3 Best Reasons To Buy CBD Kief

Why Buy CBD Kief?

CBD Kief: The Crème De La Crème Of Exotic CBD Flowers

If you’re like most experienced CBD flower smokers, you’ve probably grown accustomed to the relaxing chill of a hemp smoking session. Although both relaxing and medicinal, exotic CBD flowers can become a little boring after you’ve gotten used to the chill vibes it brings. As a result, many smokers are looking for new and exciting ways to smoke exotic hemp.

One of these exciting and potent ways: CBD kief

Kief adds a bit of cannabidiol potency and flavor to a regular hemp smoking session. Not only is it effective at adding concentrated CBD, terpenes, and minor cannabinoids to your hemp buds, but it’s also easily available—and cheaply sold online. 

What Is CBD Kief?


Finely ground brownish-green cbd kief

The reason that CBD kief is so potent is because it’s purely made up of trichomes: the tiny hair-like glands that coat exotic CBD flower and give them their color, potency, and effects. Whenever you grind a nug in your grinder, the dusty flower that accumulates under the mesh screen is known as kief—sometimes better known as “dry sift.” 

You can also further separate any excess plant material by using a kief box, which filters out the excess flower and leaves you with only pure, potent trichomes. 

Although CBD kief is easily acquired whenever you grind your nugs, the best kief is made using only the best and most exotic CBD flower. This is because exotic CBD flowers are densely coated with trichomes.

 Additionally, the trichomes of exotic hemp also produce more CBD and have better quality cannabinoids. Compare this to most of the industrial hemp sold online, which usually contain subpar trichomes with lower CBD concentrations. 

To learn more about CBD kief, read our full guide here: What Is CBD Kief? | A Guide To Full Spectrum Extracts

Where to Buy Premium CBD Kief

There’s two great ways to acquire CBD kief. One is by using a kief box to filter the kief from your grinder using quality CBD flowers (like the ones at DLO). The other is to buy packaged CBD kief from reputable vendors. 

Each option is solid, although they both come with certain pros and cons. In the case of sifting your kief yourself, the main advantage is that no purchase is necessary. Instead, you can simply use the kief that comes as a byproduct of grinding your flower. This also allows you to collect CBD kief from the hemp strains that you like most. 

The main con of collecting your own CBD kief is that you only acquire it when you grind exotic CBD flower. Thankfully, though—because kief is a byproduct of grinding hemp—many online sites sell them at fair prices.

 Unlike other CBD extracts like hash or oil that require expensive extraction methods, CBD kief is put aside whenever a company grinds hemp for pre rolled CBD cigarettes or related products. As a result, you can buy cheap yet potent CBD kief online and in large quantities. 

Just like any hemp product, CBD kief is best when it’s made with organic, full spectrum, and exotic CBD flowers. This ensures that your kief is tasty, healthy, and full of potency and CBD benefits. 

We at Dreamland Organics sell our own CBD kief made with our finest and best quality exotic CBD flowers. As a full spectrum product, it contains high concentrations of CBD, CBG, and CBC for an added kick of relaxation and medicinal effects.

Top 3 Best Ways To Use CBD Kief

  1. Spice Up Exotic CBD Flower

Perhaps the most popular way to use CBD kief is to simply mix with your exotic CBD flowers. 

Usually this is done by sprinkling the CBD kief on top of a packed bowl, bong, joint, or blunt. This is known as “crowning” the bowl. By adding kief, you greatly enhance the entourage effect and the amount of CBD that you inhale. Additionally, kief will also slow down how fast your nugs burn—making for a longer smoking session. 

Another way to spice up exotic hemp flowers with kief is to roll a pre rolled CBD joint in the kief. Because CBD kief is slightly sticky, it should stick to the joint well, although a good CBD oil can also be used to help it stick better. You can even use CBD oil to stick kief to whole nugs.

2. Smoke CBD Kief Straight

Alternatively, many smokers enjoy CBD kief straight. Although it may be easier to just add some kief on top of your nugs, smoking a whole bowl of kief by itself is a quick and effective way to feel the CBD effects. 

Because CBD kief is packed with high concentrations of cannabinoids, smoking a bowl of kief is equivalent to smoking several bowls of exotic CBD flower. As a result, kief makes it easy to chill out quickly—perfect for those stressful days when you really need to relax, and fast!

Although, be warned: smoking CBD kief straight isn’t usually recommended for beginner smokers. As mentioned, kief is a lot stronger than regular hemp. If you choose to smoke it straight, then we recommend trying a little bit first rather than a lot. 

3. Make Into Delicious CBD Edibles

CBD kief is also an excellent way to make edibles, and many consider it the best way. Why? Because kief doesn’t contain plant material, so edibles won’t have that “weed taste” indicative of cannabis/hemp snacks. 

There’s two main ways to use CBD kief when it comes to edibles. One way is to sprinkle the kief straight onto a snack and eat it straight. Not only is it easier, but because it isn’t exposed to a lot of heat, the acidic compounds like THCA, CBDA, and CBGA will stay intact and won’t convert to THC, CBD, or CBG. Eating kief straight like this won’t be as relaxing or induce the entourage effect as strongly, but it will encourage more medicinal benefits associated with the acidic compounds.

Alternatively, you can also bake your CBD kief in the oven to start a process called decarboxylation. In short, this process will convert the acidic compounds into the full-blown cannabinoids that induce relaxation and the entourage effect. 

A popular way to make edibles using decarboxylated kief is by making cannabutter, an easy substitute for regular butter within recipes. We go into full detail on how to make cannabutter (as well as how to decarboxylate your kief) in our blog post: How To Make CBD Cookies With Hemp Nugs

Final Thoughts On CBD Kief

Whether you intend to spice up your stash of exotic CBD flowers, smoke it straight, or create some tasty edibles, CBD kief is the best and most efficient way to go. 

As mentioned, the best kief is made with the best flower: exotic CBD flower that is both organic and full spectrum. The best place to buy CBD flowers is here at Dreamland Organics, where our hemp is grown naturally, without chemical pesticides or fertilizers and in living soil and open sunlight. 

Want something stronger than kief? CBD bubble hash is a great option. It’s made using CBD kief, but is also taken a step or two further by being filtered with water and compressed—resulting in denser CBD concentration. Just like kief, it’s also full spectrum and can be used and smoked in many of the same ways.

Stay blessed.

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