What Is The Best CBD Strain For Pain and Inflammation?

What Are The Best CBD Strains For Pain? | Best Craft Hemp Flower

What Is The Best CBD Strain For Pain and Inflammation?

Are you suffering from chronic pain, inflammation, arthritis, or a neurological disease like Parkinson’s disease or epilepsy? If so, then perhaps you have considered trying out CBD.


CBD offers a variety of medicinal benefits that can be a wonderful alternative to traditional medication. Specifically, CBD craft hemp flowers offer a natural and organic alternative to pain medication—of which can cause a number of negative long-term side effects like liver damage or addiction/dependency. 

Not only does craft hemp flower offer high concentrations of CBD, but (unlike medicinal marijuana) they don’t contain THC. At least, they contain only trace amounts, meaning that they won’t get you high or intoxicated. They’re also legal on a federal level, making them easier to access than traditional cannabis. 

If you’re interested in the medical pain-relieving qualities of CBD and craft hemp flowers, then the only question that remains is which strain to use. So in this blog post we’re going to explore how to find the best CBD strain for pain. Additionally, we’ll also share our top 3 picks of the best CBD strains for pain and other related conditions. 

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Benefits Of CBD And Craft Hemp Flower

As mentioned, craft hemp flower can work wonders for painful conditions as well as neurological and mental ailments. 

Also, compared to medicinal cannabis, craft hemp flowers are even better for treating pain and related conditions. Why? Because craft hemp flowers contain up to a hundred times more CBD: a difference of 0.2% to 15%. And compared to CBD isolates and tinctures, craft hemp flowers are usually more affordable and better priced.

CBD works by binding to the cannabinoid receptors in the brain and body. These receptors—especially the CB1 receptors—are partially responsible for the pain signals sent throughout the nervous system. By binding to the CB1 receptors, CBD can assist in blocking these pain signals. And, since CB1 receptors are located in areas of the brain that control emotions and mood regulation (primarily the hippocampus and amygdala lobes), CBD can also assist in treating mental conditions like depression and anxiety. 

But craft hemp flower isn't just solely good for medicinal benefits; they’re also great for relaxing in general and unwinding after or during a busy day. CBD is known for relaxing the body and mind, which is great for the common person who just wants to chill out and destress. This makes them a great remedy to use as a sleeping aid, too. 

CBD and craft hemp flowers are best recommended for: 

  • Treating pain caused by cancer treatments

  • Relieving pain from arthritis

  • Treating neurological diseases like Parkinson’s disease or epilepsy

  • Reducing anxiety

  • Treating symptoms of PTSD

  • Reducing depression

  • Treating insomnia

  • Relieving muscle cramps and headaches

  • Relaxing in general and reducing stress

These are only a few of the things that craft hemp flower can help treat. And the efficiency of these treatments depends on individual strains. 

Indica CBD: Best CBD Strains For Pain

Because craft hemp flowers derive their benefits from CBD, indica strains tend to be some of the best CBD strains for pain. This is due to the fact that indicas usually have higher concentrations of CBD than their sativa counterpart. 

However, that isn’t to say that sativa CBD strains aren’t also good for pain. In fact, some sativa CBD strains are arguably better suited for daytime pain treatment than indica strains. This is because sativa CBD strains are less likely to make you feel tired or sleepy due to their energizing and productivity-boosting benefits. Hybrid strains are also good in this regard. Though for the most serious and severe types of pain, indica CBD strains higher in CBD are usually more effective.

Terpenes and minor cannabinoids also play a major role in pain relief and symptoms. Some of the best CBD strains for pain can also contain high amounts of cannabinoids like cannabigerol (CBG) or cannabinol (CBN). This is partially why buying full spectrum as well as organic craft hemp flowers are important, because this ensures that your CBD nugs contain good quality terpenes and cannabinoids that will help reduce pain.

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The 3 Best CBD Strains For Pain

  1. Immortal 

Why is it called Immortal? Because you’ll feel so good and your pain will be so far removed that you almost feel immortal. 

Immortal is a purple craft hemp flower exclusive to Dreamland Organics. Because it’s a hybrid CBD strain, it combines the energizing effects of sativa CBD with indica CBD. As such, it’s one of the best CBD strains for pain relief during the day as it won’t bog you down by making you feel too tired or too sleepy. Instead, it helps relax, unwind, and relieve pain while improving productivity and mental focus/clarity. 

This craft hemp flower is best recommended for: 

  • Minor to moderate pain relief

  • Muscle and body relaxation

  • Anxiety relief during the day

  • Use as a sleeping aid

As a hybrid strain, Immortal has a large variety of unique terpenes that give it a distinct and unique flavor. It smells sweetly like grape jam and has its own special entourage effect to help improve relaxation. 

  1. Blue Diamond

Blue Diamond is one of the newest craft hemp flowers we’ve cultivated at DLO. We also consider it one of our most specially exotic CBD flowers due to its unique terpenes—making it as precious as a diamond.

As a sister strain of Sheeba, Blue Diamond is somewhat similar but with its own distinctive attributes and characteristics. It’s an indica CBD strain, but with a lower CBD concentration than most. This makes it ideal as either a daytime or evening smoke, because similarly to Immortal it won’t bog you down too much. 

However, don’t be tricked by the 12% CBD; despite having less CBD, it still packs a potent punch due to its combination of terpenes and minor cannabinoids. These elements combine so that Blue Diamond delivers a powerful entourage effect that is extremely relaxing, euphoric, and pain relieving.

Blue Diamond is best suited for:

  • Moderate to severe pain relief

  • Deepened body and mind relaxation

  • Anxiety relief

  • Depression treatment

  • Use as a sleeping aid

Along with combining to enhance the entourage effect, the terpenes within this exotic craft hemp flower also give a unique flavor: minty blackberry candy.

  1. Kimbo Kush

Out of all our craft hemp flower, we consider Kimbo Kush to be our strongest strain. Named after the late MMA star and bare knuckle boxer Kimbo Slice, this craft hemp flower packs a similarly powerful CBD punch. 

Kimbo Kush has one of the highest concentrations of CBD found anywhere on the market at a whopping 17%. As a result, it’s arguably the best CBD strain for pain. This indica CBD craft hemp flower is most recommended for veteran hemp smokers—and isn’t recommended for daytime use, as it will make you feel incredibly sleepy. If you do decide to smoke Kimbo Kush during the day, we recommend pairing it with a caffeinated beverage like tea or coffee. 

Kimbo Kush is best recommended for: 

  • Severe chronic pain

  • Depression or anxiety treatment in the evening

  • Treating insomnia

  • Extreme relaxation

There is also a cannabis strain named Kimbo Kush, which has a similar terpene profile. Don’t confuse the two, though, as the cannabis strain is well-known for being high in THC content while our craft hemp flower rendition is high in CBD. 

Kimbo Kush also has a unique terpene profile similar to a vanilla coffee with gassy overtones. As a result, it pairs well with french vanilla coffee—helping you stay awake if you just want to relax and unwind. 

Final Thoughts On The Best CBD Strain For Pain And Inflammation

If you’re looking for the best CBD strains for pain, anxiety, or depression, then craft hemp flowers offer an organic solution. With high concentrations of CBD and no THC, they give you the heightened benefits of medical cannabis without the associated highs or intoxication.

Hopefully this post has helped you pick out a pain-relieving craft hemp flower strain. If not, then perhaps try browsing our selection of CBD bundle deals. These deals give a little taste of everything so that you can find the right bud for your tastes and needs.

At Dreamland Organics, we grow and cultivate all of our craft hemp flowers naturally and organically—without the use of chemically synthetic fertilizers or pesticides. All our flowers are grown in direct sunlight, outside, and in living soil in order to bring you the tastiest and most potent CBD flowers possible.

Stay blessed.

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