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  • The Top 5 Reasons People Buy Premium Hemp Flowers

    Premium hemp flowers are a “farmers cut” above your average industrial hemp flowers, pun intended. They contain all the same nutrients found in other types of hemp products, but they're also rich in CBD (cannabidiol), which has been shown to reduce anxiety and stress. While many people are familiar with industrial hemp flower as it is sold in CBD shops, online and even in gas stations. Sometimes referred to as “Dad Grass”, these low grade hemp flowers come with sugar leaves still intact and were likely grown using regular industrial farming techniques.

  • How To Find Hemp Flowers For Sale Online | Hemp Nugs

    CBD is gaining popularity for a number of reasons, namely the passing of the 2018 farm bill, making it nationally legal. But how do I find premium hemp flower for sale online? CBD products are popping up everywhere from supermarkets to gas stations, but are they the best places to buy CBD hemp buds? The easiest and quickest way to find quality hemp flower and CBD products may come from an internet search, so in this article we will show you what to look for.
  • CBD Buying Guide : How NOT To Get Scammed & Save 1000's!

    Are you looking to buy your first CBD product but don't know what to look for? Purchasing CBD may be perplexing due to the numerous types of CBD products available, the various ways they're created and manufactured, and the varying requirements of each state. In fact, there is a lot to look for before purchasing CBD because if you aren't careful, you might end up with an illegal item that is classified as marijuana!