until next time…

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