Is All Hemp For Sale Online The Same?

There are so many different uses for hemp, from clothing to food and beauty products and smokable or edible CBD products. And now that the plant is readily available for purchase, it’s a great time to explore with the many different types or grades of hemp you can buy and use. But there are also so many places you can find hemp online that you may be wondering is all hemp for sale the same—or if some is better than others. With so many different sellers and suppliers, it’s important to understand which type of hemp will best suit your needs and how each one is used. The first step in making sure you have all your bases covered is understanding what makes each type distinct and what the differences really are and how they affect you.

Hemp Basics

Hemp plants are used in a variety of different ways, from textile production to CBD products. The two main types of hemp available for purchase are seed and fiber. Hemp seed is high-protein with traces of Omega 3 and Omega 6 fatty acids, while fiber hemp contains low levels of THC and CBD. The hemp you buy online will be either seed or fiber type and may vary in quality depending on the batch. There are three grades—super fine, fine, and coarse—of hemp based on the quality of the product. Super fine is typically used for clothing or food production due to its high protein content, while the other grades can be used for many different things like CBD extraction and smokable flowers.

Industrial vs Craft Hemp

The first type of hemp is industrial hemp. This variety is specifically grown for purposes other than the THC content, such as textiles, paper, and biodegradable plastics. Industrial hemp contains more CBD than THC and usually has a low concentration of both compounds. Unfortunately, many of these industrial producers also now sell hemp flowers, which are low quality and lack terpenes and flavor desired by the end user. The second type of hemp is craft or artisanal hemp. This variety-which also typically has lower concentrations of THC-is grown with the intent to produce a higher CBD content. Craft or artisanal hemp often contains more THC and less CBD than industrial hemp. Though it can sometimes be difficult to find these types of products in retail stores, you’ll likely see them all over the internet if you know what to look for. You’ll be able to find many different types of products for sale online for each type of hemp because there are so many different uses for this versatile material. In some cases, it might not even matter what grade you end up buying because your needs may vary depending on what you want to do with it. But understanding the difference between industrial and craft hemp will help you decide which one will work best for your needs.

Deciding on Organic Hemp vs Non Organic Hemp

 Non-Organic Hemp is a hemp plant with uses synthetic pesticides and fertilizers. While this may be non consequential when used as clothing or in rope or building materials, you certainly would not want to ingest this type of hemp, let alone smoke it! The problem is that over 90% of the hemp you find online in CBD dispensaries is NOT organic, though it may be marketed as such. That is partly why many have tried hemp flowers for sale and not been impressed, as it lacked flavor and maybe even produced a headache or negative feeling. 

To make matters worse, many brands now sell non organic hemp flowers sprayed with a synthetically derived delta 8 compound which is produced by converting CBD to a chemical compound with carcinogenic acid. Yeah, pretty bad. If any company claims to have organic delta 8, they are outright lying and should be avoided like the plague, if you value your health. Delta 8 is so dangerous that states like Oregon, where our hemp farm is located has outlawed it. Delta 8 or D8 as the kids call is has now been linked to deaths and hospitalizations across the nation.

White Label CBD Brands vs Craft Hemp Brands

Most of the hemp for sale online comes from white label brands that get their products from hemp wholesalers. They both their hemp flowers and their hemp extracts and CBD products that have been mass produced and simply slap their brand logo on them and sell them

The problem with white label CBD brands is, although they may be tested for potency to ensure they are legal (containing less than .3% THC), they do not know how these CBD flowers were grown, or how these CBD products were made. Many of these CBD brands claim to have organic hemp flower, when they don't even know the farm which grew them. The hemp wholesalers buy from multiple sources, usually looking for the lowest price to ensure the greatest profit. The result is low quality industrial hemp products with fancy packages being labeled as premium grade. In reality, nothing could be further from the truth. 

Compare that with a true craft hemp farm like Dreamland Organics were we grow all of our own flower organically and make all of our CBD products with said organic flowers. We show our farm on our social media accounts and try to be as transparent as possible when allowing the public to see our brand.

That is probably why we have all 5 star reviews and have gained a reputation of quality in the industry. Writing blogs like this, exposing the bad actors in CBD, have also garnered us lots of attacks from the industry at large. We feel like it is our duty to give you a behind the scenes look in to what really happens in the CBD industry we are a part of.

Varieties of Hemp & Hemp Strains

Hemp is a diverse plant that has many uses. In fact, its cousin, marijuana, contains high quantities of THC, which is the chemical compound in marijuana responsible for causing the “high” feeling. Compared to hemp, marijuana plants contain three times more THC on average. But there are so many types of hemp for sale available and it can get confusing trying to figure out which type is best for you and your needs. Here are the different varieties of hemp: * Industrial Hemp: Hemp grown for textiles and clothing * Food-grade Hemp: Low in THC content and used for snacks, health foods, and beauty products * CBD Oil Hemp: Contains little to no THC content but still offers therapeutic benefits for chronic pain relief or anxiety ** Isolate Hemp Oil Extracts: Pure form of CBD that doesn't contain any THC ** Whole-plant Hemp Extracts (WPE): Contain both CBD and THC but provide therapeutic benefits without the psychoactive effects ** Full-spectrum Hemp Extracts (FSE): Also include other cannabinoids like CBG and CBC which have their own health benefits ** Broad Spectrum Hemp Extracts (BSE): Include all cannabinoids including CBD, CBG, CBC, and others.

When is comes to the different types of hemp strains, they come in 3 different types, just like cannabis. They are indica, known for a sedative, pain relieving effect, sativa, known for a uplifting and mood enhancing effect and hybrids, which are a combination of indicas and sativas.

Where to Find the Best Quality Hemp Online

The quality of hemp you purchase largely depends on the brand you buy hemp for sale from online. Be sure to do your due diligence, read reviews, look at social media accounts and ask questions. If you email a CBD brand about their products and get no response, or one that does not satisfy you, look elsewhere.

With so many brands, we know it can get confusing, but a little research will uncover some hidden gems in this burgeoning CBD industry and ensure that you get the right product for you. We may be a little biased, but we feel you would be hard pressed to find a better organic smokable hemp flower on the market as we have over 20 years of experience and simply love what we do. At Dreamland Organics we are basically flower snobs turned growers and we doubt you will consistently find a better CBD smokable.

Final Words

There are so many different types of hemp products you can buy. From CBD to clothing and food, there is a wide range of options for every interested consumer. And it’s about time that this popular product is easily accessible to everyone. But as there are so many places you can buy hemp online, it’s important to know which type will work best for your needs. You may be wondering if all hemp for sale online is the same or if some are better than others. The first step in making sure you have all your bases covered is understanding what makes each type distinct and what the differences really are and how they affect you.

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