Will CBD Flower Ruin A Drug Test?

Will I Pass A Drug Test If I Smoke CBD Flower?

Many individuals choose CBD for physical and mental ailments because it is both safe and natural. The number of people smoking CBD flower grows by the day, as hemp-derived CBD products become legal in the United States. However, what effect does this have on drug testing? Will CBD flower ruin a drug test? It's a burning question for everyone.

In this post, we'll tackle that issue and whether or not CBD products can be used to treat anxiety. We'll discuss the advantages of CBD flower, distinct strain types, and the many terpenes in hemp flower.

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This is a good question to ask before getting into the nitty gritty of drug testing. CBD flowers are one of the four main components of the cannabis sativa/hemp plant. A stock, leaves, flower, and seeds are all parts of a fully developed hemp plant.

The actual flower buds have the greatest proportion of CBD in relation to the other three components.The flower is trimmed by hand after it has been bucked (cut off) to process the CBD flower.

You may purchase CBD hemp flower to smoke or produce your own CBD oil or butter with the hemp buds. The oil or butter may be used in culinary preparations, skincare formulations, or consumed straight. You are free to choose!


The problem is that most drug-testing laboratories can't detect CBD since it does not cause intoxication. So, to put things straight, you can't fail a drug test for CBD.

A urine drug test, on the other hand, looks for THC in your pee. Delta-9 THC or tetrahydrocannabinol is the psychotropic cannabinoid contained in the cannabis plant, and it's a cousin of CBD.

THC is present in tiny amounts in full-spectrum CBD products, like hemp flowers. On the other hand, CBD isolates and broad-spectrum extracts are THC-free. These are a better choice for those looking to avoid testing positive on a drug screening.

Unfortunately, even when use a THC-free CBD product, it is possible to obtain a false positive because not all drug tests are 100 percent accurate. The test may mistake CBD for THC, resulting in an incorrect result.

Aside from that, many variables may influence the outcome of your drug test result. The source of your CBD, the quantity you consume, how long you utilize it for, and other factors are all considered.

Also, there's the question of whether your product's label is correct. It may declare a THC level of zero percent, but you won't know for sure unless there is evidence such as a Certificate of Analysis (COA) from a third-party lab.

Until the FDA begins to regulate CBD product sales, there is no assurance that every business would act in good faith. This is why you should only purchase from a reputable company with a solid track record. A CBD company that uses a third-party testing firm is one that tests its goods for purity and safety. We'll get into this later in more depth.


CBD products with less than 0.3 percent THC have been made legal in the United States as of December 2018.Since then, employers all around the country have been trying to figure out how CBD might affect their required drug testing. Millions of employees are screened for drugs, so it's an important topic.

Countless people purchase and consume CBD derived from hemp in order to treat a variety of health issues. Many of these individuals use the products on a regular basis, if not several times throughout their day.

So, if you want to use CBD flower but are required to submit to random drug testing, what are your options?

You may use a detox treatment to get rid of THC from your body. If you want to know more about your company's substance-abuse program, you may also talk with your HR representative and request further information.

Please do what feels best for you, as always. We're simply offering ideas; we aren't providing actual legal guidance.

Furthermore, since more states legalize medical and recreational cannabis (33 now have), we believe that many employers will cease testing for THC.

Let's talk more about hemp flower, how it may make you feel, its advantages, and other key details after answering the question, "Will smoking CBD flower result in a failed drug test?"

Let's first address an issue that may be troubling you.


Despite the fact that hemp plants have a distinct chemical profile than their cannabis relatives, they do create numerous of the same cannabinoids as high THC cannabis. Hemp is a plant that contains numerous cannabinoids, including CBD (cannabidiol). It also creates CBG, CBC, CBN, and THC, namely delta 9 THC.

THC is the major cannabinoid produced by marijuana. Throughout time, marijuana has been selectively bred to generate high amounts of THC in order to appeal to both medical and recreational users.

However, industrial hemp has extremely low amounts of THC by legal definition. Hemp goods must meet the 0.3 percent THC limit set by federal law, according to the 2018 farm bill. Hemp plants must be tested to ensure that THC levels do not exceed this limit in the United States, where licensed hemp farmers are required to do so. Otherwise, they are not authorized to sell them in the open market.

THC is found in infinitesimal quantities in CBD flower, as cannabis contains both THC and CBD. The good news is, it is not enough to produce psychoactive effects.

hemp nugs

What are the effects of CBD Flower on your health? Is CBD Flower Beneficial to Your Health?

When you pick the finest CBD flower strain for yourself, yes, but it's a question of personal preference and need. Hawaiian Haze, Sour Space Candy, and Lifter are among the most popular strains on the market. CBD and other cannabinoids are present in varying amounts in each strain. At Dreamland Organics we choose to use our own craft hemp strains, not industrial hemp varieties. Our Eden and Immortal hemp strains are award winning and unique to us.

Our CBD strains also have their own distinct terpene profile, which provides the CBD flower's fragrance and taste. Terpenes have many therapeutic properties, similar to those provided by aromatherapy.

Here's a list of the most frequent hemp terpenes, as well as their scents:

Myrcene: The fragrance of myrcene is earthy and musky, with a touch of clove. Myrcenes' properties also evoke a sense of calm; studies suggest it might help people relax and fall asleep when they are having difficulty sleeping.

  • Caryophyllene: Caryophyllene has a distinct peppery, spicy scent and flavor that is readily recognized. It's no surprise caryophyllene is found in black pepper, oregano, cloves, basil, and rosemary since it produces the same aroma and taste.
  • Pinene: Pinene is named after its fragrance, which resembles the smell of pine: try smelling this terpene and you'll immediately recognize a familiar scent: pine. Alpha-pinene and beta-pinene are two forms of pinene. The terpene alpha-pinene is frequently discussed when it comes to cannabis. Pinene has been linked to alertness and attention. Pinene is also present in pine trees, needles, rosemary, dill, basil, parsley, and orange peels.
  • Linalool: Linalool is a major terpene in many cannabis cultivars, especially lavender. It has a floral scent, as you would expect from a lavender-based terpene. Surprisingly, it often conveys a hint of spice.Linalool is a terpene present in lavender that may help you relax. It's possible that linalool is the source of lavender's stress-relieving effects, and it might also help to decrease stress. It's also been suggested to be an immune-boosting terpene. Finally, during brief instances of sleeplessness, this terpene can help.
  • Limonene: Limonene is another well-named terpene that has a distinctive citrus scent. It's possible that it's no surprise that limonene is found in many different foods, as well as cleaning products and aromatherapy oils. It's also common in skincare products to enhance absorption via the epidermis.Limonene, in cannabis, is believed to help with stress and mood by adding a lift to the experience. Limonene can also be found in oranges, rosemary, juniper, peppermint, and various fruit rinds.
  • Humulene: Humulene is an aroma molecule produced by hops. It's present in significant amounts in the hops used during the brewing process, so beer drinkers are undoubtedly already aware of it. Humulene is found in hops at levels ranging from 20% to 50%, although it can also be found in cannabis plants. Humulene has a pungent, earthy, and woody aroma that is similar to that of hops and cannabis. Humulene can be found in coriander, cloves, and basil in addition to hops and cannabis.

Let's use Hawaiian Haze CBD Hemp Flower as an example. This strain's fragrance is sweet and has taste notes of pineapple and papaya, owing to its tropical terpene profile.

Users report uplifting effects while smoking hemp, making socializing enjoyable and simple. While others enjoy this strain at night since it is soothing and quieting. Overall, Hawaiian Haze has the potential to boost your happiness factor and make any anxiety go away.

This is one of the reasons why many people find smoking CBD for anxiety to be beneficial, since they get good results without any dangerous side effects. So, if someone asks you, "why should I smoke CBD flower," you'll have an answer.


Consider this before purchasing and smoking hemp flower. CBD is well tolerated by the majority of people, it is non-habit forming, and has few adverse effects. However, if you have existing respiratory issues, such as asthma or COPD, smoking CBD or Delta 8 Vapes may not be ideal. You may want to try a CBD oil to ingest.

We're not aware of any other circumstances like this. If you're taking any prescription drugs, please speak with your doctor.


You've decided to buy CBD hemp flower, but where should you get it from? There is no need to go anywhere. You may get CBD flower of exceptional quality and effectiveness from your computer, laptop, iPad or smartphone.

Keep the following points in mind while conducting your search.

Ideally, you'll want hemp flower that was produced in the United States, was tested by a third-party laboratory, and contains the effects and terpenes you want.

At Dreamland Organics hemp flower farms, we do not outsource our flower or CBD products. everything is grown on our nature reserve in central Oregon by master growers with over 20 years of experience! We conduct lab testing on all of our flower and provide information about the strain's effects and terpene profiles. We also have a lot of pleased clients who leave reviews on our site. See what others are saying about our organic CBD hemp flower. We have ALL 5 star ratings on both Google and Trust Pilot as well. With all the haters in the world today, that is no small feat!

Put Some Respect On Your Lungs!

Side note, our organic CBG flower has no detectable THC and may be a good choice for those that get drug tested. We can't promise you won't test positive, but this would be a safer bet.

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