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3 Best Organic CBD Nugs For Depression | Top Shelf Hemp Strains


Can Organic CBD Nugs Treat Depression And Mood Disorders? 

Do you suffer from depression or any related mood disorder? 

Thankfully, organic CBD nugs offer a possible treatment. 

According to the World Health Organization, 5% of adults globally suffer from some form of depression. Unlike typical mood swings and fluctuations, depression is a chronic disease that can lead to prolonged feelings of inadequacy, general discontent, lethargy, apathy, hopelessness, and irritability to name a few. Additionally, depression is cited as responsible for over two-thirds of all suicides in the US.

Some recent studies have shown that doses of high CBD, low THC can be an effective treatment for depression and associated symptoms. Coincidently, top shelf hemp strains contain just that: higher CBD concentrations than most cannabis or industrial hemp strains and exceptionally low amounts of THC. 

Top shelf hemp strains are famous for their ability to combat mental health disorders like anxiety, depression, and chronic pain. While treating the associated symptoms of each disorder, they also provide for a legal, organic, and non-intoxicating alternative to medicinal marijuana. 

In this blog post, we’re going to explore how organic CBD nugs can assist in treating depression. And because depression can impact each person differently, we’ll also share our three favorite top shelf hemp strains catered to different depression symptoms.

How Do Organic CBD Nugs Treat Depression? 

Although more research is needed to be done, one study suggests that it can alter serotonin levels within the brain. 

Serotonin is a neurotransmitter that helps to regulate mood, stress, and emotions. As a result, a lack of serotonin can cause depression and its associated symptoms. 

Research has suggested that CBD—like that derived from top shelf hemp—may help increase serotonin levels by decreasing the overregulation of serotonin in the brain. In layman’s terms, this means that CBD can slow down the parts of the brain that are responsible for blocking serotonin. 

Additionally, organic CBD nugs can provide a number of therapeutic effects that can combat certain depressive symptoms. These effects include: 

  • Increasing feelings of euphoria

  • Reducing stress

  • Boosting mood

  • Boosting energy and productivity

  • Increasing appetite (if your depression causes a lack of appetite)

  • Aiding in sleep and general overall relaxation

CBD also provides a number of advantages of traditionally prescribed antidepressant medication. For one, CBD does not include the usual side effects of antidepressant medication—such as insomnia, erectile dysfunction, liver damage, or mood swings. 

Another advantage is that CBD will kick in immediately. Unlike medication—which can take up to two weeks or longer to take effect—some studies conclude that CBD can provide antidepressant effects almost immediately.

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3 Best Top Shelf Hemp Strains For Depression


Top shelf hemp can optimize CBD by increasing its potency and range of effects through natural, high-quality terpenes and cannabinoids. These elements of organic hemp make craft hemp flowers truly artisanal, and can more effectively combat depression. 

Because depression affects everyone differently, some organic CBD nugs will be more effective than others. For example, someone who feels symptoms of irritability, trouble sleeping, or lack of appetite may be better off using a therapeutic indica strain that targets those symptoms. Meanwhile, someone who struggles with apathy, lethargy, or low self-esteem may be better off with an energy and mood boosting sativa strain. 

Below are three top shelf hemp strains best suited for treating anxiety based on symptoms and effects. 

  1. Eden: Best Top Shelf Hemp Strain For Energy Boosts 

Eden is one of the best organic CBD nugs for boosting energy and mental focus. 

Because of its ability to enhance focus and energy, Eden can help offset feelings of lethargy and lack of motivation. Sativa strains like these excel at encouraging movement, creativity, and mental clarity—all of which can help to discourage negative effects of depression.

This top shelf hemp strain is light and fluffy, reminiscent of the cannabis strain “The Chronic.” It has a strong calming effect that coincides well with its energy-boosting abilities. Additionally, it can be smoked during the day and night without fear of bogging or slowing you down. 

Eden makes for a chill and smooth smoke. Its terpene profile gives it a floral, yet cheesy aroma and flavor.

  1. Epic Sunrise: Best Top Shelf Hemp Strain For Mood Enhancement

Epic Sunrise is another sativa-structured strain that’s good for depression management. 

Similarly to Eden, Epic Sunrise also helps to boost energy and focus—but with an emphasis on calmness and mood enhancement. It also has slightly more CBD, helping to raise serotonin levels and reduce depression symptoms. 

This organic CBD nug is best catered for uplifting your spirits during the morning, day, or night time. While keeping you calm, it will also induce good humor and mental/physical relaxation. 

Epic Sunrise is also ripe with a natural terpene called limonene. Limonene is a monoterpene found within citrus fruits and organic hemp plants. It’s best known for giving a euphoric, slightly energizing feeling that’s optimal for treating depression. It also gives Epic Sunrise a unique terpene profile of a sweet blueberry lemonade with earthy undertones.

  1. Blue Diamond

Blue Diamond is a new indica hemp cultivar that’s great for relaxation, euphoria, and boosting mood. 

An especially exotic and top shelf hemp strain, Blue Diamond is a sister strain of Sheeba with an even bigger punch of CBD. It’s also a hybrid of the two cannabis strains “Blueberry” and “OG Diamond,” but without the THC. 

Blue Diamond is best known for its fast-acting effects of calmness and euphoria. It’s best recommended for depression if you have trouble sleeping or want to destress in general. Overall, this rare and purely organic CBD nug is one of the most high-quality strains we have for sale. It offers a well-rounded CBD experience that’s relaxing and non-intoxicating, but perfect for treating both depression and anxiety.

Another great reason to try Blue Diamond is its taste: minty, candy-like blackberry. It’s also dense and incredibly sticky in phenotype—creating a truly artisanal, top shelf hemp strain. 

Final Thoughts On Top Shelf Hemp

If you’re looking for a non-psychoactive, yet completely natural treatment for depression, then top shelf hemp has the answers. 

By combining feelings of euphoria, relaxation, energy, and mood enhancement, organic CBD nugs can help counteract the various symptoms of depression—all while encouraging the production of serotonin in the brain. 

Although the top shelf hemp strains above are great options for treating depression, there’s countless strains available online.

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Stay blessed. 

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