The Different Types Of Hemp Flower Strains

We realize that many of you may be new to hemp flower, so we thought we would discuss the three main types of hemp varieties, sativa, indica and hybrid. We hope this overview will provide some basic info for the hemp flower newbie and maybe even provide some insights to the "CBD OG". So without further ado, let's get into our favorite topic, hemp flowers!

Cannabis and it's THC legal sister, hemp flower has three main types of strains, sativa, indica, and a cross of the previous two, hybrid hemp strains. We will not go into ruderalis or auto flower strains, as those are a slightly different topic all together.


Sativa hemp flower strains are usually associated with an "up" feeling and tend to be used for daytime smoking. The leaves are usually thin and the bud structure tends to lean towards airy and fluffy. Sativa CBD strains also tend to have fruity or floral terpene profiles, as opposed to indicas which lean more towards earthy and gassy flavors. Sativa hemp flower, like our "Eden" hemp strain, are great for reducing anxiety and lifting your mood when you are in a funk, or you just want to put a highlight on your day. If you don't like the sleepy vibes, usually associated with indica hemp strains, then we would say sativas are for you!

It's worth noting that all sativa cannabis and hemp strains are a result of cannabis indica being moved from it's place or origin, the foothills of the Himalayan mountains and brought to warmer climates like the tropics. As a result, the plants grew taller, sometimes referred to as "stretching" and the buds became less dense and exhibited more fragrant, fruit like terpene profiles. Just a little hemp flower history for you to ponder.

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As previously stated, indica is the original cannabis plant. The plant species was not originally spread across the globe, but was a local variety, until people began sowing the seeds all over the planet. In it's natural environment, cannabis indica and indica hemp flowers grow short and stout with very dense buds. The leaves are wider and thicker and the plant stalks are quite woody and dense as well. This makes sense when you consider the plant had to endure a pretty rugged environment. A hearty plant was necessary to survive weather in foothills of the Himalayas.

Indica hemp flowers tend to have dense bud structures and gassy or earthy overtones, as far as the terpene profiles go. The effect is sometimes sleepy, leaving the user with a bit of "couch lock". Indica hemp strains are thus best suited for night time use and are great for pain relief and insomnia. Our signature hemp strain, "Kimbo Kush", has a classical indica effect and typical gassy, skunky indica flavors.

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So what is a hybrid hemp strain? Well, you guessed it, a cross of a sativa and a indica hemp strain. Depending on the cross, a hybrid hemp strain may lean towards indica or sativa tendencies, or may share both qualities equally. As far as hemp strains go, our "Immortal" is an indica leaning hybrid in effect, but the terpene profile is very sativa like, with a pronounced grape flavor. Some hybrids are just like their sativa mother, or their indica father, or vice versa, similar to how you may look a lot more like your mother or father, depending on which genes are dominant. A hybrid hemp strain is a great way to experience the anxiety reducing effects of a sativa and the pain relief of an indica hemp strain, at the same time.


It's important to note that the tendencies of indica and sativa hemp flower strains are just general guidelines and there are several instances where these tendencies are defied in the genetics. That is to say, that there are actually indica hemp strains that are uplifting and not sleepy, just like a sativa hemp flower. On the flip side, there are some sativa hemp buds, which may make some sleepy, or may be great for pain relief. These tendencies are almost like stereotypes, where the descriptions may fit most, but not all. That is the beauty of nature, true diversity! We encourage you to try a hemp flower sample pack and see if you are an indica, sativa, or hybrid hemp head, or maybe you like them all at different times?


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