Hybrid CBD Strains : The 3 Best Rare And Exotic CBD Flower Strains

Exotic CBD Flower : True Artisan Hemp

In an earlier blog post, we had shared some of our favorite exotic CBD flower strains. These strains we had considered exceedingly top shelf in terms of rarity, flavor, and potency—making them some of the best CBD flower strains on the market. 

Because most of a hemp flower’s unique attributes come from cultivating special genotypes, hybrid strains give growers an opportunity to optimize CBD potential. By mixing the properties of indica and sativa hemp with premium genetics, cultivators can grow incredibly exotic CBD flowers.

If you’re still on the prowl for the best CBD flower strains available, then we’ve got you covered. In this post, we’re going to be looking at 3 more exotic CBD flower strains that specifically enhance hybrid capabilities.

What Is Exotic CBD Flower? And What Makes Hybrid Strains So Unique?


Exotic CBD flower is often used as a synonym for craft hemp flower. Yet, some hemp flowers are more exotic than others—because the rarity and uniqueness of a craft hemp flower defines what truly makes it exotic. These attributes stem from good hemp genetics. As a result, hemp flowers cultivated with premium cannabinoids and terpenes tend to be exceptionally exotic and high quality.

The best CBD flower strains usually contain high concentrations of minor cannabinoids and quality terpenes—creating a smooth, aromatic hemp flower convenient for relaxation or for utilizing its medicinal benefits. Additionally, because exotic CBD flower is also effective at inducing the entourage effect: a heightened sense of relaxation and chill. 

But why are hybrids the best CBD flower for uniqueness and rarity? Simply put, because hybrids are created by crossbreeding indica and sativa strains, they often contain unique blends of each type. As such, hybrid strains often have the most unique and exotic flavors, effects, and phenotypes. 

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3 Best CBD Flower Hybrid Strains


Looking for an exotic CBD flower? To make your search easier, we’ve compiled another list of our favorite exotic hybrid strains. 

All of these exotic CBD flower hybrids have been cultivated from only the most premium, best CBD flowers anywhere on the market. On top of having top shelf genetics, each hemp flower has been cultivated from living soil, hand trimmed, then carefully cured in a glass jar for a lengthy 60 days. This ensures only the best quality possible. 

  1. Selene 

Selene is first on this list because it’s the best CBD flower for versatility. As a sativa-dominant hybrid strain, it gives a sense of calmness and chill without slowing you down—making it an easy-going smoke for both evening and midday smoke sessions. 

This exotic CBD flower has 12% CBD concentration, which is on par for typical sativa-dominant strains. However, Selene also has a decent concentration of CBG and THCA, which promotes the entourage effect and additional feelings of serenity and mind/body relaxation. 

Selene also has a fruity, citrus terpene profile with floral undertones. Its phenotype is covered with frosty trichomes and a fluffy bud structure, creating for a wonderfully smooth smoke. 

Selene’s flavor, smoothness, and mild effects makes it the best CBD flower strain for those new to hemp smoking. Although, hemp connoisseurs will also find enjoyment in its exotic hybrid qualities. 

  1. Green Dream 

Green Dream is another premium and exotic hemp flower that’s a sativa-dominant hybrid. 

As a sister strain to Selene, Green Dream has many similarities. They both have 12% CBD, high amounts of CBG, and are both great for midday or evening smokes. However, Green Dream is especially high in one terpene that makes it uniquely exotic: terpinolene. 

Terpinolene is one of the rarest and most exotic terpenes. It’s also one of the most potent terpenes, as it can induce feelings of euphoria, relaxation, and mood enhancements. Although it’s considered lightly sedative due to its ability to relax and destress you, it can also give boosts of energy and productivity. This marks Green Dream as one of the best CBD flower strains for battling pain, depression, or anxiety during the day—and for relaxing at night.

Exotic CBD flower strains high in terpinolene are rare and hard to find, making Green Dream exceptionally high end. It has an earthy, papaya-like aroma similar to the OG cannabis strain of the same name.

  1. Dream Fuel

Dream Fuel is another exotic CBD flower, this time as an indica-dominant hybrid. 

As an indica-dominant hybrid, Dream Fuel emphasizes the relaxing, pain-relieving, and calming effects of an indica strain—but with just a hint of sativa goodness to keep you from being overly sleepy. At 15% CBD, it gives a euphoric and uplifting CBD high that’s perfect for taking the edge off for both nighttime relaxation and for daytime anxiety management.

Dream Fuel is also famous for its ability to kick in immediately. One good puff and you will feel a rush of chill and calmness. This is partly due to the myrcene terpene within the flower, which is known for enacting strong and potent CBD highs. 

Additionally, this exotic CBD flower has one of the most unique and distinctive flavors. It tastes somewhat like a smoothie with gassy overtones. 

Also—for a limited time only—you can order your exotic CBD flower in a borosilicate glass jar, courtesy of Gnar Jars. These jars are airtight, 100% smell proof, and contain a dual compartment lid for both flower and extraction storage. Get ‘em while they last!

Final Thoughts

The best things in life are a little exotic—and hemp flower strains are no exception. 

Exotic CBD flower hybrids off the best of both worlds when it comes to CBD potency, terpene flavors, and effects. By combining the benefits of both sativa and indica hemp into one night, hybrid strains create a high quality, premium smoke. 

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The best CBD flower strains can all be found exclusively at DLO. We grow all of our craft hemp flowers in living soil, using natural Oregonian sunlight and without any chemical pesticides or fertilizers. 

Stay blessed.

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