Kimbo Kush Strain - What Is Kimbo Kush? - What Does Kimbo Kush Do?

 Kimbo Kush Strain: The Best Hemp Flower For Pain

Kimbo kush

Kimbo Kush is a CBD flower strain that originated here at Dreamland Organics. It is a indica dominant, low THC hybrid with tight, dense nugs and a sweet coffee and toffee terpene profile with gassy undertones on the exhale. This hemp strain is great for pain relief and insomnia and is a popular crowd favorite here at Dreamland Organics craft hemp flower farm.

This hemp strain is not to be confused with the Kimbo Kush hybrid marijuana strain made by crossing Blackberry Kush with Starfighter. The effects of both our CBD flower strain and the Kimbo Kush cannabis strain are strikingly similar. Kimbo Kush produces effects that are relaxing in small doses and somewhat sedating in larger amounts. Kimbo Kush is probably the best hemp flower for pain. Due to its potency, Kimbo Kush is best enjoyed at the end of the day or before you head to bed. This CBD strain is named after the famed late MMA star,  Kimbo Slice. Medical marijuana patients choose this strain to help relieve symptoms associated with insomnia. 

Kimbo Kush High THC Strain

The high THC Kimbo Kush stain is a potent indica-leaning hybrid that smokers enjoy for its fruity taste and relaxing physical high. This strain was bred by the well known Exotic Genetix, the same cannabis breeders who gave us the weed strain Cookies and Cream. Kimbo Kush, named after the late Kimbo Slice, a Miami raised mixed martial arts fighter and boxer. Kimbo Kush is a hybrid of Blackberry Kush and the indica strain Starfighter. It's known to be a potent and euphoric pain reliever for both cannabis novices and aficionados. Analytical 360, a cannabis testing laboratory, discovered that Kimbo Kush flowers contained between 15.5 percent and an impressive 27 percent THC content.

Kimbo Kush, as its name suggests, features huge, chunky buds with a loose, fluffy bud structure for an indica-dominant strain. Its leaves are mostly a mild spring green, but some variants have purple undertones. This hue develops during the growing process when the plant's pigments (called anthocyanins) are stimulated by abnormally cold temperatures, similar to how foliage changes color in the autumn. These vibrant blossoms are covered with trichomes, which give the cured buds an ice sheen and make them extremely sticky. The blossoms emit deep and delicious aromas of citrus and cherry. Grandparent strain OG Kush offers a hint of dank earthiness. Kimbo Kush has a unique aroma when burned.

Interestingly, both the hemp strain and the cannabis strain were created independently, but have many similar qualities. The terpene profiles and flavors are also quite similar. One difference being that the high THC cannabis strain has a bit more of a berry flavor, than our high CBD hemp strain. Aside from that, they are cannabis cousins and are reminiscent of each other.

Benefits Of Our Kimbo Kush Strain:

Kimbo Kush, like many other indica strains, may be helpful for the following conditions.

  • Chronic pains 
  • Epileptic seizures
  • Tremors
  • Parkinson’s disease
  • Rheumatoid and behavioral disorders such as depression

The medical and therapeutic benefits are primarily due to its high CBD content. Kimbo Kush instantly melts away stress and can provide a good night's sleep, similar to melatonin. This CBD flower is a serious couch lock kind of strain, so smoking during the day may make you drowsy. We recommend pairing it with a cup of tea, coffee, or yerba mate.

Our Kimbo Kush strain has classic earthy and musky scents, and the flavor is a unique blend of coffee berry, lemon, and earthy flavors. This strain can be cultivated indoors and outdoors, and it has a quick flowering time of about 6-7 weeks. It can thrive best in warm climates and can be anchored in good soil, but it can also adapt to other cannabis cultivation methods.

We grow Kimbo Kush outdoors in living soil, here in central Oregon, in the Pacific Northwest. We don’t have a super long growing season here, as the rains come in around mid October. That’s why this hemp strain is perfectly adapted to this climate, with a fast flowering time. In addition, this particular phenotype is mold and pest resistant and requires minimal care. Basically stated, this hemp flower is a beast, who can withstand the elements and still deliver a great looking hemp nug, with bag appeal and extreme terpene content.

We really can’t say enough good things about our Kimbo Kush Strain and we are super lucky to have access to this premium hemp flower genetic. One of the things that set us apart from other hemp farms, here at Dreamland Organics, is our unique genetics. We were fortunate enough to inherit a large stable of craft genetics that cannot be found on industrial hemp farms.

Our genetics came from a local, small scale breeder who brought them back from the emerald triangle in California’s Humboldt County. Long considered the cannabis cultivation mecca of the world, Humboldt County is where cannabis breeding was brought to a craft level of cultivation in the 1970’s. That happened when cannabis indica genetics were brought from Afghanistan and crossed with SouthEast Asian genetics and South American cannabis sativa genetics, to create some of the popular hybrid strains we all love today, like OG Kush.

Continuing that tradition, our Kimbo Kush strain is an indica leaning hybrid that acts like a typical indica in that it is sedating, pain relieving and offers a relaxing effect that induces sleep. If you are in need of a good night's rest, are dealing with massive stress, or just need to unwind after a long day, Kimbo will do the trick. We liken it to being hit by late street fighter and MMA star, Kimbo Slice, as the onset is powerful and immediate.

One of the benefits of smoking hemp flower in general, is the fact that the effects take hold right away. Compare that with pain medications, where you may have to wait up to 30 minutes for relief and damage your liver and have other side effects. Why not medicate naturally and let all of your cannabinoid receptors get to work to relieve your issues? At Dreamland Organics we think you have cannabinoid receptors for a reason, so using CBD or cannabis just seems like the obvious thing to do.

Bear in mind that we are not medical professionals and this is not medical advice, we are just weed snobs who read a lot. We are merely stating the facts and encourage you to do your own research when selecting hemp strains and determining your own healthy protocols. Seeing as cannabis has been used for thousands of years and was found in King Solomon's tomb, you would not be the first one to take a hit, to deal with the bullsh*t in your life.

As cannabis and hemp flower gains more acceptance and the stigmas are lifted, we look forward to educating the masses and helping them to make informed decisions. Consider this blog a CBD resource for learning, experiencing cannabis culture from those who live it and perhaps offering a bit of entertainment.

With that said, why not try a little Kimbo Kush if any of this resonates and make it a Dreamland Organics kind of day. As we like to say, “Put some respect on your lungs” and “trust in dreams, for in them is hidden the gateway to eternity”.

Not into indica CBD strains? No problem, we suggest you try our sativa dominant Eden hemp flower strain, for all you day smokers out there that need to get sh*t done!

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