wholesale hemp flower
wholesale hemp flower
wholesale hemp flower
wholesale hemp flower
wholesale hemp flower
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Wholesale Hemp Flower | Buy Wholesale CBD Flower | 1 LB Hemp Flower

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Wholesale Hemp Flower By The LB (Farmers Cut 1LB) -Wholesalehemp

This is the same craft hemp flower we sell, but with one difference, it is not hand trimmed. We de-leaf the hemp buds and run them through a "Trimbag" dry trimmer, which does at least half of the work for you. All you need to do is manicure these hemp buds and you will have a craft, premium hemp flower. These hemp nugs will be 50-70% processed and only requires some touching up to remove and sugar leaves and crows feet.

NOTE: "Farmers Cut" refers to a roughly trimmed hemp flower.

This is a great way to get some premium hemp flower at a discount and start your own hemp flower brand. We will supply you with the premium hemp buds and you do the rest. We are you premium hemp flower supplier!

Craft Hemp Flower Buds Available For Wholesale


Sativa Hemp Strain - 14% CBD

Effects - Uplifting, Mood enhancer, Focus, Pain Relief

Terpene Profile - Cheesy, Skunky, Floral

"Eden", is a Sativa dominant hemp strain, with a funky floral aroma. Reminiscent of the cannabis strain, "The Chronic" in phenotype, this Sativa structured CBD Bud is light and fluffy with a strong calming effect. These hemp nugs will have you ready to seize the day and get stuff done!

Great for anxiety or pain relief, this versatile, exclusive hemp cultivar is essential in today's stressful environment. Great as a morning, mid-day, or evening puff, Eden CBD Hemp Flower will have you in a state of calm, similar to walking through a serene garden.


    Indica Hybrid Hemp Strain - 15% CBD

    Effects: Relaxing, focus, calming, pain relief

    Terpene Profile : Sweet diesel fuel, mango, myrcene


     "Dream Fuel" is an indica dominant, hybrid hemp strain available only at Dreamland Organics. This exclusive hemp cultivar smells of a gas leak at a smoothie shop. Heavy fuel overtones, with an over-ripe fruit basket finish, will have craft flower connoisseurs stuck to the jar, like a bloodhound fresh on the trail! 

    CBD hemp buds in general are known for providing the healing benefits of cannabis, without the high feeling. This way you can medicate without fear of anxiety. Our Dream Fuel strain is excellent if you need to focus and take the edge off of a troubled mind. This CBD hemp bud will provide you an intense rush of well being.

    The effect of our Dream Fuel Strain can be uplifting, with an intense hit of chill. The onset is instantaneous, allowing the user to regulate the desired dose with ease. Perfect for taking the edge off and allowing one to get focused on the day ahead, or for settling down for a relaxing night at home prior to a blissful sleep.
    For this one-time, extremely limited release, we teamed up with Gnar Jars brand stash jars, to offers this artisanal hemp strain in a dual compartment borosilicate glass jar. You can also get these delicious hemp nugs in our standard DLO stash jar. The choice is yours. Get it while it lasts and experience the most terpene hemp flower available bar none.


  • LAVENDER CBG Flower Wholesale

    Organic CBD Hemp Strain - 14% CBG

    Effects - Pain relief, calming, digestive aid

    Terpene Profile - Sweet Floral, Citrus, Earthy

    "Lavender CBG", is an exotic hemp strain, with a lavender floral and citrus fruit aroma. This is our highest CBG strain we carry at the moment and one of the highest CBG stains we have come across in the market. Reminiscent of the cannabis strain, "Forbidden Fruit" in phenotype, this Sativa structured organic CBG flower cultivar is light and fluffy with a strong calming effect.

    Great for anxiety, depression, indigestion, or insomnia, this versatile, exclusive hemp cultivar provides a blanket of calm from the onset. Although great for a restful sleep, Lavender can be used throughout the day, as it does not diminish mental clarity. Strains high in CBG are rare and hard to come by, so we are super happy to carry this hemp strain.

    Take a walk down a blissful lavender patch and enjoy the fruity floral terpenes of Lavender CBG!


    Indica Hemp Strain - 12% CBD

    Effect : Chill, Uplifting, Calm, Relaxed

    Terpenes : Caryophyllene, Myrcene, Limonene, Pinene, Linalool, Mentol, Nerolidol, Cineol. 

    Our Blue Diamond strain is a delicious new hemp cultivar from DLO. A sister strain of "Sheeba" with the same mother, Blue Diamond packs an immediate hit of calm with fruity sweet berry terpenes and a hint of mint. It has more of an over-pronounced taste of ripened blackberries, with an almost candy-like flavor.

    The effects are also similar to "Sheeba" but with a more immediate punch as this batch does have a higher CBD content. This CBD hemp bud is not for lightweights! Don't let the 12% CBD fool you, as those who have tried our flower have come to know, our terpenes greatly enhance "The Entourage Effect". 

    Put some respect on the power of this exclusive hemp strain to quickly alleviate pain and rewire your brain for calm. And as always, this CBD hemp bud is 100% organic and slow cured, so put some respect on your lungs and stop smoking low or mid-grade industrial hemp. Experience the difference between top-shelf, craft hemp flowers.

  • Immortal CBD Hemp Buds

Indica Hybrid Hemp Strain - 15% CBD

Effects - Calming, Body Relaxation, Pain Relief, Sleep Aid

Terpene Profile - Sweet Grape Jam

Immortal is our new powerhouse hemp strain available only here at DLO! With a terpene profile of grape jam and a hybrid hemp effect, we anticipate this being a crowd favorite.

The hemp nugs are covered in resinous CBD goodness and at 15%, she packs a punch, both in flavor and effect! This Immortal CBD hemp flower will satisfy even the most discerning flower smoker and is a delightful puff for newbies alike. We consider Immortal to be the best hemp flower for pain.

You can use this flower as a day or night smoke, as it is powerful, yet functional while keeping you chill at all times. Enjoy a puff of this craft hemp cultivar and you too will feel, "Immortal!".

  • Cannoli CBD Flower LB

Indica Hybrid Hemp Strain - 15% CBD

Effects - Calming, clear mind, good for focus or sleep aid

Terpene profile - sweet pastry, toffee, earthy

This Cannoli CBD flower has a pungent smell of cannoli pastry and strong therapeutic effects. This particular phenotype came out a bit airy, but is still sticky and has plenty of terpenes. This CBD flower would make great hash or CBD extracts although the buds are slightly airy and not dense like our usual Cannoli flower. That is why we are offering a steep discount on the few lbs we have left of this strain. Bear in mind the CBD percentage and terpenes are still there, the bud structure is just more sativa like.

Below is a pic of what this CBD bud will look like trimmed.

Put some respect on your lungs and try Dreamland Organics craft quality CBD flower hemp buds!

Inventory Last Updated: Jan 26, 2023