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Immortal CBD Flower Review | The Best CBD Strain For pain

So what is the best CBD strain for pain? Immortal is our best selling hemp strain and exclusive to our craft hemp flower farm. You won't be able to find this hemp bud anywhere else online, as we are the breeders and sole proprietors of this cultivar. As a result we are the sole authority for this indica CBD strain and we feel the need to speak to its benefits and characteristics. Let's take a look at what Immortal is, where it came from and what it's good for.

What Is Immortal CBD Flower?

the best cbd strain for pain

Immortal is a indica CBD, premium hemp flower bred by Dreamland Organics.  This is the best CBD strain for pain. Immortal is one of the best indicas we have in our hemp genetics lineup. It has a pungent grape jam profile with a hint of gas on the exhale. This organic smokable hemp flower has tight dense buds which are generously covered in trichomes.

The effects are immediate from the onset and the user will experience almost immediate pain relief, stress reduction and an overwhelming blanket of calm. This indica dominant strain leans towards couch lock, but not so much so that it cannot be used for daytime relief. Experienced CBD smokers may be able to handle this potent flower and we recommend pairing it with coffee or tea for inexperienced users.

Truth be told this hemp strain is an ideal end of the day smoke and is best suited for winding down after a long, stressful day. Aches and pain will melt away after just s few hits of this powerful herb. Loaded with the terpenes Geraniol, Linalool, Citronellol, and A-Terpiniol, this organic hemp flower has a strong, sweet grape smell which is quite unique. It does have a bit of a gassy undertone as well and experienced Immortal CBD smoker will easily identify it based on smell alone.

Uses Of Immortal Indica CBD Strain

  • The best CBD strain for pain relief
  • Stress relief and anxiety reduction
  • Sleep aid
  • Reduced PTSD
  • Anti seizure

Growth Characteristics of Immortal Indica CBD

the best cbd strain for pain

Immortal is a rugged, indica dominant hemp plant and it's growth characteristics will reveal this. Although this premium hemp strain can get quite tall, its branches grow closely together and the internode spacing is stacked. The hemp buds themselves are quite dense and covered in trichomes like a typical indica CBD strain.

The flowering time is about 8 weeks and this hemp plant is extremely rugged and resistant to the elements. It is suited perfectly for central Oregon, where our hemp farm is located. We have never had any issues with pests or mold and we feel the extreme terpene profile wards off typical hemp issues.

Of all the plants in our line of premium hemp genetics, Immortal is the shining star. This plant requires little care and will thrive in any condition, whether extreme heat, rain, wind, sleet or cool temperatures. She is not finicky like some of other hemp strains and continues to grow upward and outward no matter what nature throws at it. Immortal also does produce purple buds due to anthocyanins. While not every bud turns purple, a cold night late in flowering will bring out this genetic trait.

Immortal CBD Genetic Lineage - The Best CBD Strain For Pain

As we have previously stated our breeding stock here at Dreamland Organics is a bit of a mystery. We inherited our hemp genetics from a local breeder, who we have lost touch with. After delivering us nearly 30 unique hemp strains, they literally disappeared. We have not been able to reach this person to find out more information on where he got his genetics from exactly. 

What we do know is our genetics came from a breeder in Humbolt County, California. They were then brought to Central Oregon, where the breeder we met began crossing the line and developing his own hemp strains. His goal was to create high CBD, low THC hemp strains that looked exactly like craft cannabis.

He was indeed successful with this endeavor as out genetics do look like the craft cannabis we grew for over 20 years prior to getting into hemp farming. The strains we received did not have names and were not branded. They had numbers like JT15, MS5, and 291. We originally grew out those genetics to pheno hunt and then began crossing the strains with the most desirable traits to grow on our farm.

Out of these trials came Immortal, one of our most beloved hemp cultivars. We could not be more blessed with a true wonder plant. After drying this hemp plant, the smell begins to reek of a candy like grape jam smell. You might think someone is baking a pie when we are trimming this premium hemp bud, not preparing hemp flowers for curing. Not only is it the best CBD strain for pain, it also smells amazing!

We encourage you to try this one of a kind CBD indica strain and report back with your review. We have customers who literally strictly smoke Immortal as their go to hemp strain. If you have any other questions, please feel free to contact us and if you think there is any information we need to add to this hemp review, please let us know!

Happy Smoking, stay blessed!

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