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Top 10 Weed Strains Of Weed

While we are into all things CBD here at DLO, we cannot forget our cannabis roots. Let's take a look at the top 10 strains of weed in the world and their characteristics. We will go over genetics, flavor, effects and the history of these buds.

There are literally tens of thousands of weed strains today, but not so long ago there were far fewer. Let's look at some all time classics that are on everyones fave list! All of the cannabis strains currently available on dispensaries originated from only a few wild "landrace" strains. Breeders have crossed and re-crossed cannabis landraces throughout history, resulting in a fractal-shaped explosion in the number of viable options—similar, in an odd way, to the spiral of DNA strains that make up our human genetics.

A few tried-and-true strains stand out among the crowd of fancifully coined monikers for this year's newest criss-crossed hybrids. These cannabis cultivars have withstood the test of time, and many now offer CBD or delta 8 versions to attest to their enduring popularity. In this article, we'll look at the top 10 weed strains on a cannabis flower connoisseur's list.

sour diesel weed strain

#1 Sour Diesel (Sativa) aka Sourz

Before smoking marijuana became socially acceptable in the United States, tales of Sour Diesel circulated among East Coast and worldwide stoners. A black-market Staten Island breeder named "Weasel" is said to have created Sour Diesel, according to legend. For years, "Sour Diesel" was synonymous with "excellent cannabis" on the East Coast, and this strain eventually became popular in the highly competitive California medical marijuana market.

Sour Diesel's Effects?

The uplifting sativa, Sour Diesel, is often called dreamy and cerebral. Prepare for a brain adventure with this strain or any of its descendants, including CBD-rich strains with Sour Diesel DNA like Diesel Puff or Dream Fuel. Diesel Puff or Dreamland Organic's Dream Fuel won't make you high, although its sativa terpenes will provide an energizing boost.

forbidden fruit weed strain

#2 Forbidden Fruit (Indica Hybrid)

Despite being expressly prohibited by cannabis prohibition, the exceedingly powerful indica strain Forbidden Fruit became a legend throughout the Silicon Valley region, where it was allegedly created in the 1990s. Forbidden Fruit has a wide range of fruity tastes, some of which taste like citrus, grape, and berry. It literally smells more like a fruit stand than cannabis. Our Lavender CBG hemp flower has a terpene profile reminiscent of this weed strain.

Forbidden Fruit's Effects?

Forbidden Fruit has long been a favorite of patients suffering from chronic pain, insomnia, and other nagging, persistent disorders. For example, CBD products with Forbidden Fruit terpenes combine the notably soothing effects of smokable CBD with one of the cannabis world's most notably stress-relieving strains.

og kush weed strain

#3 OG Kush (Indica)

After more than a decade in California, OG Kush has gained a reputation as the original. To be an "OG" is now synonymous with exuding success and genuineness, and OG Kush better personifies the hard-hitting Himalayan indica's mystique than any other cultivar. OG Kush is a legendary indica strain that has been popularized by the outspokenly pro-cannabis hip-hop group Cypress Hill during the 1990s. Now, OG Kush will continue to be revered, no matter how many up-and-coming cannabis cultivators may expand the realm of available indica strains. Word on the street in the cannabis community is the strain came from a seed found in a bag of weed at a Grateful Dead concert in the 80's.

OG Kush's Effects?

OG Kush is sought after as a pain reliever due to its high THC concentration and strongly sedating indica terpene profile. OG Kush's CBD versions, like Kimbo Kush, take advantage of this strain's distinctive terpene profile and combine it with the non-intoxicating advantages of this cannabinoid.

grandaddy purple weed strain

#4 Granddaddy Purple (Indica)

Granddaddy Purple, often known as GDP or Granddaddy Purp, is a powerful indica strain with a distinct terpene profile that has made it a sought-after target of connoisseur cannabis breeders. It's the patriarch and progenitor of a whole line of "purple" cannabis strains dubbed Purple Genetics. Factoid: The purple hue in GDP buds and leaves is due to anthocyanin, the same flavonoid present in blueberries that gives them their color. Purps anyone?

Granddaddy Purple's Effects?

Regardless of the cannabinoid it's combined with, GDP has strongly sedative indica effects. It's not clear if the presence of anthocyanin in Granddaddy Purple and other "purple" marijuana strains helps them work, but it certainly looks nice on GDP's buds. Who doesn't like the look of purple weed?

G-13 weed strain

#5 G13 (Indica)

The G13 was a marijuana strain that gained popularity on the West Coast during the 1990s and early 2000s. Some old-school stoners claimed it was a US military invention, while others said it included extraterrestrial DNA to allow open mental doors to other dimensions. The truth is the US government had a experimental research cannabis farm at the University of Mississippi and it was likely bred there.

G13's Effects?

There is no doubt that many of these stories are completely untrue. G13, for example, may be short for "Government Indica Strain 1," although the full tale isn't known. All we know for sure is that G13 has a powerfully euphoric and sedating high, which would cause smokers to believe even the most fantastic tales regarding its origins. This strain is known to induce paranoia.

blue dream weed strain

#6 Blue Dream (Hybrid)

Blue Dream is a hybrid strain, and there are many distinct phenotypes. Many knowledgeable stoners think this strain is the be-all, end-all of well-balanced hybrids. Blue Dream, a sativa-dominant hybrid strain with a THC content of approximately 16%, has produced a whole generation of follow-up hybrids such as Dreamland Organic's "Pacific Dream", which is 80 percent indica and 20 percent sativa and contains less than 0.3% delta 9 THC.

Blue Dream's Effects?

The pungent fragrance of Blue Dream is a wonderful aroma. This hybrid strain can't be beat for aches, pain, and stress, and it soothes the senses and relaxes the body. This hybrid strain is ideal for relieving tension and anxiety. The flavor and terpene profile is also amazing!

gorilla glue weed strain

#7 Gorilla Glue (Indica Hybrid)

Gorilla Glue may be a powerful adhesive, but it's also got a long history of couch-locking capabilities. Perhaps the breeders of Gorilla Glue sought to explain the new strain's adhesive power with the dependable stickiness of its namesake, an industrial solvent known for its capacity to stick nearly any two surfaces together.

Gorilla Glue's Effects?

Whether you're talking about THC, CBD, or other cannabinoids, Gorilla Glue is still in heavy demand for its capacity to make pain more manageable without completely shutting down your thoughts. Gorilla Glue takes your thoughts on a light energizing journey as the seconds pass by, sedating your body. Couch lock alert!

pineapple express weed strain

#8 Pineapple Express (Hybrid)

Pineapple Express is a cross of Trainwreck and Hawaiian that has been dubbed "legend" by the 2008 comedy Pineapple Express, staring Seth Rogan and James Franco, which sets out to fulfill all of the requirements for excellent marijuana. The flavor and effects are well balanced and the taste is, well like pineapple.

Pineapple Express's Effects?

Without a listen of "Electric Avenue" or "Dazed and Confused" on YouTube, no bowl or spliff of Pineapple Express is complete. It's the sort of classic stone you thought you'd feel every time you smoked before you started. Remember the first time you got high in High School? Yeah, it's that kind of vibe.

dutch treat weed strain

#9 Dutch Treat (Hybrid)

The popular term for the Dutch treat -- splitting a bill after a date - isn't nearly as much fun as the cannabis strain with the same name. Dutch Treat (also known as Dutch Crunch) is an indica-dominant hybrid that was originally developed in the Pacific Northwest but is now quite common in Amsterdam.This is a strong strain with CBD levels around 1% and THC levels between 15% and 30%, which comes with both a physical and mental stone . The Dutch Treat is one of the strongest strains available, with a reputation for energy and introspection. It took third place in the 2012 Southern California Cannabis Cup's best Sativa category.

Dutch Treat's Effects?

Dutch Treat remains beloved by cannabis users to this day for its potently uplifting cerebral effects that are great for social occasions or creative activities. If there’s one application of Dutch Treat that stands out above all the rest, it’s relief from fatigue or stress.

gelato weed strain

#10 Gelato (Indica Hybrid)

Thin Mint Girl Scout Cookies and Sunset Sherbet are crossed to make Gelato, which is also known as "Larry Bird." We do not mind which name you choose for this strain. We know that this indica-leaning hybrid was developed for both its culinary and soothing effects, even if weed snobs might debate about whether the correct name is "Gelato #33" or "Gelato #42."

Gelato's Effects?

Gelato's terpenes are genuinely pleasurable to breathe in whether you're smoking CBD or THC-infused versions of the strain. Dreamland Organics high CBD strain "Cannoli" draws some interesting comparisons.

Frequently asked questions about popular marijuana strains

Let's recap the 10 most popular strains of marijuana:

Which cannabis strain is the most renowned?

OG Kush is one of the most well-known strains of cannabis. Even people who aren't familiar with cannabis are aware of its reputation for being potent and high-quality. It's so old school that people now call someone who has done something for a while, an "OG". For those on the east coast, Sour Diesel and Forbidden Fruit are just as famous weed strains.

What are the best-selling weed strains?

OG Kush is the most common strain in WeedMaps' database, according to information and delivery platform WeedMaps. More users on WeedMaps report buying or producing OG Kush than any other strain, providing us with hard data to back up the claim that OG Kush is the world's most popular marijuana strain.

What are the most purchased marijuana strains in Colorado?

Blue Dream is the most popular strain in Colorado, according to Leafly. According to Leafly's data, neighboring legends Durban Poison and Original Glue are close runners-up.

What are the best cannabis strains to try in 2022?

If you haven't tried any of the top 10 cannabis strains on our list this year, now is the time to do so. Whether it's OG Kush, G13, or Pineapple Express, there's a lot more to the cannabis world if you haven't tried each of the top ten strains. If your not into getting high, try some of our high THCA hemp flower for sale, you won't believe it not reefer!

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