Where To Buy CBG Flower Online

Looking To Buy CBG Flower?

Unfortunately—because high CBG flower is a rare and exotic type of artisan hemp—many in-person dispensaries don’t carry it. And although e-commerce sites often specialize in selling niche and specific types of craft hemp flowers, many of these flowers are grown and mass produced cheaply, inorganically, and without any of the high quality terpenes or genetics indicative of true artisan hemp.

So, where do you go when you want to buy CBG flower online that’s organic, tasty, and full of high quality terpenes? 

The short answer is here at Dreamland Organics. But for the long answer, continue reading to see why the DLO brand of organic CBG flower leaves the other online hemp flower brands behind in smoke. 

What Is CBG Flower? 

Close-up view of Lavender CBG Flower by Dreamland Organics

As mentioned earlier, CBG flower is an exotic and specially grown version of artisan hemp flower. 

Artisan hemp flower (AKA craft hemp flower or CBD flower) is a type of organically grown hemp that is similar to cannabis but without the THC content. Instead, it emphasizes a high CBD concentration that allows you to relax, unwind, and enjoy the medicinal properties of CBD without getting high or intoxicated. This makes artisan hemp a great alternative to medicinal marijuana or traditionally prescribed pain medication—though they’re also great for relaxation and stress reduction in general. 

On the other hand, CBG flowers emphasize a high CBG concentration instead of CBD. Although they still maintain a high amount of CBD, they’re specially bred and grown to contain more CBG than typical hemp flowers.

Cannabigerol (CBG) is a rare and exotic minor cannabinoid within hemp that has similar effects to CBD. The main difference between the two is that CBG is more specialized to combat certain ailments and conditions, as well as being particularly pleasant to smoke and effective for relaxation. 

While most hemp and cannabis strains contain up to 1% CBG, a top shelf CBG flower can often contain up to 15%. Though, strains like these are often harder to find. 

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Benefits Of CBG Flower

Though similar to CBD, CBG is especially effective for things such as: 

  • Fighting cancer and slowing the spread of cancer cells

  • Reducing eye pressure caused by glaucoma 

  • Reducing stress and anxiety

  • Reducing inflammation and inflammatory bowel disease

  • Treating chronic pain

  • Treating Crohn's disease 

Though, these benefits are just a handful of the many that CBG offers. 

In addition to relieving pain and related symptoms, CBG also offers numerous therapeutic benefits such as relaxation, stress reduction, and antidepressant benefits. It’s particularly effective at relieving anxiety, because CBG binds with the CB1 receptors that can help enhance mood and relaxation while reducing stress.  

What Makes A CBG Flower Top Shelf? 

Just like any craft hemp flower, we at DLO measure the quality of CBG flower with the same metrics as CBD flower. 

There’s three simple attributes that define the quality of a CBD or CBG flower: 

  1. Concentration of CBD/CBG

  2. Terpenes And Minor Cannabinoids

  3. Organicness

With any CBD or CBG flower, the concentration of these cannabinoids makes a big difference. Although it sounds obvious, a lot of industrial hemp sold online will exaggerate the amount of CBD/CBG that’s in their hemp without specifying the percentage or by using a less-clear metric of measurement such as mg/g. 

A quality CBD or CBG flower will always specify the concentration as a percentage for clarity, and a standard craft hemp flower should always have at least 11-16% CBD to be truly top shelf. With CBG, though, it can vary a little more; a CBD flower high in CBG might have up to 4%, but artisan hemp marketed as CBG flower should still be in that 11-16% range. 

Equally as important as cannabinoid concentration is the concentration of other minor cannabinoids and terpenes. Although CBG is a minor cannabinoid (bred to be more prevalent than average), other minor cannabinoids like CBC or CBN can also make or break a CBG flower. Meanwhile, terpenes give CBG flowers their unique flavors and aromatic profiles. Without them, artisan hemp would be bland and flavorless. Both terpenes and cannabinoids play an active part in creating the distinct effects of a craft hemp flower’s effects, and the quality of these elements can make a flower top shelf. 

This is where the importance of full spectrum comes in. Full spectrum CBD and CBG flowers offer a combination of all naturally occurring cannabinoids and terpenes, as opposed to isolated oils or tinctures. 

Lastly, whether a CBG flower is organic or non-organic is perhaps the most important attribute of top shelf hemp. Unfortunately, the growing of artisan hemp has little to no regulation—meaning that farmers of non-organic hemp can cultivate using chemical pesticides or fertilizers that contain carcinogenic toxins. These carcinogens can make it into your lungs in trace amounts, causing long-term health conditions as well as cancers in the long run. 

To learn more about the dangers of non-organic CBD or CBG flowers, read our blog post: Organic CBD Nugs : Is It Worth Buying Organic?

Where To Buy The Best CBG Flower Online


In order to buy CBG flower online that meets all three of the mentioned criteria, it can sometimes seem a difficult task. Thankfully, there are a few online artisan hemp flower companies that sell quality CBG flowers. One of these companies is DLO. 

Here at DLO, we continue to cultivate artisan hemp flowers with an emphasis in quality. All of our artisan hemp strains are grown organically, contain high concentrations of CBD or CBG, and are packed with high quality terpenes for flavor and effect. 

Our recommendation for a high quality CBG flower: Lavender CBG

At 14% CBG, Lavender has one of the highest concentrations of CBG available on the market. This makes it an extremely rare and exotic artisan hemp flower exclusive to DLO. 

With its high concentration of CBG, Lavender is best used for those suffering from chronic pain and other types of afflictions as mentioned earlier. As a sativa-structured flower, it also gives a minor boost of energy and a heightened calming effect. Because of this, it’s one of our best recommended flowers for those suffering from anxiety. 

Looking to relax? Lavender is also great for unwinding at the end of a long day. Despite being slightly sativa-like, the CBG is also great for chilling out while you complete tasks or relax at home. And, as the name suggests, it smells like lavender.

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Final Thoughts On CBG Flower

Looking to buy CBG flower online? Although it can seem like a daunting task at first, there are a few reputable e-commerce sites like DLO that offer high CBG flowers that are equally organic, high quality, and tasty. 

Not sure if CBG flowers are for you? Try taking a look at some of our high CBD artisan hemp flowers for sale on our site, or try out a nug sampler pack to get a little taste of everything. 

Stay blessed.

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