10 Reasons To Choose Smokable Hemp Flower Instead Of Tobacco

Smokable Hemp vs Tobacco


Smokable Hemp flower is a great alternative to tobacco. It has been proven that hemp flower can help you quit smoking tobacco, but many people are still not convinced. Here are 10 reasons why you should try it.

#1: Smokable Hemp Flower Is Legal

This is a great time for hemp flower. With the legalization of hemp in the U.S., hemp flower is taking off and there are a lot of opportunities for people in this space right now. Hemp flower is legal in all 50 states with a few caveats.But by and large it is accessible to the whole country and most of Europe. Consumers can buy hemp flower everywhere from online, to smoke shops and even gas stations. We would avoid gas station hemp buds though, as the quality is unlikely to be premium.

#2 : The Positive Effects Smokable Hemp Has On Your Mind And Body

smoking smokable hemp

Smoking cannabis, and especially smoking hemp, can be a great way to improve your life and your well being. There are many health benefits of smoking hemp flowers, which is why so many people are starting to do it. Many people take advantage of the medicinal properties that smoking hemp has to offer. It can help cure pain and nausea, as well as help people with sleeping disorders or even anxiety. Hemp is also used for recreational purposes, as it helps relieve stress and also increases creativity. Everyone should consider smoking hemp at least once in their life because it has many health benefits.

#3: You Can Smoke Hemp Flower Anywhere

One of the biggest misconceptions about hemp flower is that it’s only legal if you live in a state that has legalized recreational or medical marijuana. This is completely false. In fact, all 50 states have laws which allow you to use medical marijuana and hemp flower for medical purposes. And 45 states have made laws for recreational use of marijuana as well. This means that the stigma of cannabis is fading and smoking a hemp flower joint out in public, like at the beach, or a park is a total can do!

#4: Smokable Hemp Flowers Are Non-Addictive Unlike Tobacco

Hemp flowers are non-addictive unlike tobacco and have been used as recreational herbs in many regions of the world. Hemp flowers have a significantly lower level of tetra-hydro-cannabinol (THC) than marijuana meaning that it won’t make you high.

Hemp flowers are non-addictive because they do not contain THC. THC is the reason why marijuana is so addictive. The high concentration of THC in marijuana is also the reason why marijuana users have a higher risk of developing psychosis.This is because THC alters the structure of the brain.

#5: Smokable Hemp Doesn't Smell As Bad As Tobacco

Hemp flower has a fresher, cleaner taste than tobacco products. It doesn’t have the same dirty, stale taste that comes with smoking cigarettes and cigars.It’s also a healthier alternative to tobacco products.

Hemp flower is more potent than tobacco, but it doesn’t give you the same harsh, throat-burning sensation that cigarettes do. Ever smell your clothes after they have been saturated in cigarette smoke? Eww.

#6: Smokable Hemp Is Not A Gateway Drug

Hemp is a misunderstood plant. And for years, the law in the U.S. has prevented us from exploring its potential. But now, the times are changing. The law is changing. And so is public opinion. It’s time to tell people about hemp—not as an illegal drug, but as a valuable product that can solve many of the world’s problems.

Hemp is a variety of the cannabis sativa plant. It’s closely related to marijuana, but it contains only trace amounts of THC (the compound that gets you high). It also has very high levels of CBD (the compound that has the medical benefits). In fact hemp has the opposite effect as a gateway drug, as it is used to get people off of drugs, nicotine included.

#7: Smokable Hemp Flowers Help With Creativity

For a long time, hemp was considered an illegal narcotic in the United States. However, with the rise of legalization, it is becoming more socially acceptable to talk about hemp’s benefits. Hemp flower contains trace amounts of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), which is the main component that causes the “high” associated with smoking marijuana. However, there is enough THC in hemp flower to trigger a positive psychoactive response in most users. The primary benefit of using hemp flower for creative purposes has to do with its ability to help you focus on tasks and reduce stress.

The reason for this is that hemp flower contains a chemical called CBD, which is short for cannabidiol.

A lot of people who use cannabis for creative purposes also use it to help them focus on their work. The reason for this is that CBD has been shown to reduce anxiety and stress, which are two things that can cause you to lose focus or creative momentum.

#8: Smokable Hemp Doesn't Contain Nicotine

Aside from the highly addictive properties of nicotine, there are other problematic factors to this drug. It can cause increased blood pressure and heart rate. It also restricts the flow of blood to the heart and promotes a narrowing of the arteries (vessels that carry blood). Nicotine may also contribute to the hardening of the arterial walls, which in turn, may lead to a heart attack. Smokable hemp flower is nicotine free.

#9: Smokable Hemp Flower Doesn't Cause Cancer Like Cigarettes Do

Hemp flower doesn't cause cancer like cigarettes do. The evidence came from a study conducted by the University of Kentucky which was released in February 2001. A group of researchers gave mice small doses of marijuana and tobacco smoke for 18 months. They found that the amount of tumors in the lungs, livers and other organs were similar to those of the mice who were given no smoke at all. The researchers concluded that smoking marijuana does not cause cancer.

In a related study, conducted by the National Institute of Health, they found that THC actually kills tumor cells in mice. This was done by injecting mice with cancer cells and then injecting them with THC. The cancer did not spread and the tumors were dissolved.

#10: Smokable Hemp Flower Can Help You Quit Tobacco For Good

Smoking hemp flower may sound like something a hippie would do, but it can help you quit smoking for good. The best part is that you don’t need to be a full-on hippie to enjoy the benefits of hemp flower. It’s more of an accessory than anything else. Hemp flowers are a great way to relax and get away from everyday stressors. If you are worried about the effects of smoking, worry no more: hemp flower is completely safe to smoke. Unlike THC, CBD does not have psychoactive effects on its users.

Hemp is an amazing, one-of-a-kind plant that has been used by humans for thousands of years. Today, it’s being recognized as a promising natural medicine to treat all sorts of ailments.

For those looking to quit smoking cigarettes, hemp flower is a great alternative! It’s natural, legal and contains no nicotine. In fact, the cannabinoids in hemp flower actually reduce anxiety and symptoms of withdrawal associated with quitting cigarettes.


The benefits smokable hemp flower has over tobacco are numerous and after reading this article, it should be a no brainer. First off, it is a lot less caustic and actually has many health benefits. Couple that with reduced stress and more creativity and you're looking at a much more enjoyable life. If you ever want to quit smoking hemp flower, no problem, it's non addictive. Want to try some premium organic hemp flower for yourself, then just click here! To your health!

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