Terpinolene Strains : The Best Terpene For Anxiety And Insomnia

The Best Terpinolene Strains

Terpenes And Cannabinoids In exotic hemp flower are just one of the many factors that make a craft hemp flower truly unique. Along with cannabinoids, terpenes make up the distinct genotype and phenotype of artisan hemp that gives them their potent effects. Additionally, premium terpenes are also responsible for raising craft hemp flowers to top shelf levels. 

One of these exceedingly rare and high quality terpenes: terpinolene. 

Terpinolene is an especially rare terpene that excels in flavor, effects, and potency. Many organic CBD flower smokers would consider terpinolene to be the best terpene for anxiety, insomnia, and encouraging relaxation and the entourage effect

Continue reading to see why terpinolene strains are the best for anxiety and insomnia—and we’ll even share some of our personally recommended strains below. 

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Terpenes Vs Cannabinoids

(Common Terpenes And Their Associated Scents)

Novice hemp smokers are often confused with the differences between cannabinoids and terpenes. While sharing various similarities, they also have distinct differences that set them apart. 

Cannabinoids, in short, are chemical elements within cannabis and hemp flowers that give them most of their potency and effects. THC and CBD—often called major cannabinoids (because they’re most naturally present)—are the two most well-known. THC is the psychoactive cannabinoid found in marijuana that gets you stoned. 

Meanwhile, CBD is famous for its therapeutic and medicinal effects as well as for promoting relaxation. 

NOTE: Cannabis and craft hemp flower are not the same thing. While cannabis is generally high in THC and low in CBD, craft hemp flower is high in CBD and low in THC. This makes craft hemp flowers both federally legal and non-intoxicating. You can read the differences on our blog.

Terpenes, unlike cannabinoids, are better known for producing the flavor and aroma of top shelf hemp. Terpenes are naturally-occurring in hemp, cannabis, and other natural compounds. They often give an aroma indicative of what they’re derived from. For example, limonene—which gives sativa hemp strains a citrus edge—are most commonly present in the peels of citrus fruits. 

Although most of a craft hemp flower’s effects are usually derived from its cannabinoids, terpenes also contribute to some of these effects. The aforementioned limonene terpene, for example, is known for giving an energy-boosting effect that sativa strains are famous for. 

Additionally, both terpenes and cannabinoids work together to induce the entourage effect: a heightened sense of euphoria and relaxation, sometimes misinterpreted as a “CBD high.”

What Is Terpinolene?

Some terpenes are common. Some are rare. Terpinolene is one of the rarer ones. 

Although terpinolene is actually fairly common among hemp strains, it usually only shows up in small to miniscule amounts. This makes strains high in terpinolene exceedingly rare and exotic. 

Terpinolene is naturally present in certain types of trees as well as lilac, nutmeg, sage, and rosemary. As such, it gives hemp flowers an earthy, woodsy smell with notes of citrus and floral undertones. It’s usually most dominant in sativa cannabis strains that are high in THC, despite being somewhat sedative. 

Additionally, terpinolene has numerous health benefits. Research has shown it to have antifungal and antibacterial properties. Another study found that it can serve as an antiproliferative agent against brain cancer, meaning that it can help slow the growth of cancer cells.

Why Terpinolene Strains Are The Best  For Anxiety And Insomnia

As mentioned above, terpinolene is known for having light sedative effects. Because of this, it may be the best terpene for anxiety, insomnia, and for general relaxation. 

CBD already offers some relief from anxiety and insomnia. But together with terpinolene, craft hemp flower strains high in both can give even more relief. 

Because terpinolene can be found within sativa strains, you can utilize both CBD and terpinolene during either the day or night. Sativa strains high in terpinolene will relax you, but won’t bog you down if you need anxiety relief during the high. 

On the other hand, for insomnia relief, sativa strains high in terpinolene won’t “over-energize” you, either. Although sativa strains aren’t always as effective as indica strains for insomnia, hybrid or indica strains can also be helpful if they’re high in terpinolene. 

High Terpinolene Strains

Looking for the best terpene for anxiety or insomnia relief? If so, below are just a few of our personal recommendations for high terpinolene hemp strains. 

  • Green Dream is a high terpinolene sativa hemp strain. It’s an incredibly popular strain due to its mild sativa effects. Because it also has moderate concentrations of limonene, it’s neither overly energizing nor too sedative. Instead, it helps to uplift your mood while also improving relaxation and calmness. Green Dream has a tropical, citrusy, and papaya aroma that will keep you serene and stress free. We would recommend this one most for daytime or nighttime anxiety relief. 

  • Sapphire, meanwhile, is an indica hemp strain high in terpinolene. With a high 15% CBD concentration, it’s one of the best CBD strains for treating insomnia or anxiety during the night. Sapphire has a rubbery, toffee-like aroma and gives overwhelming feelings of relaxation and comfort—making it a perfect strain to destress and fall asleep with. 

  • Immortal, an indica-dominant hybrid strain, is an exotic purple hemp flower. These types of craft hemp flowers are fleetingly rare. Not only does it contain high concentrations of both terpinolene and CBD, but it also contains concentrations of exotic cannabinoids like CBG, CBC, and CBN. These all work together to better encourage the entourage effect, as well as promote feelings of sleepiness, serenity, and a total head and body relaxation. Although great for anxiety relief, Immortal is especially good at helping you fall asleep. 

These are only a few of the strains beneficial for anxiety or insomnia treatment. Any strain that’s full spectrum will encourage the entourage effect and help to promote euphoria. 

Also, CBD oils are another great option for anxiety or help sleeping. Many people enjoy mixing it into their nighttime tea for added mood and relaxation. 

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Final Thoughts 

If you’re looking for the best terpene for anxiety, insomnia, relaxation, or overall aroma, then you can’t go wrong with terpinolene strains.

Here at DLO, we love all terpenes equally. Although some—like terpinolene—are rare or exotic, all terpenes add to top shelf hemp in their own special way. Without them, hemp would be flavorless, practically soulless, and wouldn’t encourage the entourage effect as effectively. 

That’s why we strive to grow only premium, full spectrum hemp products high in a variety of quality terpenes. 

Not sure what strain is right for you? Try taking a look at our nug sampler pack, which offers a little bit of everything for a discounted price. 

Stay blessed.

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