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wholesale cbd flower

Is Buying Wholesale CBD Flower Worth It? 

Do you love CBD and saving money? If you want more bang for your buck, then look no further than wholesale CBD flower.

If you’re an avid CBD flower smoker, then chances are that you spend a lot of money on CBD products year by year. Even if you smoke less than a gram a day, just smoking CBD hemp flowers on a regular basis can result in a lot of costly CBD purchases over the course of a year. As such, many consumers are turning to wholesale CBD flowers in order to cut down on costs.

Buying anything “wholesale” may seem like a foreign concept, but most financial gurus swear by it. Wholesale products simply mean an item that’s sold in bulk and offered at a discounted price. Although buying in bulk may seem expensive at first, these discounts offer enormous savings in the long run. 

So, are wholesale CBD flowers worth it? The short answer is yes. But, for the long answer, continue reading.

In this post, we’re going to share with you how wholesale hemp flowers are more economical long term, the pros and cons of buying products in bulk, where to buy organic wholesale CBD flowers, and a few alternatives to buying wholesale—if it isn’t quite right for you.

Why Do CBD Companies Sell Wholesale CBD Flowers? 

The discounts from buying wholesale CBD flowers in bulk are so good that many potential buyers may be skeptical. Wholesale discounts are one of those things that often seem too good to be true—but trust me when I say that the savings from wholesale hemp flowers is very much real. There are good reasons that companies offer such incredible rates on them. 

Selling products in bulk isn’t something exclusive to CBD companies. In fact, many retail and grocery companies often offer wholesale discounts as well if you know where to look. Stores such as WinCo or CostCo are known for offering bulk products at cheap prices. 

The reason that wholesale pricing is so cheap is due to economics. For one thing, whenever a company manufactures a product—regardless of what it is—there’s always a risk that it won’t sell. By selling it in bulk, a company has a large guaranteed sale. In turn for this guarantee of safety, companies offer a much bigger sale to individual customers. Another reason wholesale is cheaper is also because less packaging is included, reducing selling costs. 

Wholesale CBD flowers are especially discounted, because CBD companies take an exceptionally large risk when growing their plants. Although they don’t necessarily expire, CBD flowers can’t just sit around forever. Pests, insects, and mold pose a significant threat to stored hemp flowers—especially organic hemp flowers, since no synthetic pesticides are used. 

This is the reason that wholesale hemp flowers are ridiculously discounted. Wholesale shopping offers a huge discount in bulk items, making it a great way to enjoy CBD flowers more cost-efficiently.

Why Organic Wholesale CBD Flower Is Better

Since organic hemp flowers are riskier to grow, organic wholesale CBD flowers are usually offered at better discounts than their non-organic counterparts. Since they’re not protected by chemical pesticides, there’s a bigger risk of unwanted pests and similar obstacles. As such, organic CBD companies are always more than happy to discount bulk quantities for a guaranteed sale. 

Not only are they cheaper, but organic CBD flowers are healthier and tastier, too. Non-organic hemp flowers are usually grown using synthetic fertilizers, pesticides, and artificial additives; these typically contain large amounts of carcinogens and toxic chemicals, of which trace amounts can make their way into the cured flowers. Long-term use can cause unwanted health conditions like cancer. 

So, as a reminder, always buy organic CBD flowers. Not only is it cheaper in wholesale prices, but it’s cheaper for your health as well. 

To learn more about why you should buy organic, read our blog post: Organic CBD Nugs : Is It Worth Buying Organic?

Pros of Buying Wholesale Hemp Flower 

  1. Cheaper long-term

So far, the main advantage of wholesale CBD flowers is that it’s cost-efficient. For most people, this is the most advantageous benefit of buying CBD in bulk. It’s almost unbelievable how cost-efficient wholesale pricing is. Yet, over the course of a year, buying wholesale CBD flowers can save you thousands of dollars.

Let’s look at some math and see how much better wholesale prices are per unit:

Take Immortal by Dreamland Organic for instance, which goes for $26.99 at 3.5g. This comes out to about $7.71 per one gram. That same strain at wholesale price goes for $899.99 for 448g—or just $2.01 per one gram. 

That’s a discount of over $5 per gram. Although this doesn’t sound like a lot, it makes a huge difference over the course of a year. Over the course of time it takes you to smoke the wholesale hemp flower, you can save over $2554.09.

Suddenly, the price of wholesale hemp flowers doesn’t seem as daunting.

  1. Reduced Waste (Better For The Environment)

As mentioned earlier, another reason that wholesale hemp flowers are more cost-efficient is due to packaging. Instead of having to package each gram or ounce separately, bulk supply can be packaged in full—cutting costs for both the seller and consumer. 

Because buying in bulk quantities reduces packaging, it’s also friendlier for the environment. Most CBD flowers are packaged in plastic that doesn’t decompose. These plastics quickly fill up landfills. Additionally, plastics left out in nature can find their ways into the throats and stomachs of animals. In fact, thousands of marine animals like seals and sea turtles are killed each year by choking or ingesting plastic. 

Buying wholesale isn’t just more economical, it’s also less harmful for the environment. As such, it’s a great deal for people who love sales and mother nature.

Cons of Buying Wholesale Hemp Flower

  1. Difficult to Purchase At Once

Despite being more cost-efficient, buying wholesale hemp flowers can be a little intimidating. Although that $899.99 price is still cheaper by thousands of dollars compared to little-by-little purchasing, it can be somewhat difficult to spend that much money at once. Thankfully, though, a few strategies exist. 

One strategy that many finance-literate people implement is to use a portion of their savings or tax return at the beginning of the year to budget year-long. Instead of budgeting month by month on expenses, they then buy everything in bulk. This doesn’t just include wholesale CBD flowers, but also bulk water, toilet paper, laundry detergent, etc. 

Although it may seem scary to budget like this—since so much money is spent at once—you’ll quickly realize the financial benefit as you save thousands of dollars. The money you save can then be added on to help pay for your rent or add to your disposable income or investments. 

Does the price of wholesale still seem a little much? There’s a few cheaper though less economical alternatives as well. CBD bundle deals are a great way to shop for CBD, since you still get a discounted unit price.

  1. Less Variety 

Another con of buying wholesale CBD flowers is the lack of variety. Unfortunately, in order to purchase wholesale hemp flowers you have to select a specific strain to buy in bulk. And although most CBD strains are great, this commitment may be a little daunting. 

You also run the risk of purchasing a strain in bulk which you may end up disliking. Before buying wholesale CBD flowers, we always recommend trying them out individually first. A good test run can have you confident that you’ll enjoy your CBD nugs before committing to a large purchase.

If you’re looking for a good bundle deal which has good variety, our CBD sampler pack is a good buy. It includes two to five of our most popular strains at a reduced unit price. It’s also a great way to test out multiple strains before committing to buying wholesale.

Final Thoughts On Wholesale CBD Flower

Buying wholesale hemp flowers may seem a bit foreign and expensive at first, but purchasing wholesale saves a tremendous amount of money in the long run. If you can make the commitment to buying in bulk, you can save thousands of dollars and reduce waste—all while enjoying organic craft hemp flowers. 

The best wholesale pricing and flowers can be found right here at Dreamland Organics. If the wholesale or bundle offers aren’t right for you, then explore our shop to find them strain by strain. All of our CBD nugs are grown organically, without synthetic chemicals, and only outside in natural light and living soil. 

Stay blessed.

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