What is Kimbo Kush Hemp Flower and What Does it Do?

What Is Kimbo Kush?

Our special Kimbo Kush CBD hemp flower is an exclusive here at Dreamland Organics. Without the high THC content of its namesake marijuana strain, our version is federally legal in the United States.

Like all hemp, the THC content is below .3%, but it still has the CBD intact. This means you get all the benefits of CBD, without the “high” from the THC. Since it’s not psychoactive or intoxicating, it’s legal and safe. You can feel it take effect – you’ll feel yourself calm and relax – but you won’t feel “stoned”.

Our Kimbo Kush strain is an Indica dominant hemp cultivar. It has extremely gassy overtones with a note of brewed coffee. This hemp bud is not for lightweights. At 17% CBD, it feels slightly reminiscent of being hit by the late MMA and street fighter star, Kimbo Slice. (And yes, that’s who the original marijuana Kimbo strain was named for).

kimbo kush

What Does Kimbo Kush Do?

The Kimbo Kush strain is great for relaxing, providing pain relief, and easing insomnia. Many people use Kimbo Kush for chronic pain, such as for dealing with back pain. It can both work for the initial pain release, and help keep recurring pain at bay. Kimbo Kush also seems to be a good choice for treating PTSD (in addition, of course, to proper medical advice and care!)

A few pulls of this craft hemp flower and you quickly forget any and all worries. Any tension that you’re holding in your body will immediately melt away. This is a potent Indica. We recommend Kimbo after a long day when you are comfortably able to relax and unwind.

If you do smoke this incredibly terpy hemp strain during the day, beware of couch lock. It brings about a full bodied "high" that tends to deactivate energy levels. We suggest pairing it with coffee, tea, or yerba mate to keep your head in the game. You might need the extra boost to keep you from just crashing on the couch for the rest of the day. (Unless, of course, that was always the plan – no shame here!)

Like most cannabis products, official studies are limited. But there’s evidence that Kimbo Kush Indica may be good for Parkinsons disease. In fact, smokable hemp might be better than weed, as it seems to be the cannabinoids that are helpful.

kimbo kush strain smoke for pain, anxiety, parkinsons, more

This is a small batch release, though we are growing more this season, so act fast, the gas is in short supply!

The price of Kimbo Kush smokable hemp is comparable to the current going rate of marijuana in small amounts – however, our larger sizes are considerably more affordable in price. For example, you can buy an ounce of our Kimbo Kush hemp for about half the price of Kimbo Kush marijuana, when we checked current prices.

How Do You Grow Kimbo Kush?

Like all our hemp, this is Oregon grown and organic. We hand feed and take tender care of all our plants, growing them in living soil. We want the absolute cleanest, best stuff – after all, we smoke this stuff too. You can read more about why we sell top shelf hemp here.

Our growers have more than 20 years of experience. This isn’t industrial, low-grade hemp. Our stuff is top-shelf, high quality product, raised more like craft cannabis – we refer to it as craft hemp. If you want hemp nugs that taste like quality craft cannabis, but legal in all 50 states, this is what you’ve been looking for.

organic craft hemp

Once the plants reach the proper flowering time, the flowers are ‘whole plant’ hung for two weeks. We hang at 65 degrees with 55% relative humidity. This ensures slow, cold curing. This allows the plants to express their full terpene and flavor potential, while reaching optimal moisture levels for consumption.

Then, after hand trimming, our premium hemp buds are carefully cured in a glass jar for a minimum of 60 days. We don't know any other CBD brand that actually glass jar cures their hemp buds, but at DLO, we spare no expense to create the best top shelf hemp buds online!

Everything is lab tested for safety and compliance with the legal THC levels, as dictated by the 2018 Farm Bill.

Is Your Hemp Really Organic? Is It Full Spectrum?

Our products are full spectrum, as they’re harvested with all of the organic cannabinoids and terpenes intact. Since we don’t take anything out, you get the full CBD health and medical benefits. This lets you enjoy our smokable hemp just like it was intended.

You may also experience the entourage effect when smoking our hemp nugs like Kimbo Kush. This is what happens when all of the cannabinoids, terpenes and other compounds interact for an enhanced effect.

craft hemp growing outdoors

Our stuff is grown outdoors, and organically. Growing outdoors has many advantages. Hemp grown in natural sunlight as nature intended has noticeably higher terpene levels.

When grown in living soil, like we use at DLO, the plant can fully express itself and that makes a superior product. While indoor CBD buds may look nice, many people notice that they burn hot, due to excessive synthetic nutrients. Many of those plants are basically on plant steroids. They may look great, but when smoked, the user is let down by harsh smoke. It’s because there’s too many added nutrients that sometimes cannot be totally flushed out.

Compare that with sun grown hemp flower which has living organisms in the soil, which feed the plant and do not have to be flushed out. Don't be fooled by online vendors who claim that indoor hemp flower is always better. It’s just not scientifically true, and not how hemp is “meant” to grow.

While it is possible to grow great, organic indoor hemp flowers, less than 1% of growers are truly 100% organic. We believe that if you're smoking for the health benefits of CBD, there's no reason to cancel out those benefits with potentially dangerous non-organic products. Smoking our hemp lets you put some respect on your lungs!

craft hemp grown outside

How Do You Make Craft Hemp With Low THC?

Our craft CBD hemp flower strains are actually cannabis strains with the THC bred out of them, so they do not produce a psychoactive effect. That's why our premium CBD flower looks, smells and tastes just like craft cannabis. In reality, it is. Our organic, craft hemp buds are low THC, high CBD cannabis. They just won't get you high and are 50 state legal due to the 2018 farm bill.

Shortly after the 2014 US Farm Bill was passed, some states like Colorado, Oregon and Washington, began growing the first cannabis and hemp crops in nearly a century. While industrial hemp was traditionally considered non-smokeable, due to its structure and lack of flowering buds, experienced cannabis breeders began to crossbreed hemp with popular THC-rich strains.

The goal of this was to produce new, desirable, legal, smokeable cannabis that contained less than 0.3% THC, thus making it considered hemp. After years of trial and error, experienced breeders like Dreamland Organics successfully cultivated legal hemp strains that looked and smelled like top shelf, THC-dominant cannabis.

Around this same time, the term "CBD flower" became synonymous with this emerging hemp flower market and the industry experienced rapid growth and awareness. We actually coined the term "craft hemp flower" as far as we can tell. In 2017, there were no results returned on Google for that particular search term.

high quality craft hemp bud

Why Buy From Dreamland Organics?

We consider ourselves an online CBD flower dispensary, similar to your local cannabis dispensary. We focus on quality over quantity, not volume, like many of our online competitors. Our primary focus is small batch, sun-grown, greenhouse and indoor CBD hemp flower, grown with an artisanal approach.

We also offer full spectrum CBD extracts and products like MCT CBD oil and double infused CBD salve. All of our CBD flower and CBD products are 100% organic... Not 50% organic, not somewhat organic, totally organic! When you order from DLO, you can be sure you are ordering top shelf hemp buds, not industrial grade flower sprayed with chemicals and lacking flavor. After all we have been growing cannabis flowers for years, so we know how to grow a terpene rich CBD nug!

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