A Guide To Curing CBD Hemp Buds

Curing Smokable CBD Hemp Buds For Flavor

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With so many people jumping on the "green train" to pain and anxiety relief, through smoking hemp flower, we thought we should share a few secrets on how we grow such flavorful hemp buds. While genetics, nutrient inputs and environment certainly play their role in determining premium CBD hemp buds, to us at Dreamland Organics, it's all in the cure.

3 Step Process To Cure Top Shelf Hemp Buds

1. Slow Dry Hemp Buds First

Before you even start the cure, it's important to note that improperly drying your hemp buds will render a proper cure, useless. If you dry your plants too fast, you will lock up chlorophyl in the bud and it will taste like fresh cut grass. Your cure will do nothing to get that smell out of your precious hemp nugs.

Some growers wet trim their plants and this will speed up drying time, but again make them more likely to taste like bunk. You want a slow dry with a cool temperature below 80 degrees and humidity around 50%. Your plants will take 7-14 days to fully dry when done in this manner. So step one, leave all fan leaves intact, whole pant hang is possible and WAIT! Patience is key here, so don't rush drying time.

Hand Trim Your CBD Hemp Buds

After the plants are dry, it's time to remove them from the main stem, remove the the fan leaves and trim your CBD hemp buds. Use sharp trimming scissors and make sure to save all of the hash that collects on them while trimming. Scissor hash is almost as good as our CBD Bubble hash! Yum!

2. On To The Cure

Get your glass jars ready, because it's time to cure some organic buds! The curing process, which comes after drying, is a critical step in maximizing terpene retention. This is where we are able to gain a huge competitive advantage over many other larger industrial hemp farms. With so much hemp flower, there is simply too much to cure tons and tons of hemp bud in glass jars. On small scale, craft hemp flower farms, like ours here at Dreamland Organics, we have the luxury of being able to implement the "holy grail" of cannabis curing, "the glass jar method". This method consists of removing the excess moisture from the hemp buds, ever so slowly, so as not to evaporate all the precious terpenes. The process is labor intensive, requiring us to continually open and close the jars (burping), to release moisture, ensuring the buds dry without becoming moldy. This also takes several weeks, which is not logistically possible for debt financed industrial hemp farms, which must recoup their money as soon as harvest ends.

What If My CBD Hemp Buds Dry Out?

Simply place a lemon peel/ piece of lettuce or a piece of damp paper towel in your jar overnight and they will reinoculate. Just don't leave it in too long or your buds may get too damp and will smell like a wet mop. Less is more when doing this process to re-moisturize your stash.

Why Does Most Hemp For Sale Online Taste Like, Hemp?

You see most industrial hemp flower farms just don't have the time, or the resources to glass jar cure 10,000 lbs of CBD flower. They don't even have the drying space to properly dry that many plants. Their solution is to dry their hemp flower in a few hours time, in a kiln, like pottery. The only problem is terpenes burn off at temperatures above 75 degrees or so, thus removing most of the fragrance and the "entourage effect" from their hemp buds.

Why Are Dreamland Organics CBD Hemp Buds So Flavorful?

Well, we glass jar cure every hemp bud before we offer it for sale online.

That is why the terpene rich CBD hemp buds for sale online at DreamlandOrganics.com are so"loud" (slang for very fragrant). We hang dry our plants for slow drying and glass jar cure our premium hemp flower. You just can't compete with our level of plant care at scale. That is why we defiantly remain small and craft, to ensure a superior product. Throw in our own unique hemp genetics and 20 plus years of cannabis cultivation and you can see why the competition would like to see us silenced.

How Long Does Hemp Flower Last Once Cured?

Considering there is no excess moisture left in your hemp nugs and they are kept in an airtight glass container and away from heat and direct sunlight, quire a while! Your hemp buds when properly stored can last well over a year, or longer. That is not to say that they ever actually "go bad", but they will oxidize and lose some terpenes and potency if not stored in the proper conditions.

Do Other Hemp Flower Companies Glass Jar Cure Their Hemp Buds?

Very few.

Even "high end" indoor hemp growers usually just dry, trim then package their hemp flowers. They don't have the time or space to cure their buds like we do here at DLO.

There are secrets to this hemp flower industry and it gets even more worrisome than kiln drying. Stay tuned to be further enlightened, to ensure you can make an educated choice when purchasing premium hemp flower. The truth is, it usually isn't premium quality hemp flower at all, it's trimmed biomass. Putting hemp flower in a jar with a fancy label is not curing and does not constitute high end hemp bud. Don't be fooled by imposters, less than 1% of the industry at present is "true craft organic" hemp flower. Choose wisely.

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