THCa Henp Flower Smalls (1/8th oz) $20

THCa Henp Flower Smalls (1/8th oz) $20

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THCa Hemp Flower Small Buds - 3.5 grams $20

 Our THCa Hemp Flower Smalls (1/8th oz) are the perfect balance of quality and value. Guaranteed to provide the same effects of our premium-grade THCa hemp flowers, but at a more reasonable price. Enjoy premium effects without breaking the bank!

Do you know what the difference is between big and small buds? You guessed it...the size! That's about it! If you're on a budget and don't mind your buds being small (truth is the have less stem material than big buds), then this bud is for you!

Parmesan - 23% THCa

 The Parmesan Strain is an indica leaning hybrid with parentage from the Exodus Cheese strain. It delivers a palate-pleasing experience that mirrors its name, featuring a nuanced combination of savory flavors reminiscent of aged Parmesan cheese. This distinct character is beautifully complemented by subtle herbal and woody notes, resulting in a well-balanced flavor profile that's as complex as it is satisfying.

NYC Diesel - 21% THCa

NYC Diesel is a sativa dominant high THCa hemp flower known for its energizing and uplifting effects. It is believed to be a cross between Sour Diesel and an Afghani/Hawaiian landrace strain. NYC Diesel has a diesel-like aroma, with notes of citrus (grapefruit) and spice, and is typically used to help with symptoms such as fatigue, stress, and depression. The strain is popular in New York City, where it originated, but is now grown and enjoyed in other parts of the world as well. Its THCa levels typically range from 16% to 22%.

White Tahoe Cookies - 17% THCa

White Tahoe Cookies, often referred to as "Tahoe Cookies," is a distinct indica thca flower strain born from a crossbreeding of The White, Tahoe OG, and an elusive Girl Scout Cookies variant. This strain beautifully captures the essence of each parent in its trichome-rich appearance, its pronounced effects, and its captivating aroma. The infusion of Girl Scout Cookies genetics enriches the fragrance, presenting a delightful blend of sweet, hashy and smokey notes, subtly complemented by faint OG undertones.

Zkittlez - 16% THCa 

The charm of this indica hybrid strain lies in its chunky colas, adorned with an array of light-green hues and exuding a delectable blend of sweet, tropical fruit flavors. When it comes to effects, this strain is the epitome of relaxation. It leaves users feeling focused, alert, and blissfully content while gently soothing the body – a perfect choice for unwinding at any time of the day.

WARNING: Please be aware that this product may cause a euphoric high. If you are sensitive to THC, we recommend trying one of our exotic CBD flower strains, as this flower is intended for seasoned smokers. Please use this product in the comfort of your own home and not while driving or operating heavy machinery.

The THCa Henp Flower Smalls (1/8th oz) $20 is far and away, one of our most popular items. People can't seem to get enough of it.

Inventory Last Updated: Jun 21, 2024

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