CBD Kief Vs CBD Hash

CBD Hash And CBD Kief : Which Is Better?

Looking for a way to spice up your CBD smoking session? If so, then you’ve probably considered either CBD kief or CBD hash at one point. Both CBD hash and CBD kief are excellent ways to mix a bit of potency, flavor, and kick to your regular artisan hemp stash. 

While both terms are often used interchangeably due to their similarities, CBD connoisseurs can recognize and appreciate the differences between the two. There are a few minor differences that can set them apart in potency, effects, and advantages. Although most of these benefits depend on personal tastes, one CBD flower enthusiast may prefer one type of product over the other. 

Not sure which one is better for you? In this blog post we’ll explore the differences between CBD kief and CBD hash so that you can better choose which one is preferable based on your tastes. Additionally, we’ll also share our recommendations for the best hash and kief CBD products available to buy online.

How CBD Hash And CBD Kief Is Made


CBD kief and CBD hash are both extremely potent in terms of CBD concentration and cannabinoid percentage. Why? Because at their core, each CBD product is made with the trichomes of organic artisan hemp flowers. 

Artisan hemp—unlike traditional cannabis—doesn’t contain enough THC to get you high, although it can be very similar to cannabis in terms of taste and smoking experience.

 Equally important, artisan hemp also contains higher concentrations of CBD and other minor cannabinoids compared to most cannabis strains. This is because these flowers are specially bred and grown to attain those attributes.

The high CBD concentration and potent effect of a craft hemp flower stem in part from the trichomes, which are small appendage-like hairs on a CBD flower that are responsible for creating most of the cannabinoids. 

Whenever you grind an artisan hemp flower in your grinder, these trichomes pile under the steel mesh screen into what’s called a “kief catcher.” This is essentially all kief is: accumulated piles of loose trichomes. This kief can then be sprinkled into your pipe or bong with other hemp flowers or rubbed onto a joint for an extra CBD kief. 

CBD hash, meanwhile, takes kief to the next level. Hash is made by extracting the trichomes using clean ice water, filtering them, and then tightly compressing them. The final product is a highly potent, crumbly CBD hash that’s great for smoking whole, mixing into your smoking session, or for making some tasty edibles or no-bake recipes.

Which Is Better For Me? Advantages Of Both


While both hash and kief are made from trichomes and offer a kick of CBD potency and effects, there are still a few key differences. Not only are they made differently, but they also offer a few advantages over each other depending on preference.

Again, these differences boil down to personal taste. But to make it a little easier to choose between them, below are a few distinct attributes unique to CBD kief and CBD hash.

CBD Kief

Crumbly, CBD kief spilling out of a mason jar

  1. Inexpensive

One of the bigger advantages that CBD kief has over hash is a financial one. On average, CBD kief products are usually cheaper than hash. This is because kief is very easy to sell, as it’s often a byproduct separated from a company’s main product. Anytime a company grinds CBD flowers to create pre-rolls, for example, they can then package the kief to sell separately. 

Not only is CBD kief cheaper to buy online, but it’s technically free if you grind your own hemp flower yourself.

  1. Easy To Make

Unlike hash, CBD kief is much simpler to make and a positive byproduct of grinding CBD flower.

Although you can simply use the kief collected in the kief catcher when grinding, you can also further sift the kief by putting it into a kief box: a special type of container made specifically for sifting and catching kief. Put your CBD kief inside, shake it, and filter out the excess plant material for an even smoother kief. This process is also good for collecting kief if you further want to expand by making your own CBD hash. 

  1. Convenient

Perhaps the most obvious yet impactful benefit of CBD kief is it’s convenience and ease of use. Although hash is also convenient, part of what makes kief easy to use is its abundance and ability to be easily added onto other products.

Not only can CBD kief be added onto other craft hemp flowers, but you can even sprinkle and stir it into beverages or make it into cannabutter. Kief is especially beneficial for hot beverages and oven-baked edibles, since the heat can decarboxylate the THCa, CBDa, and CBGa acid compounds into full-fledged cannabinoids and increase potency. 

Want to read more about ways to use, extract, and consume CBD kief? Read our full guide: What Is CBD Kief? | A Guide To Full Spectrum Extracts

CBD Hash

Top view of CBD Bubble Hash inside a mason jar

  1. More Potent 

Although kief is already potent due to the high number of trichomes, CBD hash is generally even more potent. This is because of the compression method used to create hash. Since the kief is compressed into a concentrated hash, this hash is like a denser version of kief. So think of CBD hash as getting more bang for your buck. 

This may even be the defining distinction that can persuade smokers to choose hash over kief. If you want a CBD concentration that’s strong, then choose kief; if you want a concentration that’s even stronger, then choose hash.

  1. Best For High THCA No-Bake Recipes

Due to its higher concentration of cannabinoids and THCa, CBD hash is a great way to make no-bake edibles. With a no-bake edible, you can consume the CBD hash straight and without converting the THCa into THC. Although it won’t be as potent, the medicinal benefits are much stronger.

Comparatively, using CBD in an oven-baked recipe will create a very strong CBD edible that’s bound to induce the entourage effect.

  1. Smoother

Lastly, another benefit that CBD hash has is that it’s usually smoother than kief. This isn’t a rule set in stone, especially because both hash and kief products can differ, but it is a good general rule.

Typically, because CBD hash is a more refined version of kief, there’s practically no plant matter left—just trichomes, CBD, and other minor cannabinoids. This makes for a smooth and chill smoking session, whether you want to smoke or vape it straight or mix it in with other products.

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Our Recommendations

Whether you prefer CBD hash or CBD kief, there’s no shortage of products online. Unfortunately, however, there is a shortage of full spectrum and organic products. 

Why does this matter? Because full spectrum products ensure a high quality hemp smoke, whether by hash, kief, or nug. Full spectrum CBD flowers contain all the natural cannabinoids and terpenes that make a flower unique. These elements make a CBD flower both tasty and potent. Without them, artisan hemp is no better than the mass produced industrial hemp grown by factory farms and made into rope.

Just as important is organic products. An organic craft hemp flower is one that’s grown without the use of chemical pesticides, fertilizers, or additives. This is extremely important, as the toxic carcinogens used to grow non-organic hemp can make its way to your lungs or stomach in trace amounts. Long-term exposure can cause adverse health conditions like cancers, neurological diseases, and respiratory issues. Also, these chemicals can even strip artisan hemp of their flavor. 

So where do you go to find CBD hash and CBD kief that’s both full spectrum and organic? To make your search easier, we’ve added our recommendations below.

Full Spectrum CBD Kief


Closeup view of CBD kief

Our full spectrum CBD Kief is extracted from only our top shelf, organic and full spectrum artisan hemp flowers. As a result, it’s jam-packed with tasty terpenes and potent cannabinoids. It’s made from a mixture of our most popular and most potent craft hemp flowers.

Unlike CBD kief made from industrial hemp, this kief has all the natural elements indicative of artisan hemp. It’s equally potent, relaxing, and efficient at inducing the entourage effect—adding an extra kick of CBD potency to your craft hemp flower smoking session. 

 CBD kief is great for mixing with regular artisan hemp to be smoked or vaped, or for creating cannabutter or using to bake a homemade edible with. It’s also effective at enhancing the flavor of any CBD flower it’s sprinkled onto. 

Chill out and relax with a little help from our full spectrum CBD kief—the same kief we use in our CBD pre rolls.

Full Spectrum CBD Bubble Hash


Top view of CBD Bubble Hash inside a mason jar, with lid saying "DLO" leaning on the jar

Our full spectrum CBD Bubble Hash is equally organic as it is tasty and potent. 

As a full spectrum hash, CBD Bubble Hash has one of the highest concentrations of CBD available on the market. It also includes a large variety of terpenes and cannabinoids for extra kick and flavor. These terpenes and cannabinoids combine to further induce the entourage effect, leaving you feeling relaxed, stress free, and in a state of mental serenity. It’s also a great CBD hash for battling chronic pain and similar ailments due to its high concentration of CBD. 

Additionally, CBD Bubble Hash has one of highest THCa concentrations of any CBD product online. As a result, smoking this hash can further strengthen the entourage effect. Alternatively, you can add the hash into a no-bake recipe for the added medicinal effects of THCa.

This CBD hash is made with the same organic top shelf hemp as our CBD kief. As such, it’s an organic and simple way to add kick to your next smoking session. Crumble and sprinkle it over artisan hemp or smoke it whole in your pipe, bong, or vaporizer to feel yourself melt and chill out. 

Final Thoughts On CBD Kief And CBD Hash

Whether you prefer CBD hash or CBD kief, both concentrations are an excellent way to add potency and flavor to the next CBD smoking session. 

The best hash, kief, and CBD products are made using only the most organic and artisanal top shelf hemp flowers—such as the ones found at Dreamland Organics, which are grown using living soil and in direct Oregon sunlight. 

Not sure whether you like kief or hash more? Our recommendation: try some CBD Bubble Hash and compare it to kief made at home by grinding organic CBD nugs. You can view a selection of organic nugs here or try a nug sampler pack for some variety. 

Stay blessed.

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