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CBD KIef (1 gram) - Extracted From Organic Hemp Flower

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Our premium CBD kief is extracted from our top shelf CBD flower. Sure you can find cheap CBD kief extracted from industrial hemp farm and white label CBD companies, but why not try the best? When you buy CBD kief from a top shelf hemp flower co, you will notice a drastic difference in taste, smoothness and terpenes, or flavor.

Put some respect on your lungs and smoke the best CBD kief available online!

CBD kief is great for sprinkling on flower joints, or on top of bowls. You can a kick of both potency and flavor! This is the same CBD kief we add to our organic CBD flower pre rolls.

This is a one gram glass container of premium CBD kief containing 300 mg of CBD.  Kief is dry sifted trichomes from organic hemp flower. 

What are trichomes? 

Trichomes are the powerhouses of the hemp plant when it comes to cannabinoid production!  These little structures are the "frost" or "crystals" you see shimmering on that beautiful hemp flower.  The trichome is the plant structure where cannabinoids are synthesized. 

What Is CBD Kief?

CBD kief is the dry sifted trichomes extracted from our hemp buds. It is a solventless CBD extract. Our CBD Kief contains a much higher concentration of cannabinoids than our top shelf CBD flowers from which it is derived.  Now you can have them in their pure and simple form to sprinkle, dust, roll, or crown.  CBD Kief is a potent source of terpenes, CBD, CBG, and CBC. 

Contains less than 0.3% THC

If you want to learn more about CBD kief, please read our blog, "What Is CBD Kief".

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Inventory Last Updated: Oct 01, 2023