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It has long been assumed that CBD and THC from hemp flower and cannabis respectively, have been effective in treating PTSD (post traumatic stress disorder). Many hemp and cannabis consumers often state that one of the main attributes of these herbs is stress relief.  PTSD is a more advanced and specific type of stress, so it reasons that CBD and THC would be of great benefit in alleviating this condition. Now, scientific studies are confirming what has long been assumed, cannabis and namely CBD for PTSD helps ease your troubled mind.

Those suffering from PTSD are susceptible to various problems including panic attacks and extreme anxiety, nightmares and trouble sleeping, difficulty focusing, paranoia and detachment from others. These symptoms can even lead one to suicide. Before more recent scientific evidence, armed forces veterans have touted the benefits cannabis can have in dealing with life after war. Now, this new research appears to have pinpointed the biological factors behind the relieving benefits of this wonder plant.

CBD For PTSD : What The Science Says

A study out of Wayne State University in Detroit, Michigan, points to how CBD present in hemp and cannabis, can reduce activity in a part of the brain called the amygdala. So what does this mean and why is it significant? Well, the amygdala is the part of the brain associated with fear responses to threats. Previous studies had already shown the long held belief in cannabis culture, that smoking this plant can reduce anxiety, but this study targeted adults, actually living with the specific condition of PTSD.

In a randomized, double blind study, 71 participants were either given cannabis, or a placebo. They were then given threatening stimuli and the amygdala was monitored to gauge the reaction. Those given cannabis fared better than their placebo receiving counterparts. The group that received CBD and THC, in the form of cannabis, showed noticeable reduced activity in the amygdala, thus proving their fear responses were lowered. 

There is one caveat, in that high THC strains can sometimes cause heightened paranoia. This is where CBD comes into play. It has been proven that CBD helps to mitigate the potential for anxiety that may be caused by excessive amounts of THC. Here in Oregon, there are actual walk-in clinics, where those who got “too high’ can be given some CBD to quell their anxiety. In the aforementioned study, the cannabis administered was low THC, high CBD cannabis, aka, hemp flower.

Study number two, from Federal University of Parana in Brazil, sought to see if cannabis could help with reducing the intensity of memories related to trauma in PTSD patients. This methodology was first suggested by R. Andrew Sewell, a professor of psychiatry at Yale University. He believed PTSD patients could overwrite traumatic memories, with new ones, in a process called “extinction learning”. This process usually helps trauma resolve on its own by experiencing similar incidents as the ones that caused the trauma, but having the end result not end in something negative. An example would be if you were bitten by a dog as a child, exposure to dogs where no attacks occur, slowly reduce your fear of dogs and your brain begins to register the attack as a one off event and not something that happens normally. 

The problem is, those with PTSD tend to not be able to do this as well as others. That means their trauma related to certain occurrences does not fade with time, even though there is no evidence to suggest they should be fearful. An example would be an army veteran who dealt with a traumatic event of bombs being dropped on his vehicle, while driving under a bridge during war. Even in peacetime, where there is no clear and present danger, they would still fear driving under bridges and potentially have flashbacks. No matter how many times they safely pass under a bridge, the fear would not subside. Sewell believed that using cannabis could help PTSD patients recover from this “extinction learning” process failure, but unfortunately he passed away prior to completing his work.

Luckily, the researchers in Brazil continued his research and did in fact find a link between recovering from traumatic experiences and cannabis and hemp consumption. They found that CBD and THC stimulate CB1, a receptor in the endocannabinoid system that helps improve the extinction learning process. It seems that those with PTSD have a malfunctioning CB1 receptor, as a result of their trauma. CBD with low doses of THC, proved to reduce anxiety responses and reduced the memories associated with PTSD. The study concluded that cannabis which is low in THC and high in CBD can suppress adverse memories and anxiety with no significant side effects.

This is great news for CBD hemp flower consumers, as this is just the case with our hemp flowers. For those of you suffering from PTSD, we are willing to offer a special discount, so send us a message from our contact form to learn more.

In a separate study, conducted by a professor of psychiatry at The University Of Colorado School of medicine, Scott Shannon and Janet Opila-Lehman, Naturopathic Physician at The Wholeness Center in Fort Collins, CO, a 10 year old girl with PTSD from sexual abuse, was treated with CBD oil. They found that the girl, who had been abused since the age of 5, showed significant improvement with regards to her PTSD after receiving between 12-25 MG of CBD oil. She was able to sleep better and her anxiety was greatly reduced. All the more reason why CBD oil can effectively replace many pharmaceuticals, with much more damaging side effects and less long term efficacy.

There are actually several other studies we could include, but here at Dreamland Organics, we just wanted to touch on the topic and spare you too much scientific jargon which can be hard to process all at once. You can do your own research and come to the same conclusions that we found when reading the studies. The key takeaway is that researchers are proving that CBD and THC, does in fact help relieve PTSD. Period.

As far as CBD flower strains we recommend specifically for PTSD, you really could not go wrong, but below are three of our favorite stress reducers. We believe that terpenes may also play a role, as aromatherapy is a thing and has also been shown to reduce stress and alter one's mood. It is for this reason we list some of our most terpene rich hemp strains as PTSD killers. Don't forget to check out our CBD MCT oil as well, in Unflavored, Orange Ginger and Mint Chamomile.

  • Eden - A sativa dominant strain with citrusy notes.
  • Immortal - An indica dominant strain with a fruity grape jam profile.
  • Dream Fuel - A hybrid hemp strain with intense gassy notes.

Conclusion : CBD For PTSD

Studies in both animals and humans suggest that CBD offers many therapeutic benefits for disorders stemming from traumatic memories, i.e., PTSD. The effects that CBD has on CB1 receptors and the amygdala make it a suitable replacement for much more harmful pharmacological remedies previously prescribed. This is exciting news for those who suffer from stress related issues like PTSD or just high anxiety. CBD also benefits those dealing with the many symptoms of trauma, such as sleep deprivation and insomnia. It’s such a blessing in disguise for us as a company, as we know that our organic hemp flower and full spectrum extracts are actually benefiting mankind and potentially saving lives. This is icing on the cake for a bunch of CBD and cannabis flower snobs, who just want to produce the most terpene rich, smooth smoking hemp buds on the market. The thought that we are allowing people to heal, sleep better and lead more productive lives makes us feel all warm and fuzzy inside and motivates us to be even better. Put some respect on your lungs and kick that PTSD to the curb and create a new you, you deserve the best. Stay blessed and stress free everyone. Much love!

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