How To Make CBD Cookies With Hemp Nugs

How To Make Tasty CBD Cookies Using CBD Nugs, Oil, Kief, Or Hash

CBD Cookies: The Best Snack For Get-Togethers Or Celebrations

Just because the holidays are over doesn’t mean that your appetite for tasty CBD treats has to be, too. In fact, with the Superbowl coming up soon it may be a good time to bake some sweet treats—like CBD cookies or brownies—to share among family and friends. 

CBD edibles make great snacks in particular for social or family gatherings. Unlike THC-infused treats, CBD-infused treats won’t bog or slow the party down. Rather, they’re effective at helping you and your company relax together and enjoy a sporting event, television premiere, or celebrate a family get-together. 

Not to say that CBD cookies are only good for get-togethers—as they can be enjoyed alone with or without company—but bringing them to a social gathering will definitely help you to stand out among your friends or peers. Who better to invite to a party than your CBD chef friend?

What To Use In CBD Cookies

The best CBD cookies and edibles are made using organic hemp-derived products like CBD nugs, oils, kief/dry sift, or hash. 

Full spectrum products like these contain all the natural terpenes and cannabinoids indicative of organic CBD nugs. This means that your baked CBD cookies or treats will taste better and be more effective at inducing relaxation and mental calmness.

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CBD Nugs

At their simplest form, all CBD edibles that are full spectrum are also derived from organic hemp. CBD nugs and derived oils are the easiest way to create cannabutter or canna-oil. Though you might technically be able to put whole nugs in your recipes, it’s better to at least grind them up into CBD kief or make CBD hash

How do you choose the best organic CBD nugs for your at-home recipes? Well, full spectrum and organic nugs are always best as they’re healthier and tastier. But the type of strain itself depends on your tastes and desired effects. 

For CBD cookies and treats intended to be used for social gatherings or parties, sativa-based CBD nugs may be best. This is because the sativa properties will add a bit of an energy boost to your cookies or treats, which will in turn help to keep the party going. Additionally, sativa-structured CBD nugs will add an energy boost during get-togethers centered on a hobby (particularly an active one). 

Good sativa strains include:

These CBD nugs will add a boost of energy, focus, and stress relief to a fun event—or for use as a productivity-enhancing snack while you work on a hobby or project. 

Comparatively, if you want a batch of CBD cookies that will focus on relaxation, then indica CBD nugs are superior. Indica-derived edibles are better suited for simply snacking and relaxing, whether by yourself or in a relaxed get-together or social gathering. This is partially because of the higher concentration of CBD found in indica nugs.

 Indica CBD nugs also contain a lot more minor cannabinoids on average, which in turn induces the entourage effect: an enhanced feeling of relaxation and mental clarity. 

Good indica strains include:

These CBD nugs all contain high amounts of CBD and other minor cannabinoids, which results in the most effective CBD cookies and snacks for relaxation.

Edibles made with hybrid CBD nugs, meanwhile, can help induce both relaxation and energy. Though most hybrid strains lean one way or the other, a hybrid nug like Immortal contains a fairly equal balance of indica and sativa properties/effects.

Both indica and sativa CBD nugs contain medicinal properties that are good for things such as chronic pain or inflammation. These effects also carry over into CBD cookies and edibles, but may be dependent on the strain used and your body’s neurological reactions.

CBD Kief

CBD kief is similar to using grinded CBD nugs, but the difference is that kief is mainly made up of trichomes: the hair-like appendages that coat a CBD nug and give it its color, effects, and CBD potency. As a result, CBD cookies and edibles made using kief are more potent and effective than regular nugs.

Chances are that you’ve smoked or used the kief—often called dry sift—that collects in your grinder below the screen. However, you can also use a sift catcher to further filter your kief and sift out all the excess plant material. Doing this will help isolate the trichomes for more concentrated potency and better taste when baking CBD cookies. 

Alternatively, you can also buy prepackaged CBD kief made from highly potent and exotic hemp flowers here at Dreamland Organics.

The reason that kief is so effective for making edibles like CBD cookies is because of its convenience and ease of use. Simply sprinkle some kief into a CBD cookie recipe or onto a freshly baked treat and snack away. 

Alternatively, you can also make kief into CBD cannabutter; this 

How to make CBD cannabutter using CBD nugs/kief: 

  1. Acquire you kief by using a kief catcher or by ordering some from DLO

  2. Place on parchment paper and put on a baking sheet

  3. Bake your kief for an hour and a half at 240°F (115°C), stirring it every 5 minutes or so; this decarboxylation method is vital for converting the CBDA to CBD

  4. With low heat, slowly melt butter in a pan while adding 1-2 grams of decarboxylated kief per stick of butter

  5. Let the butter simmer for 10 minutes (or until the kief is fully dissolved) while stirring lightly

  6. After the kief is dissolved, remove from heat and let the cannabutter cool before refrigerating 

Tip: If you smell your kief burning during the decarboxylation process, turn down the heat on your oven. You don’t want your kief to burn but to instead dry out and turn brown

Then, after you have cannabutter, you can simply use it in place of regular butter to make potent CBD cookies or similar treats. For ease of use, you may consider making your CBD cannabutter in bulk so that you can bake quicker and more conveniently.

CBD Hash

Alternatively, you can also use CBD hash over kief when baking CBD cookies. 

The main difference between hash and kief when baking edibles will be taste and potency. Edibles made using CBD kief will usually have a weaker “weed taste” than CBD hash, and will instead have a nuttier or earthier taste. Meanwhile, CBD cookies made with hash will result in a stronger hemp taste but be more potent in CBD. If you want to increase your Cookies CBD potency, go with CBD hash.

Hash—whether derived from cannabis or hemp—is usually the most potent form of CBD. This is because hash is made out of the same trichomes as kief, but is then filtered with ice water and compressed to be more dense. So while they’re similar, hash will always have more CBD per milligram, resulting in more potent cannabutter and edibles. 

Additionally, CBD hash may be better suited for inducing the entourage effect in your CBD cookies. Not only is the CBD cannabinoid denser, but so are the other cannabinoids like THCA, CBG, CBDA, etc. These cannabinoids interact with CBD to produce a heightened feeling of relaxation and chill.

This is also why hash made from organic and full spectrum CBD flowers are best recommended. Full spectrum hashes like DLO’s CBD Bubble Hash contain all the high quality terpenes and cannabinoids necessary for inducing the entourage effect and for creating potent, tasty edibles.


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How to make cannabutter using CBD hash:

  1. Acquire CBD Bubble Hash 

  2. Place on parchment paper and put on a baking sheet

  3. Bake your hash for 25 minutes at 250°F (121°C) or until brown to decarboxylate it

  4. Melt butter in a pan 

  5. Grind the decarboxylated hash into a fine powder and sprinkle into the pan (1 to 2 grams per stick of butter)

  6. Let the cannabutter simmer for 30 minutes while stirring occasionally

  7. Once the hash is fully dissolved, remove from heat and let cool before refrigerating

Similarly to cannabutter made from CBD kief, cannabutter made from hash can be used in place of any regular butter in any cooking recipe. Be warned, though, as the cannabutter made with hash will result in much stronger CBD cookies.

CBD Oil 

Not interested in making cannabutter for your CBD cookies or treats? Or perhaps you don’t like the “weed taste” associated with cannabis or hemp products? In that case, a quality CBD oil may be the better option. 

CBD oils are great for making CBD cookies or edibles because they’re the most convenient and easiest method of adding CBD to your recipes. Instead of making cannabutter, CBD oils can be substituted or mixed in with other cooking oils while baking. 

In the case of CBD cookies, if your recipe calls for vegetable oil you can substitute it with CBD oil or any combination of the two. If you’re using a butter-based recipe and don’t want to use cannabutter, you can also simply add the CBD oil to the batter. 

For the tastiest edibles without the hemp taste, we recommend using an organic MCT CBD oil. MCT oils are made primarily out of coconut oil, which blends into cookie recipes seamlessly. Additionally, they’re also vegan friendly and are full spectrum, encouraging the entourage effect. 


We at DLO have our own MCT CBD oil that’s perfect for CBD cookies, brownies, cakes, etc. At a highly concentrated amount of CBD, each dropper includes 18mg of CBD plus a variety of organic cannabinoids and terpenes.

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Final Thoughts On CBD Cookies

CBD cookies and edibles are one of the tastiest ways to experience the relaxation and medicinal benefits of CBD at social get-togethers or as a personal snack. Just like there’s many different ways to smoke CBD nugs, there’s also many different ways to eat them—whether by using cannabutter made with hash or kief or with organic CBD oil.

The best CBD cookies are made with products derived from the best and most organic CBD nugs. Here at Dreamland Organics, all our craft hemp flowers are grown organically without chemical pesticides or fertilizers. This ensures for a tasty, potent, and healthy CBD edible or smoking experience.

Stay blessed.

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