Why Buy CBD Flower Online?

10 Reasons To Buy CBD Flower Online From DLO


Put Some Respect On Your Lungs With Organic CBD Nugs

Do you suffer from anxiety, depression, cancers, or any health disorder which may cause chronic pain? If so, then you have probably stumbled across this post while searching for organic CBD nugs. 

CBD flowers—AKA artisanal hemp buds, organic CBD nugs, or craft hemp flowers—have become an increasingly popular way to absorb CBD both healthily and organically. Cannabidiol (CBD) offers a variety of health benefits such as anti-cancer and anti-pain properties. Additionally, it’s also an all-around effective way to induce relaxation and decrease stress without the THC high or any intoxication.

Why Buy CBD Flower Online?


If you’re interested in using organic CBD nugs for their relaxation or medicinal properties, then the only question now is where to buy. Specifically, should you buy CBD flower online or at in-person dispensaries?

While in-person hemp and cannabis shops are convenient and easy to buy in most places, they also have various cons compared to online counterparts. Namely, most hemp flowers are industrial hemp, not artisan—meaning that they’re mass produced at low quality, lower CBD concentration, and typically grown inorganically. Additionally, many of the CBD strains that are marketed as artisan hemp tend to just be high CBD cannabis strains with moderate amounts of THC. 

Comparatively, if you wish to buy CBD flower online instead, there are a handful of significant advantages such as: 

  1. More options to browse, high quality or otherwise

  2. The ability to order organic CBD nugs where in-person dispensaries may not be available

  3. Better pricing due to low distribution costs

  4. The chance to verify the quality of your nugs before purchasing via research or reading other customer reviews

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10 Reasons To Buy CBD Flower Online From DLO

For truly organic CBD nugs, the best place to buy CBD flower online is Dreamland Organics. Here at DLO, we carefully and organically grow our artisan hemp to be potent, natural, and full of high quality terpenes and cannabinoids. 

Below are just 10 of the many reasons why DLO puts the art in artisan hemp flower.

  1. Quality Terpenes (And Flavor)

One thing that distinctly separates low quality hemp from top shelf hemp is the quantity and quality of terpenes. 

In short, terpenes are the compounds within organic CBD nugs that give them their unique flavors and aromas. Additionally, terpenes also help to promote the entourage effect: a heightened feeling of mind and body relaxation, calmness, and tranquility. 

Unfortunately, many CBD companies grow their nugs with cheap and inorganic processes that strip them of their terpenes. To make up for it, they’ll sometimes use artificial additives to create a better, yet inauthentic taste.

Conversely, we specially breed our organic CBD nugs to produce more and better terpenes for an even greater smoke experience. This is done by selectively breeding the CBD flowers with the best genotypes and by then growing them with organic processes that encourage premium terpenes. 

2. Exotic Cannabinoids

Similar to terpenes, our organic CBD nugs also contain highly exotic, premium cannabinoids. These chemical elements (such as CBD, CBG, CBN, etc) are what’s responsible for the potency and effects of any given nug. They also greatly contribute to the entourage effect mentioned earlier.

Our regular hemp nugs contain higher concentrations of CBD than most at between 12-16%. But we also have several strains high in CBG, CBC, CBN, THCA, CBGA, and so on. 

Cannabinoids—just like with terpenes—have to be specially bred and cultivated in order to be present in large amounts. Purely organic and high quality cultivations like these are indicative of a high quality artisan hemp company. 

At DLO, we’re transparent about our cannabinoid percentages. Each product has a certificate of analysis that shows which cannabinoid is present and at what concentration.

3. Rare And Exclusive Strains

By using premium terpenes and cannabinoids, top shelf hemp cultivators can also breed some unique and exotic CBD flowers. Several of such strains can be found exclusively at DLO.

Several CBD strains have phenotypes similar to OG cannabis strains—such as Eden (reminiscent of “The Chronic”) or Kimbo Kush

Meanwhile, other organic CBD nugs are bred to be highly concentrated of select minor cannabinoids. Lavender, for example, has one of the highest concentrations of CBG anywhere on the market. Because CBG is a minor cannabinoid, it is especially hard to selectively breed it into a high concentration. This makes exotic hemp strains like these exceptionally rare and equally difficult to find outside of premium specialty growers like DLO.

4. Careful Curing

Want an organic CBD nug with exceptional smoothness and taste? To judge the quality of a hemp flower, the first step is looking at the curing process. 

Long, precise curing methods are one of the biggest indicators of premium hemp. At DLO, we whole-plant hang our flowers at a constant 65°F (18.33°C) for 12 days. Meanwhile, the humidity is kept at a moist 55%. Then, after trimming our buds carefully by hand, we jar cure them for 60 days. 

This slow and cold curing process helps our hemp flowers to express the best terpene profile possible—optimizing flavor, moisture, and aroma for a smooth, easy-going smoke session. 

While other brands may cut corners on this process (particularly with the length of the jar curing), we cure our organic CBD nugs slowly and carefully to ensure a high quality, tasty product.

5. Living Soil

Soil type is also a big indicator of whether an organic CBD nug is top shelf or not. To put it simply, better soil equates to better hemp. 

We grow our organic CBD nugs using living soil: a soil type that is full of microbes that break down dead plant matter and recycle it back into the Earth. By using living soil, our hemp is more easily able to absorb nutrients while also combating erosion. It also adds more nitrogen into the ground for healthier flowers. We then add composted leaves, manure, or other forms of organic material to be broken down by the microbes and used to feed the hemp plants. 

By using living soil, we at DLO can optimize our artisan hemp to be healthy and full of terpenes. Comparatively, CBD flowers grown indoors at other companies often use dead soil with little nutrients. 

6. Grown In Natural Sunlight

Just as important as soil is sunlight. At DLO, all of our organic CBD nugs are grown using natural, Oregonian sunlight.

Most CBD companies online grow their hemp indoors. While this helps to keep away pests and insects, it comes at a cost. Most UV lights used for indoor nugs have a tendency to dry out hemp flowers and restrict terpene potential. That’s why we choose to grow our CBD nugs outside in natural sunlight and fresh air. 

Over the years, we’ve noticed that many organic CBD nugs just simply taste better when grown outdoors. Outdoor nugs exposed to clean air and bright sunlight are able to better optimize their terpene potential, making for tastier and smoother nugs. 

Additionally—because outdoor nugs grow faster—this also allows us to sell our hemp flowers for better prices.

7. Variety Of Alternative Products

Looking for an alternative to traditional CBD flowers? If you don’t want to inhale your CBD, then we at DLO have a number of alternatives, including:

  • MCT CBD Oil

  • CBD Salves

  • CBD Hash 

  • CBD Kief

CBD oils allow you to easily add a drop of MCT oil under your tongue or into a beverage to ingest CBD effortlessly and without having to inhale. Salves, meanwhile, can be applied topically to ease joint or muscle pain—or to moisturize your skin! 

And, although kief and hash can be smoked, they’re also very convenient for making tasty yet potent edibles such as CBD cookies.

8. Federally Legal

One of the best part of organic CBD nugs is their legality. All of the flower strains and associated products on the DLO website are in compliance with the 2018 US Farm Bill, because each strain contains less than 0.3% delta-9 THC. 

What does this mean? On a federal level, this makes organic CBD nugs completely legal. With such a low THC percentage, our strains are considered hemp rather than cannabis, even though they’re more similar to cannabis in phenotype. 

The end result: easily accessible, federally legal CBD that you can buy online. Although, we always recommend checking your local and state laws for any potential caveats.

9. Discounted Prices

Another reason to buy CBD flower online from DLO: discounted pricing.

Because we source all our organic CBD nugs ourselves and don’t use a distributor, we can ship artisan hemp straight from our farms to your front door. When buying hemp from an in-person dispensary, conversely, you have to pay the marked up price so that the dispensary can make a profit.

And, unlike many companies, we also sell wholesale to anyone—no complicated paperwork necessary. So if you own a dispensary yourself or are thinking about stocking up, you can make plenty of profit yourself using inexpensive, wholesale hemp.

Additionally, we also have CBD bundles for those who love a good deal.

10. No Artificial/Chemical Fertilizer, Pesticides, Or Additives

Finally, perhaps the most important factor when you go to buy CBD flower online is whether or not it’s organic.

Unfortunately, many cheap hemp companies will cut corners by using inorganic growing methods and additives. Chemical fertilizers, pesticides, and additives—although sometimes cheaper—often contain toxic chemicals that can make their way into your body in trace amounts. Over long-term exposure, these toxins can cause numerous adverse health conditions like cancers or neurological diseases.

The best CBD flowers are always organic—just like the ones we grow at DLO. Instead of chemicals, we use natural deterrents like ladybugs (which eat mites and other pests),  Earth-made fertilizers, and occasionally organic insecticides made with natural citric acids. This results in tasty, terpene-rich, and purely organic CBD nugs.

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Final Thoughts

If you’re looking to buy CBD flower online, then there’s no better place to shop than at DLO. 

We’re passionate about growing and cultivating only the most premium artisan hemp known to man. While other brands focus on quantity over quality with their CBD nugs, we take special care and attention to grow our hemp with passion. 

The only question left now is which organic CBD nug to try out first. If you’re a first-time consumer, then we recommend trying out a nug sampler pack—that way you can try a little bit of everything for a discounted price.

Stay blessed.

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